7 OCTOBER 1972, Page 26

Publishing women

Sir: Referring to Bookend's comments (is Bookend female?) on women in publishing (Spectator, September 16), I would like to state that two key people in my publishing house are women. (MY wife, a feminist, disapproves of the term Ladies 1)

The production manager, who is also a gifted editor, Beatrice Musgrave, is among the hest in the business (printers, out of whorl, she has charmed better than usual work, will testify to this).

One of my more creative editors is Elizabeth Berridge. Incidentally, Beatrice Musgrave is one of the editors of Women at Work, just published; it surveys the prospects of women in publishing, among many other professions.

Peter Owen 12 Kendrick Mews, Kendrick Place, Old Brompton Road, London SW7