9 FEBRUARY 1867, Page 1

The great Demonstration of Monday, the 11th, is, it appears,

to come off. The Reformers will converge from different points on Trafalgar Square, at about two o'clock, and thenco march through Pall Mall, St. James's Street, Regent Street, and Port- land Place, to the Agricultural Hall, Islington, where a great meeting will be held. No estimate of probable numbers has been put forward, but from the published programmes we imagine. they will considerably exceed those present in the previous demonstration. We see that the great Societies, such as the Amalgamated Engineers, Ironworkers, and Carpenters, are in movement ; but the Tailors, who are exceedingly numerous air/ united, have split off. It must be remembered, however, that this is the Reform League's demonstration, not the Unions'.