7 OCTOBER 1882, Page 2

The next general election in Italy has been fixed for

the end of the month, and will be one of singular interest. The num- ber of electors has been increased fourfold, and now includes every man who can read and write, while the election will be taken by Scrutin do Liste, instead of by districts. The result is expected to be the extinction of groups, and the formation of a strong majority which will govern Italy for some years. The nature of this majority is unknown, but the moderate Liberals expect victory, as both the Reactionaries and the Ultra-Liberals have raised the Jingo banner. The former say that Italy has not enough prestige in Europe, and should increase her Navy, while the latter desire to redeem Italia Irredenta, including Trieste. It is thought that such projects will irritate the electoral mass, Italians possessing a fund of shrewd common- sense. The people, too, are very heavily taxed. The Ministry, however, have taken a great leap in the dark, and may find that the new electors desire things which only new men will consent to give them.