7 JULY 1855, Page 6


Mr. Edmund Wodehouse, the respected Member for East Norfolk, is to retire immediately from the representation, in consequence of the feeble- ness of his health. Mr. Wodehouse is a liberal Conservative, and has sat for Norfolk since 1817. The Conservatives have fixed upon Mr. Stacey of Raekheath Hall, near Norwich, as his successor.

The reports from the manufacturing districts, though not denoting any extraordinary amount of business, are on the whole favourable.

Works of considerable importance for the defence of the Southern coast are bow in progress in Sussex; the expenses of which were set down in the Ordnance Estimates at 10,000/. From Romney in Kent to Newhaven, there are seventy-four waddle towers : they are about a quarter of a mile apart, about thirty-five feet high, and fitted for one gun on a dwarf traversing -platform : each of these is calculated to bold twelve men, and underneath are magazines and stores. Near Eastbourne is the Langley redoubt, mount- ing six 8-inch guns ; and the circular redoubt at Eastbourne mounts eleven 24-pounders. A new battery is in course of erection at Cuckmore ; when completed, it will mount six 24-pounders. At Blatchington and Newhaven -new fortifications are also to be erected. At Brighton there is a battery of six 24-pounders, but thence to Little Hampton the coast is unprotected. At the latter place new fortifications have been just completed and armed ; six field- piece* were also placed there last week for the use of the Sussex Artillery Militia. The whole of the forts mentioned, except Brighton, are occupied by the Sussex and Norfolk Artillery Militia.

Manchester is competing with Birmingham in the manufacture of mortars, Shrapnel shells, Lancaster shells, and small-arms.

An officer of the Dorchester County Court has been fined 51. for wantonly cutting off a Chinaman's tail. While the Chinaman was greatly grieved at his loss, the townsfolk were much exasperated that an inoffensive foreigner should have been so treated.