7 JULY 1855, Page 20


On the 24th June, at Burmington Parsonage, Shipeton on Stour, Warwickshire, the Wife of the Rev. Francis J. Poynton, of a son and heir.

On the 26th, at Torpoint, Cornwall, the Wife of Captain G. II. P. White, R.N., of a son and heir.

On the 27th, at Holly Grove, LarlYEmily Seymour, of a daughter. On the 28th, in Great Ormond Street; the Wife of Major Candy; Principal of the Poona College, of a daughter. On the 29th. at Hereford, the Wife of the Rev. W. P. Musgrave, Canon Residen-

fiery, of a daughter. .

On the 80th, at Wybam Rectory, near Louth, Lincolnshire, the Wife of the Rev. F. W. Mann, of a daughter. On the tat July, in South Street, the Wife of R. S. Holford, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.

Op the 2d, in Belgrave Square, the Lady Octavio Shaw Stewart, of a daughter. MARRIAGES On the 21st February. at Caversham, Dunedial; John Lemon, Esq., of Goodwood, Otago, New Zealand, eldest son'of the late J. Lemon, Esq., of St- Ann's, Jamaica, to Mary Emma, youngest daughter of John Sumpter, Esq., of Whetstone, Mid- dlesex.

On the 20th June, at Great Malvern, George Tones, Esq., Twenty-second Bombay Native Infantry, only eon of Sir David Innes, Bart., to Judith, only .surviving daughter of the late William Colquhourn Stirling. Esq., of Law and Edinbarnet.

On the 25th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, John Frederic Baillie, Esq., of Ley's Castle, Inverness, to Georgiana Anne,. Widow of the late Sir Thomas Pigott, Bad., formerly of the Royal Horse Guards Blue. ' On the 28th, at Lymington Church, Hants, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Edmund Law, eldest surviving eon of the late Hon. Charles Edmund Law, eldest surviving son of the late Hon. Charles Ewan Law, M.P. for Cambridge University, and Recorder of London, to Anna Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. John Fitzgerald Day, of Beaufort House, Killarney. On the 30th, the Marquis Calatitini, tb Florence, daughter of W. Ogle Hunt, Esq., of Clutha= Place. *Ha. On the 1st July, at St. James's Church, Paddington, Augustus Frederic per, Esq. Thirty-ninth Regiment, youngest son of the late Major-General F. V. Raper, Bengal Army, to Sarah. youngest daughter of Major•General 8.-8havv, Beligal•Army.

On the 2d, at Oxburgh Captain Nevin, Royal Fusiliers, second aen of Are late -Charles and Lady Georgana Berth, of Nevill Holt, Leicestershire, tolifiltilda, eldest daughter of Sir Henry and Lady Paston Bedingfeld, of Oxbitegh„.20ilta1.31'

On the 3d, at Rugby, the Rev. Gerard Moultrie, eldest son of tab Rev. John Moul- trie, and Head Master of the Kepler School, Houghton-le-Spriega Mgrham, terEli- zabeth, second daughter of the Rev. Charles A. Ansley, of Rugby. On the 3d. at Bower Well, John Everett Millais, Esq., A.R.A., to Euphemia Chal- mers, eldest daughter of George Gray, Esq., writer. Perth. . On the Sd, at Whitewall, near Clitheroe, Lancashire, the Rev. Francis H. Cold- well, Vicar of Deane, Lancashire, to Annie, last surviving child of the late Ralph A. Thicknesse, Eeq., M.P., of Beech Hill, Wigan.

On the 4th. at St. George's Church, the Hon. Edward Stuart Wortley, eldest son of Lord Wharneliffe, to Lady Susan C. Lascelles, second daughter of the Earl of Barewood.


On the 28th June, the Rev. W. Cockayne Frith, D.C.L., Rector of St. Peter's, Wallingford.

On the 30th, at the Rookery, Clapham. Mrs. Hutton, relict of the late Rev. Henry Buttoe. formerly Rector of Beaumont. Essex, and daughter of the late Sir William PepPerell, Bart. ; in her 87th year. On the 30th. in Canton Terrace, the Earl of Caledon.

On the 30th, at Stanhope Lodge; Upper Avenue Road, James Silk Buckingham, Egg.; formerly M.P. for Sheffield; in his 69th year. On the 30th, at Chester, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Dupre Egerton, late of the Rifle Brigade, second son of the late Elir'Phitip Grey Egerton, Bart., of Oulton. On the 2d July, In Stafford Row, Pimlico,.Thomas Weaver, Esq.. F.R.S., F.G.S., M.H.I.A., &e. ; in his 82d year. On the 2d, in Cadogan Place, Admiral Sir Charles Ekins, G.C.B. and K.W.N.; In his 87th year.

. On the 2d, at Guildford, Surrey, Rear-Admiral John Harper, C.B.; in his 83d year. On the 3d, in Beaumont Street, Portland Place, the Hon. John Apsley Sidney ; in his 8Ist year.

On the 9d, at Bexley, Bethel, relict of the late holm Towill Ruth, Esq.; in her 90th year. .

On the 34, at Bath, the Marquis of Thomond.