11 MARCH 1848

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Trim Provisional Government at Paris has fixed the days for the election and meeting of the National Assembly—the 9th and eOth of April. The number of members is to be nine...

If France is menaced with internal disorder, it is the

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cause of commotion in every surrounding. country. X. Latuartine'e eloquent but not unambiguous circular .to the diplomatic agents of France, has raised doubts of hostility that...

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tbates anti tirotetaingsfit Varliament.

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WATS AND AfEANS : INCOME-TAX. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Hr. HUME called for an ex- planation of the "ways and means" which- Ministers intend to adopt since they have...

Before the portentous action and vicissitude in neighbouring countries, our

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own Parliament pales its ineffectual fires; and al- though bills have proceeded, the talking has been comparatively scanty and tame. The Income-tax is still a leading subject,...

The march of the cholera towards our shores has been

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out- stripped by( the less expected social pestilence which has been imported, in a slight fOrm, with the emigrants from France. No quarantine has checked the ingress of the...

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lEkt iiitttropotis.

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Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross were the scene of a burlesque &mute on' Monday. Mr. Charles Cochrane, late a candidate for West- minster, had proposed a grand assemhinge at...

gbt court.

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PRINCE ALBERT went by a special train to Claremont, on Saturday, to visit the Count and Countess of Neuilly—titles which the Ex-King and Queen of the French have now assumed....

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be frobintes.

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Attempts have be;e1i.made in Manchester to get up an outbreak of the workpeeple. The disturbance's commenced on Wednesday; and they were renewed in Many districts, and with...

IRELAND._ he third French Revolution has awakened more noisy sympathies

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in the Irislathan we noticed tut week. The Old and the Young Irelanders Zare vying witVetteh other ehic1 shall be most demorietretive, In Dublin, the Repeaters are preparing...

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The populace of' Glasgow, half starved from want of employment, and incited by mob orators, have broken into open riot, and committed great excesses against property. There has...

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gorrign anb 42Do1onial.

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FRANCE.—The march of events has become comparatively calm and re- gular in Paris. , The Provisional Government has eonvolted the National Assembly,th consist of 900 members,...

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In the pressure of matter upon our limits last week, we were obliged to omit the gossipy details of Louis Philippe's adventures at Newhaven, and his journey from the Sussex...

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Lord John Russell returned to town yesterday, and attended in

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the Howie of Commons. The Globe of last night reported that he had derived great benefit from his sea-side trip. The Morning Herald makes a diametrically opposite re- port, and...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, last night, nearly the whole time was oc- cupied, in Committee of Ways and Means, with the adjourned debate on Mr. Hume's amendment, to...

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The express despatched from Paris yesterday conveys some important Intel-

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ligence. A petition presented to Government by a large number of the merchants and shopkeepers of Paris, asking a further prolongation of the period for the payment of bills...

The following correspondenoe has taken plaoe by the agency of

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Mr. Goodwin, H. M. Consul at Palermo, between the Provisional Committed of Sicily and Lord Minto. Ma Goodwin repaired to the Committee to read the following letter from Lord...

We have been informed in the most b.. 4 y,

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,..manner that Prince Metternich :muta ftr t retires from office; and that a coucifietert) bi'been formed at Vienna, determined to give a censtjtufion to:Behenait t „...

A violent movement occurred at Munich on Use 4th instant.

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The arsenal was captured. The people demanded the same concessions that have-been required generally in the German movements. The liine yielded all the demands. Letters from...

Sir Edward Blakeney, the Irish Commander-in-chief, Prince George of Cam-

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bridge, Commander of the Dahlia garison, Colonel Brown and Mr. °Terrell, Commissioners of Police, attended at Dublin Castle on Thursday, for the pur- pose, it is presumed, of...

The Ex-King, Queen, and Royal Family of France, are living

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at Claremont as a private family, and with very few attendants. We understand that Louis Philippe has expressed a desire to reside in the. neighbourhood of Twickenh aril; and...


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&roes EICIRANGE, FitDAT ATTEENDOE.. . The English Stock Market was firm on Monday. Although -the ,price of C/011- S018 was not quoted in the list higher than 824, the quotation...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 5th March, Scotland, Ritchie, from China; and John Stewart, Martin, front Batavia ; 6th, Ganges, Bell. from Sydney ; Mkt Token, Nourse. from Mauritius ;...

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The opening of the Covent Garden Opera, on Thursday evening, was less brilliant than might have been expeuted, in consequence of a circum- stance which nobody could have...


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Suit—An act of true heroism should not pass unnoticed, in any age. The Ex-Queen of the french, who in spite of the errors and unpopularity of her husband's governinent...


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of methere! Unthat fatal day When Orleans, etilancrown'd, in bitter r doubt Was weakly yieldieg; thine wise it to slay Ambition's voice, and hush the maddening shout Of bad...

Some kindly author has written a little 'French Ocanelly 44

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en vets" for the company at the St James's. We thank NM InOihs:good. iatentions; but if Une Imprudence is a specimen of the..Frenek., pieoesettlas-are -to"'bei written on...

The irrevocable decree of .Fate, according to which Drury Lane

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is doomed after certain intervals to become a sort of Noah's ark, is again in full force. Mr. Bunn tried everything; and wound up with ti ; stack of elephants: N. Jtdlien starts...


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M. Thalberg, who has returned to England after an absence of several years, gave a concert on Monday evening, in Exeter Hall; not the best lo- cality in the world for exhibiting...

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"LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY." Ann the statesmen who have the management of the national programme in France about to realize the promise of their motto? Never has the...


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IT is easy to be wise after a whole series of events ; and all the world, who has known Louis Philippe, man and boy, for three- quarters of a century, now knows him to be a...

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THE best suggestion towards the establishment of an effective military reserve has just emanated from a family to whom the public already owe many valuable suggestions—the...

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SIR ROBERT PEEL has contributed the following apology for the Income-tax as it is- " I think, while a tax of this nature exists, it ought to be a tax upon income. If you...


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TRAVELS, Journal of an Exped:tiOn into the Interior of Tropical Australia, in Search of a tyrnii 'Sydney to the Gulf of Carpentaria. By Lieutenant-Colonel Sir T. L. Mitchell,...

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THE aim of M. Golovine in his present work is to carry out the views he endeavoured to establish in "Russia under the Emperor Nicholas." There is this difference, however, in...


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THREE volumes devoted to a three-weeks trip to Paris, including in that time a six-and-thirty hours flight to Tours and back again by railway, a similar run to Rouen, and a...

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The Parson, Pen, and Pencil; or Reminiscences and Illustrations of an Ex- cursion to Paris, Tours, and Rouen, in the Summer of 1847 ; with a few Memoranda on French Farmin g ....

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• On the 16th February, at Corfu, the Wife of

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Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Walpole, De- puty Quarter-master-General In the Ionian Islands, of a son, On the 20th, at Denchworth Vicarage, Berks, the Lady of the Rev. R. Lewis, of...

• MILITARY. GAZETTE. - . WAR-oroles, March 10.--Ist'Drag. Guards,-J. Kemp, Gent.

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(Riding Master) to be Cornet by purchase, vice Burke, who retires. 5th Regtsof Foot-S. L. Maylor, Gent. to be Second Lieut. by purchase, vice Wallace, appointed tothe lot or...


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Taesday, March 7. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Leathern and Co. Doncaster, bankers-It, and W. Underhill, Ashburton, farmers- Burton and Son, Raeford, Nottinghamshire,...

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BUTCHERS' MCAT. Naviorris sins Laintireatt:• - fillnennst.o.• Raao or Carnal ea a. al. a. 4. a 4. Slearnrruss. Beef.. 3 4 - to 3 10 to - 4 2 a - 8. go 4.4-to .6 8...