7 OCTOBER 1882, Page 1

To judge from the French papers, which are not, however,

very safe guides, the exact difficulty just now in the way is the legal existence of the condomininnz, which cannot be abrogated without the consent of France. The British Government has proposed, according to the Tempe, to abolish the Control, ands, transfer its functions, as regards providing for the security of the Debt, to the Public Debt Commission, which represents Eng-, - land, France, Austria, and Italy. France will probably consent to this, as the political power of the Joint Control must be nil, while the Khedive listens only to England; but the French.. Government is afraid of M. Gambetta, and wants some " com- pensation " to present to the Assembly. It is difficult to devise one, unless it be complete recognition of French claims in Tunis, to which there would be no objection in principle. France is in Tunis, and intends to stay there, and the more completely legal and secure her position there becomes, the less will she be tempted. to abuse it. At present, France suggests everything, the Bey assents to everything, and no one is finally and visibly responsible. The French Government fortunately does not forget that it quitted the British in the harbour of Alexandria, or that Sir Garnet Wolseley has quieted. Tunis and Algeria, as well as Egypt.