9 FEBRUARY 1867, Page 3

Mr. Dickens complains very justly, in a letter to a

Times of last week, of the awful jolting in some of the trains on the Great Northern and Midland railways. And last Monday another cor- respondent of the Times repeated the complaint. We ourselves can testify to its truth. Not many weeks ago the present writer saw a lady thrown into violent hysterics,—a lady who scarcely knew what hysterics were,—by the frightful oscillations of a down train from London to Derby. The train rocked like a sailing ship in a calm, and with far more sudden and jerky vibrations. It certainly is not due to the line, on which the ordinary express trains run smoothly enough, but to some negligence in the manage- ment of the train. We would rather have a day's imprisonment and a 51. fine than endure such a bit of torture again.