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Mr Callaghan's contribution

The Spectator

Mr Callaghan's contribution It is Unquestionably fortunate for Mrs Thatcher and her Conservative administration, and probably also for the Country, that Her Majesty's...

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What the window-cleaner saw

The Spectator

Political commentary What the window-cleaner saw Ferdinand Mount Blackpool The little makeshift screen shows a cartoon of a grumpy harridan saying 'Well, if I get my natural...

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Notebook In a promotional pamphlet published earlier this year, Mr Timothy West declared: The Old Vie is London's best-loved theatre, Wlith a time-honoured policy of offering...

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Lessons from Poland

The Spectator

Another voice Lessons from Poland Auberon Waugh The point is well made, and if I were a man of the Left - which by some fluke of hereditN, or other happy accident I do not...

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Victim of Ramadan

The Spectator

Victim of Ramadan Shiva Naipaul Trhe idea was simple enough and, on the face of it, harmless: to spend a few days in Fez and write a short piece about it. Idly, I Set off for...

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The communist quandary

The Spectator

The communist quandary Sam White Paris Recently I wrote in these columns about the problems that the French Communist Party was having trying to live w ith its past. These....

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Evading the nuclear issue

The Spectator

Evading the nuclear issue Andrew Brown NUclear power is a perfect issue for modern demlocratic politics, offering a kernel of !ncomprehensibility thickly wrapped in Ignorance...

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Three days in Greenland

The Spectator

Three days in Greenland Peter Ackroyd Nvarssarssuaq Firsi das The first sight of Greenland, from the air. is of a vast and ancient wedding-cake; as though the sea had turned...

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The death of King Cotton

The Spectator

The death of King Cotton Richard West A 1(lallcht's!C Thc closure last Nkcck of a further eight textile mills has brought close to extinction the once mright' domain of King...

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The decline of fashion

The Spectator

The decline of fashion Mary Kenny Whcn I %cunt to church last SundLay, I noticcd that I was practically thc only woman thrrc w\ho was wxcaring a hat. Thc church wias a lar-gC....

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The Jerusalem question

The Spectator

The Jerusalem question Sir: An ancient tradition describes Jerusalem as the centre of the earth. There is a stone set in the middle of the floor of the nave of the Catholicon...

Interpreting history

The Spectator

Interpreting history Sir: In slating Patrick Marnham for criticising Zionists, Messrs Henriques and Gewirtz (3() August) raise the bogey of Holocaust 'revisionism'. It should...

No pampered hedonism

The Spectator

Letters No pampered hedonism Sir: I regret that Peter Paterson did not check his facts before accusing The Times reporters who covered the TUC conference of pampered hedonism....

Wrong town

The Spectator

Wrong town Sir: Richard West is wrong when he writes (3( August) that Felixstowe was a port in the Middle Ages. There were dozens of fllediaeval ports on the East Anglian...

A question of hubris

The Spectator

A question of hubris Sir: I've no doubt this will bore those of your readers that it does not mystify, but Mr Hastings might be interested to know that at I 1.00 am on 1 8...

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The Meaning of Conservatism Roqer Scruton

The Spectator

Autumn books I Adrift in the sea of politics Alan Watkins The Meaning of Conservatism Roaer Scruton (Macmillan £12 Penguin £1 .95) Mr Scruton is a brave and, up to a...

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Freud: The Man and the Cause Ronald W. Clark

The Spectator

Diagnostician or accusor? Thomas Szasz Freud: The Man and the Cause Ronald W. Clark (Cape and Weidenfeld £9.95) On the wall of Freud's study hung an engraving of Pierre...

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The Satanic Cult Gerhard Zacharias

The Spectator

Devilment Nicolas Walter The Satanic Cult Gerhard Zacharias (Allen & U nwi n £1 0.95) Religion concerns cvil just as much as it not more than good. It exprcsscs on one side...

Woburn and the Russells Georgiana Blakiston

The Spectator

The Russells Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd Woburn and the Russells Georgiana Blakiston (Constable £9.95) Walking up St James's during the latest hiatus in the publication of...

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A Highland History The Earl of Cromartie The Making of the Scottish Countryside Ed. M. L. Parry and T. R. Slater

The Spectator

Highlanders Fitzroy Maclean A Highland History The Earl of Cromarlie (The Gavin Press £l 2.50) The Making of the Scottish Countryside Ed. M. L. Parry and T. R. Slater...

Punishment, Danger and Stigma: The Morality of Criminal Justice Nigel Walker

The Spectator

Reductionist Geoffrey Marshall Punishment, Danger and Stigma: The Morality of Criminal Justice Nigel Walker (Blackwell £9.95) Professor Nigel Walker is a man familiar with...

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The Shooting Party Isabel Colegate

The Spectator

Big shots Francis King The Shooting Party Isabel Colegate (Hamish Hamilton £5.95) We live in an age when, on the Twelfth, peopie compete to be the first to get a grouse on...

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Pas de Deux Olivier Beer The Birds of the Air Alice Thomas Ellis Proud Lady in a Cage Fred Urquhart Events Beyond the Heartlands Robert Watson The Beekeepers Peter Redgrove The Gardens of Delight Ian Watson

The Spectator

Pas de Deux Olivier Beer (Gollancz £5.95) The Birds of the Air Alice Thomas Ellis (Duckworth £6.95) Proud Lady in a Cage Fred Urquhart (Paul Harris £5.95) Events Beyond...

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The Spectator

Art Pastiches John McEwen A most revealing juxtaposition of exhibitions can be seen in London at the moment: a retrospective of the work of Roland Penrose at the Institute of...

Macbeth Taking Steps Wielopole Wielopole

The Spectator

Arts Shakespearian tragedy Peter Jenkins Macbeth (Old Vic) Taking Steps (Lyric) Wielopole Wielopoie (Riverside Studios) O'Toole's Macbeth looks like being the riOSt...

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Heart Beat

The Spectator

Cinema Three people Peter Ackroyd Heart Beat ('X' Gate Two, Russell Square) Heart Beal is, ostensibly, the story of Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, and the woman who moved...

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Looking back

The Spectator

Cricket Looking back Alan Gibson I suppose that if, at the beginning of the season, English cricketers had been asked if we would settle for losing the rubber against the...


The Spectator

Television Grinding Richard Ingrams When one hears a politician strenuously arguing that people should concentrate on the issues' and suppress their regrettable fascination...

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The Spectator

Postscript Spotted Patrick Marnham Sympathy is in order for Mr William" Traugh, who may well be the most bemused man of the year, and who is the director of refugee...

The Greatest

The Spectator

High life The Greatest Taki Salonika If he were alive today 99.99 per cent of the world's ills Nould not exist, and his face would be regularly on the cover of Time...