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' THE Reform Bill has passed the Committee ! This great event took place formally on Wednesday, when the last clause—a money one—for the payment of the barristers who are to...

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Don MIGUEL has been sadly interrupted in that course of

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pa- ternal government, which Lord ABERDEEN, on Monday night, de- scribed him as pursuing, so much to the satisfaction of his loving_ subjects. On the 21st August, at ten o'clock...

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The government of CAPO D'ISTRIAS in Greece is drawing to

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a close. The secret probably is, that he has come to the end of his money ; while, at the same time, he is accused of keeping a full chest on board a Russian frigate, where he...


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Trus great ceremony took place, as had been previously announced, on Thursday. We shall endeavour, in our description of it, to render the whole as intelligible as possible to...

All the accounts which have arrived in the course of

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the week from different parts of Europe respecting the affairs of Poland, commence by complaining of the vague and unsatisfactory nature of the information from that quarter. It...

An insurrection in one of the Military Colonies of Russia

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has broken out near Novogorod. It was of importance enough to de- mand the presence of the Emperor, who immediately repaired to the spot : it had been, however, entirely put...

The King of Holten], it will be remembered, had for

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once the best of the argument; when, having accepted the proposals made by the Five Powers to both Holland and Belgium, he maintained that they ought to compel the other party,...

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In the evening, the metropolis was brilliantly illuminated. The display

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was not more distinguished for originality of design than such displays usually are; but what it wanted in value, it made up in quantity, for on no former occasion hate crowns,...

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Hariars v. KEMBLE.—This long-disputed case has been before the Rouse

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of Lords for several days, and there is yet no appearance of 'its being finished. The judgment is the only point which the public cau feel any interest in. It is stated, that if...

TEE KING'S DINNER.—The king entertained a very large party to

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dinner on-Thursday evening. His Majesty made an admirable speech on : the subject of the Coronation, rem a rking, that as it appeared to be the wish of the people that the...

Oinairoars OF ram CITY ON TICE REFORDI Brar..—We mentioned last

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Week a requisition for a Common Council with a view, under the pre- tence of petitioning. Parliament to preserve entire the rights of- the Li. ' Very of Landon, to offer an...

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THREATENED DvEL.—Mr. Charles Pitt, of the '',Adelphi, and Mr. Milne,

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of the Woods and Forest Department, were summoned to Bow Street yesterday, on a charge of their contemplating a hostile meeting. The subject of quarrel, it appeared, was a...

SurcinE.—On Wednesday, Mr. T. Marshall, brother of Mr. Marshall of

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the firm of Sirnpkin and Marshall, put an end to his existence, by strangling himself with a silk handkerchief. It appeared that the un- fortunate man had given repeated...

THE CORONATION Menar.s.—The Earl Marshall issued yesterday a notice calling

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on the Peers to send to the proper office for their medals ; yesterday also four londred and fifty were delivered to the members of the House of Commons. Only about four hundred...

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From certain never-failing symptoms, it is now conjectured, even by

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those who for a long time were the least sanguine, that the Reform Bill will pass the House of Lords ; not, perhaps, without some furious oppo- sition, but without that weight...

Mr. MAuta, now Baron PANSIURE, for many years the well-known

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and not less respected member for Forfarshire, has taken leave of his Con- stituents in an address which does credit to the manliness and simplicity of his character. In him the...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAr, Two o'cLocx. German and Dutch papers have arrived this morning. They do not contain any decisive news respecting Poland ; but an article from...

We sometimes feel ourselves called on to apologize to our

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fair readers, for allowing the graver matter of our journal to encroach too largely on the portion more especially dedicated to their service. This week, an apology may be...


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Arrived. Al Gravesend, Sept. 7th, Fame, Hayes, from Mauritius. Off Margate 9th, Resource, Smith, from Van Dieman's Land. At Cowes, 6th, Fabius, Russell, from Batavia. Off...


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Sromr-Ex CHAN GE, FRIDAY E van wo.-Consols closed on Saturday at 824 to for the Account ; Exchequer Bills 10s. to Ils. premium. There has been little busi- ness and no sensible...


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BIRTHS. On the 6th inst. in Eaton Place, Belgrave Square, the Lady A. BARING, of a sou. On the 6th inst. at 25, Wilton Crescent, the Hon. Mrs. Vsaisost, of a daughter. On the...


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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 6.-8th Regt. of Light Dragoon : Cornet and Adjutant P. Shewell, to have the rank of Lieut.-2nd Regt. of Foot : Brevet Lieut.-Col. J. S. "Lindesay, from the...


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The Rev. T. Gander, S.C.L., Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford, has been ap- pointed a Prebend of Winchester Cathedral, in the room of the Rev. W. Gamier, resigned. The Duke...

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Tuesday, Sept. G. PARTNERS HIPS DISSOLVED. FEATITEREV and SPRAGUE, Lincoln, ironmongers-Mu/mita and Co. Coventry, milliriers-Dows Li. and Ba °Am Leeds, dealers in cloth-TAnnv...


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BRITISH. 8 per Cent. Reduced PUBLIC Solar. Tues. FUNDS. In dries, Val". 'lfidays : • Mon. , shut 3 per Cent. Consols ........ 81i 24 8 24 4 8 2i42444 8214 2...

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THE DUCHESS OF KENT AND THE CORONATION. Tile absence of the Duchess of KENT from the Coronation, has been the subject of an accusation and a defence, of which it would be...


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IT is now above a year and a half since we published a supplemen- tary sheet, for the purpose of describing a system of Colonization, the adoption of which, as it appeared to...

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A MUSICAL festival, on a large scale, is a novelty in Dublin ; and the present one did not commence under the happiest auspices. The bigotry of the late Archbishop occasioned a...


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THE Times of Tuesday observes upon the legacy-duty, that " it is an unjust and brutal (!) tax ;" and that " its claim for repeal is one of the strongest of the various taxes...

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FICTION, La Peau du Chagrin, par M. de Balzac BIOGRAPHY, Dr. Brewster's Life of Sir Isaac Newton. (Family/ Library. No. XXIV.) EDUCATION, Lucy Barton's Bible Letters...

ZOOLOGICAL TnnevaxcaLs.—At Covent Garden, the fair metaphorical " lion" of

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last season will have a real and substantial rival in a bona fide lion, who is to perform with a pair of Elephants and a Boa-constrictor. It is supposed "boas" will be more...

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Dr. BREWSTER'S Life of Newton, forming the Twenty-fourth Number of

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the "Family Library," is the most creditable piece of biography which has for some time appeared in this country. The Life of Sir ISAAC NEWTON, like that of other philosophers,...

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LUCY' BARTON, the daughter of BERNARD BARTON, well known to

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all lovers of poetry and readers of periodical literature, has ventured, under the authority of a paternal imprimatur, to give to the world a small and very neat volume,...


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Polish Melodies. The Poetry and Music by J. AUGUSTINE WADE, Esq. Mr. WADE unites in his own person the talents of a poet and a musi- cian, in a manner to which we do not know...

We select the Englishman's Magazine for praise among the periodicals

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which have made their appearance this month. We are pleased with the spirit which animates its youthful bones ; and venture to pronounce, that though it may not attain success,...

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STEAM-VESSRLS.—Captain Hall, in a second letter on the subject of

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steam-vessels, addressed to the editor of the United Service Journal, mentions, as he had promised, a second improvement in the management of them, which has been used in the...


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TO TER EDITOR 01, TILE SPECTATOR. 9, Devonshire Square, 6th September 1931. Sin—Your notice of the Vestry-meeting of the parishioners of St. Bo. tolph, Bishopsgate, touching...