7 OCTOBER 1882, Page 1

Nothing whatever has been revealed of the Government plan for

the settlement of Egypt, except that a British garrison of 10,000 men will remain there for six months, at least. It will then be replaced by a new Army, which Baker Pasha proposes

to fill with mercenaries alone ; and by the Gendarmerie, which he desires to construct exclusively of Albanians. We have dis- cussed these projects elsewhere, but may mention here that neither has as yet been accepted. For the rest, though the air is full of rumours of negotiations with France, with Germany, and with the Porte, not ono authentic sentence has yet been published. Indeeed, the Ministry have not been in London. All that is clear is that 3,f. Gambetta hammers away every day on the necessity of restoring the condominium, that Lord Granville and M. Tissot have met in London to settle matters, and that Prince Bismarck is most friendly to English ideas, so far as he has heard them. For anything farther we must wait until Parlia- ment meets, unless, indeed, the Sultan, who is raging with annoyance, should dismiss Tewfik Khedive by decree.