9 FEBRUARY 1867, Page 20

The Paris Sketch - Book. By W. M. Thackeray. With numerous designs

by the anther on copper and wood. (Smith and Elder.)—We cannot allow this reprint of one of Mr. Thackeray's pleasantest volumes to pass without notice. We have always found increased delight in returning to it. Mr. Thackeray thoroughly enjoyed Paris and Peri& life, looked at everything both from an English and a French point of view, exposed with exquisite humour the sentiment that conceals sel- fishness, and gave due credit to the sentiment that leads to heroic self- sacrifice, and altogether produced a mélange of story and criticism which, going to the depths of French character, is as interesting now as in the days of Louis Philippe, who appears in the frontispiece, "standing at his ease, guarded by a loyal grocer and a serjeant of police."