7 JULY 1939, Page 6

Bulgaria's Claims The Bulgarian Prime Minister, M. Kiosseivanoff, accom- panied

by a staff of Foreign Office officials, arrived on Wednesday in Berlin, where he will meet with every temp- tation to throw in his lot with the Axis and thus secure early satisfaction of Bulgaria's revisionist claims. In the hands of the Axis, Bulgaria would be a powerful instru- ment for undermining the integrity of Rumania and Greece ; and it is the more difficult for Bulgaria to resist the attrac- tions of alliance with the Reich because Germany has power- ful allies within Bulgaria, both because of the popular movement in favour of revisionism and because of her commercial dependence on Germany. Nevertheless, M. Kiosseivanoff would be well advised to resist temptation. Bulgaria can increase her territory, with the help of the Axis, only to sacrifice her independence to Germany. And though both Greece and Rumania are now completely opposed to revision, in the long run Bulgaria is more likely to secure an honourable satisfaction of her claims by co-operation with her Balkan neighbours than by the dan- gerous friendship of the Reich.

* * * *