7 OCTOBER 1882, Page 3

A correspondent of the Daily News states that the Legislature

of New Zealand is about to try two experiments of very great 'moment. One is a Land Bill, supported by Sir George Grey, the principle of which is that the colony shall sell no more land, but shall give leases of twenty-one years, with provision for cam-

• Pensation,if the lease is cancelled at the end of that time. It is believed that this arrangement will be a great temptation to • settlers, yet leave to the Government the ultimate control of the soil, It may prove so, but we suspect that the English hunger for free ownership. The other Bill, brought in by Major Atkinson, provides for compulsory insurance. Every man must pay 'either £66 down before he is twenty-three, or 2s. a week for twelve years, in order to secure 15s. a week if single, and 22s. 6d. a week if married, during sickness, and 10s. a week as superannuation allowance after sixty-five. Those are bold pro- . posals, and it is believed they may pass, the Radical Party supporting the first in particular very strongly. We en- tirely hope they will. Nothing can injure New Zealand much, except earthquakes, and if she will try experiments in social legislation for the benefit of closely-packed Europe, she will have a high place among the useful nations of the world. The Cantons of Switzerland, which ought to try them, distrust originality; while the States of the Union, with their marvellous facilities, try nothing except divorce laws, most of which are' as old as Rome, and did not succeed there. Some colony, say, Fiji, should try Socialism pure and simple, and see what comes of it.