9 MAY 1840, Page 10


Last night's Gazette announces the appointment of Lord Belhaven to be " Her Majesty's High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Mr. Arthur White has been appointed Secretary of the Island of Trinidad.

Mr. William Stanley has been appointed one of the Assistant Seretaries to the Commissioners of Poor-laws for England and Wales. Viscount Leveson, Earl Granville's son, is expected to fill some diplomatic situation.

Mr. Robert Steuart, according to the Morning Post, is about to retire from office and from public life. By the death of the late Earl of Ranfurly, a pension of 3,675/. for the abolished office of Prothonotary of Common Pleas in Ireland, ceases,

A correspondence between Mr. Craven Berkeley and Mr, Fitzroy Kelly has appeared in the newspapers this week. In a legal opinion given by Mr. Kelly on some recent proceedings of the Gloucestershire Magistrates at Quarter-sessions, it wins said that the Magistrates had, " whether erring from ignorance or corruption, quashed one good rate." Mr. Berkeley was one of the Magistrates, and he sent Lord William Lennox to ascertain whether Mr. Kelly intended to impute curraption to him. Mr. Kelly referred Lord William to his friend Colonel Johnstone; say ing at the same time, that in giving his legal opinion, he of course had no intention to impute personal corruption to Mr. Berkeley or anybody else. Under these circumstances, Lord William Lennox and Colonel Johnstone had no difficulty in arranging the affair without a duel.

A correspondent of the Times sent a letter to that journal on Thursday, bearing an adhesive stamp previously received limn Manchester, to show that the same stamp may be used twice.

'rite cholera has again tirade its appearance at Bombay ; and at the date of the last accounts thirty persons had died of it. The Bank of Bombay, the Government having arranged all the difficulties, is about to start into operation. The English ship Mars, from Chiva to Manilla, was lost on the 13th of January, on the Prate shoal. The transport Hannah, with a number of her Majesty's Seventeenth Regiment on board, was, on conting from Kurachee, totally wrecked on the 17th instant, on a sand-bank in the mouth of the Indus. Fortunately no lives were lost, but there was a great loss of property. The Khelat jewels were saved.