9 FEBRUARY 1867, Page 3

The late Serjeaut Storks, father of Sir Henry Storks, the

Governor of Malta, and of Mr. Robert Storks, less known to fame, had an Irish housekeeper named Mrs. Kearns, whom he trusted very much. On 5th June, 1865, Mr. Robert Storks had Mrs. Kearns sent to a lunatic asylum at Charenton. She contrived, however, to set the Catholic Church in motion through relatives in Timm, was released, and brought an action for false imprison- ment against Mr. Storks. Her allegation is that she knew Mr. Storks had induced the old Serjeant to make a will to the prejudice of Sir Henry, and he had, therefore, shut her up under a certificate from Sir Joseph Oliffe and a Paris doctor, neither of whom, she says, examined her properly. The defence to all this is not known, Mr. Storks halting consented to withdraw all accusations against Mrs. Kearns's sanity if she would withdraw her imputations against him. Mrs. Kearns is to be well provided for, and everything is to be put right,—all which is extremely satisfactory, and just a trifle unintelligible.