13 APRIL 1839

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Despatches front Colonel Sum., at Erzeroom, dated the 26th February,

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have been received ; but they supply no additional intel- ligence respecting the proceedings of the Shah of Persia. It was uncertain in what direction an expedition prepared by...

The Portuguese Ministry, having been unexpectedly defeated in the Cortes,

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on a proposition to increase the Army, resigned in a body ; but SA DA BANDEIRA had been charged with the recon- struction of his Cabinet, and it was supposed that many of his...

The French intelligence this week possesses little interest. Na progress

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towards the reconstruction of the Ministry has been made. The Chamber of Deputies has been employed in the investigation of the election returns (la th'ifleation des ponroirs) ;...


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THIS has been a week of preparation for the approaching trial of party strength. The Commons reassembled on _Monday; made THIS has been a week of preparation for the approaching...

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Despatches from Mr. PARENHAM announce the cessation of hos- tilities

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between France and Mexico. A preliminary treaty was signed at Vera Cruz on the 9th of March ; the leading provisions of which are thus stated— ".Mexico pays 600,000 dollars, in...

The Westchester packet-ship, which sailed from New York on the

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14th of March, and, after a perilous passage of twenty-seven days, arrived at Liverpool on Wednesday last, brings intelligence from the United States and Canada, two. days later...

DE ratts alb Vrorecbinns fit Varliamtnt.

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THE IRISH GOVERNMENT. When the House of Commons resumed its sittings on Monday the 8th, Lord JOHN RUSSELL announced his intention to propose the fol- lowing resolution on...

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Vibe iffittropolis.

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Mr. Harvey- wrote the following letter to Mr. S. Knighton, the Dele- gate to the " National Convention " who proposed a vote of thanks to the Member for Southwark, in return for...

bc C'ourt.

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IT appears from the official chronicle of Court news, that Sir .lames Clark (dismissed by the Dutchess of Kent for his part in the Lady Flora Hastings scandal) has been in...

A public meeting of the Protestant Association was held on

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Monday, at Exeter Hall, for the purpose of petitioning Parliament against the clause in the New Prison Bill, which provides for the appointment of Catholic chaplains in English...

At the Mansionhonse, on Wednesday, a Justice of the Peace

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and "country gentleman" was fined for drunkenness in the streets. At the Mansionhonse, on Wednesday, a Justice of the Peace and "country gentleman" was fined for drunkenness in...

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During the week, placards have been distributed in Salisbury, an-

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nouncing the want of "a few young men, of good character, to serve in her Majesty's Royal Sappers and Miners." The announcement, we hear, has been, as yet, but feebly responded...

Int I:oblates.

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The Bolton Tories have adopted an address to the Queen, praying her Majesty to dismiss her present vacillating Ministers. Captain Phipps has declined an invitation from some...

St1is tella nto us.

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Last night's Gazette announces that Lord Ponsonby, Ambassador to Turkey, has been made Viscount Ponsonby of Imokilly, in the county of Cork, and that Sir James Frederick Lamb,...

The Judges are still on the Circuit. The cases of

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murder, man- slaughter, and stabbing with intent to kill, are very numerous. At Taunton, three eases of that description came on in succession. One prisoner having been found...


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In consequence of the call made by the Precursor Society, the " simultaneous meetings " took place on Sunday, to petition the 1 louse of Commons and address the Queen in favour...


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Lord Kelburne is the Tory candidate for Ayrshire. Bailie Craig, of Kilmarnock, a Chartist, also offers himself to the electors—of course without the remotest chance of success....

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DURHAM Cuoxianm.—We would rather have to deal with it Government with which one could at all events maintain it fair stand-up fight than w i th one Lich it is disagreeable to...

In consequence of Sir Herbert Taylor's death, the Mastership of

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St. Katherine's Hospital is vacant. Lord John Russell, on the premature report of Sir Herbert's decease, sent to the Hospital lim the charter, resuming that the right of...


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" We fear not responsibility." Weekly el , ronicle. "We like to sm our way. We like to have a reasonable probability of suc- cess." Weekly Chronicle. " Let the Whigs refuse...


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(In the Globe qf this evening.) "In a fins- days will be published, "A LETTER to the ELECTORS of SIROUD on the PRINCIPLES or the REFORM ACT By Lord Jonx Russrom. "Ridgway',...

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The "great meeting" in suppport of Ministers was held at

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the Theatre in Dublin on Thursday. The Duke of Leinster took time chair, on the motion of the Earl of Charlemont, seconded by the Marquis of Headfort ; and many Whig noblemen...

Intelligence has been received this morning by Government over- land

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from I midis, that time British troops have taken possession of Hyder- abad and 13nklmr, which gives the complete command of the Indus. The Ameers of Scind have submitted .. e)...

The. Standard, this evening, expounds and eulogizes the coarse Sir

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ROBERT PEEL is to take on Monday, and then proceeds to make the following remarks on Mr. DI:NCO:III:Cs " addition "- " There is no courtint , of Radicals—Lin Sir Robert Peers...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, Sir ROBERT PEEL, stated the pr ecis e terms of the amendment he intends to move on Lord John Rus- sell's resolution in...

Intelligence has ,just been received of :mother dispute with the

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Chineee, whieh lusts ended in the stoppaee of the trade. This event took place in December, iii eonse poomee of the impliea :hie of Mr. In u it ,,, a merchm;;. in theof opium....

H ar ing mislaid our copy of " ifuriamme, or the Court

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V Herod the Great," we are u nable to satisfy the Correspondent who writes to us to learn the name of the H ar ing mislaid our copy of " ifuriamme, or the Court V Herod the...

.11 11 :\ I 311 1l K.E T.

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s went of the Di, idemis, in con- s rates of for ign e \changes, has The greatest effcc: has bet•n pro- : upon which has ris.in from 36s. to about per ,,nt. at.,ve the ,1ecount...

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PHILHARMONIC CONCERTS, LITTLE needs be said concerning the Philharmonic Concert

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of has Monday in addition to a reprint of the bill. THIRD CONCERT—MONDAY, APRIL 8. ACT I. Sinfouii , No.7 meet. ea Aria, Signor F. LAULACII Vedr6 mentre io st.spiro•' (Le...


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THE closing of Drury, and the announcement that the present manage- ment of Covent Garden will terminate with the season, have created quite a sensation in the theatrical world....


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Arrived — Off Plymouth, April Oh, Hartley, Fewsou, from Van Diemen's Laud; Warrior, Brown, from Mauritius ; 71h, Plantagenet, Domett, Front Bengal; and 111th, Malcolm, Sims,...

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LET THE TWO FACTIONS FIGHT IT OUT ALONE. IF the pear had been ripe enough for Sir ROBERT PEEL, he would have pooh-poohed Lord JOHN RUSSELL'S sham motion on Monday, allowing it...

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WHEN the labours of periodical writers have left few subjects of interest not staled by the wear and tear of public discussion, no apology is needed for turning to one which is...


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RUMOURS have been several times afloat piquing public curiosity, with reference to a supposed desire on the part of Lord Joins Russcia to resign office : and though since the...

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ENGLISHMEN have vague notions respecting the " influence of the Crown." They recollect DUNNING'S famous resolution, that " it had increased, was increasing, and ought to be...

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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th April 1838 and 5th April 1839, showing the In- crease or Decrease on each head...

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Tne philosophical public are much indebted to Sir WILLIAM Mosesworrn for this new edition of the works of HOBBES, which he is in course of publishing, and of which two volumes,...


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PHILOSOPHY , Thou= Hobbes Malmesburieasis Opera Philosophica gum Latino scripsit Crania, In =HID corpus mum primum collects. studio et labors Gulielmi Molesworth, Vol. I. --The...

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Tin: reader who has noted the minor events of contemporary lite- rature, may remember Mr. Bauer, the author of these volumes, as a somewhat zealous Catholic gentleman, educated...

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THIS is a very able work, but a heavy and indifferent fiction. The helluo of the circulating library will lack the necessary stimulants of stirring incidents and mysteries to be...

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Booths. The Barber of Paris; or Moral Retribution. By PALI. DE ROCK. In three vols. _England under the Reigns of Edward the Sixth and Miry, with the Con- tt. mporary Histmy...