9 FEBRUARY 1867, Page 2

The state of Mexico seems to grow worse daily. The

French are concentrating on the capital preparatory to departure, and as they retreat the brigands spread abroad, plundering and killing at discretion. We hear from Guanaxuato (December 14th) that "a band of 150 men a few days since stopped the diligence, and carried off all the wealthy passengers, to hold them to ransom. A company of Mexican troops was sent after them, but instead of running away the brigands showed fight, and gave the troops a tremendous thrashing, killing fifty and taking others prisoners. 'The latter were all slain in cold blood." An eyewitness told the gentleman whose letter we are quoting that a girl of about fifteen was with the robbers, who, after the fight was over, went round with a dagger and killed all the wounded men on the ground. "She seemed to glory in the work,"—having doubtless been well educated by bull-fights.