7 JULY 1855, Page 11


Madame Emile de Girardin, celebrated in her youth for the poems she published under her maiden name of Delphine Gay, and renowned more lately for her dramatic works, to say nothing of the position she acquired by her marriage with the editor of La P1-ease, died on the 29th of June, in consequence of a cancer in the stomach, and was buried on Monday last.- The funeral was attended by representatives of every branch of art and literature. Within the last two years or so, Madame de Girardin has been more prominently placed before the notice of the London public than at any earlier period. Lady Tartufe, when brought here by !dad,- moiaelle Rachel, gave rise to divers utterances of praise and blame; and La Joie fait Peer was last summer the theme of universal admiration. In the farce called Betty Jfartin, in which such a sensation has been made by Mrs. Keeley, Madame de Gimrdin is again made visible; for this is an adaptation of her last acted work, Le Chapeau de r Horloger. A Proven.* company is engaged at the Palais Royal, for the purpose of showing that there is in the South of France a dramatic literature to- tally distinct from that of Paris. The pieces are written and spoken in the patois of Provence ; and the two authors whose works were played on the first night of the company's performance are respectively natives of Toulon and Marseilles.

Mademoiselle Rachel has been appointed Professor of Declamation at the Conservatoire.