7 JULY 1855, Page 10

The following Crimean despatches have been received ; the first

by our own War Department, from General Simpson ; the second by the French War Department, from General Pelissier. "Crimea, July 4, 6.30 p. m.—Nothing of importance has occurred since my last. The French works on the right are going on well. The health of General Eyre is reestablished." "Crimea, July 4, 10.30p. m.—Nothing new. The health of the army is improving." The Russian Invalide reports that the Russians have crossed the Turkish frontier in Asia, and have occupied a portion of the pashalic of Kars.

A telegraphic despatch from Berlin, dated yesterday, says—" The Prince of Prussia leaves Berlin tomorrow evening for St. Petersburg, to visit his sister, the Dowager Empress. This visit has no political object."

Spain has gone through an alarming Ministerial crisis. On Saturday last, Reporter° waited upon the Queen and placed in her hands a paper, representing that as the constitution had been reorganized, his mission was fulfilled; -and that therefore he resigned, on the score of broken health. The team of the Queen could not induce him to revoke this paper; but he yielded at last to the importunities and genuflexions of O'Donnell.