9 FEBRUARY 1867, Page 2

The Trades' Unions' Commission is exciting great interest among the

working men, who urge very sensibly that, especially if it is to have compulsory powers, it ought to contain either an equal number of masters and men, or none of either class, and to be only a small judicial commission. The latter alternative is the more likely one for the Government to accept. They will scarcely be foolish enough, after the protests offered, to put on masters without men. But when the recent deputation proposed to Mr. Walpole to put on leading operatives, it is said that the sugges- tion made him positively jump. A working man a Royal Com- missioner It is almost a more startling idea, to a Tory Govern- ment, than a footman, chiefly characterized by his plush breeches, going to heaven !