14 DECEMBER 1844

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THE League have resumed their meetings at Covent Garden Theatre, and have begun in earnest their operations in promoting the augmentation of county-voters in Middlesex. They...

Lord LONDONDERRY lately entertained his tenants at dinner, and now

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his tenants have returned the compliment. TheMarquis shines over there in Ulster ; and we shall henceforth, when he wanders a , little in the Senate, remember his practical...

The changes authoritativr', commanded by the Bishop of EXETER in

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the conduct of divine Jr ship have been begun in the cathedral town, and have prove.ed much open discontent, threatening yet further troubles. The case of Mr. WARD of Balliol...

A concentrated movement has begun, to effect a general amelio-

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ration in the dwellings of the poor, such as is within the scope of public measures, for draining, ventilating, supplying water, and the like. Indecency, dirt, and disease,...

Mr. GREY PoaTEa is a wag. He has really achieved

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a variety of feats that would have been accounted not only surprising in themselves, but as incompatible as standing on one leg and on one's head at the same moment, or as...

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Ebe Biletropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, and a good deal of routine business was transacted. The report of a committee recom- mending a petition from the Reverend Mr....

We notice here the dinner given to Sir HENRY Form:Gen

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by the London merchants, solely for one remark. Sir HENRY has declared that there is no foundation for the story that the supplemental treaty with China which he signed was...

Zbt Court.

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Timer ALBERT'S Brother has been admitted to the Most Noble Order of the Garter. The Queen held an investiture of the Order on Thurs- day, and a full Chapter assembled at...

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Vbe Vrobintes.

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The agitation in Exeter on the subject of the ecclesiastical dissension rather waxes than wanes. The inhabitants of the united parish of St. John and St. George held a...

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At a meeting to oppose the Charitable Bequests Act, in Dublin Spi- talfields Market, on Friday, Mr. O'Connell read a letter from the Ro- man Catholic Archbishop of Dublin to the...

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,foreign ant Irolonial.

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Brent.—The intelligence from Spain is of the usual revolting cha- racter. Feliciaao, Zurbano's second son, Captain Baltanas, his Se- cretary, and another officer, who all...

It is said that the Qaeen's visits to Strathfieldsay - e and

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Stowe are post- poned until after Christmas. Sir Robert Peel's fourth son, Mr. Jilin Floyd Peel, has just entered the Scots Fusileer Guards as Ensign and Lieutenant. Among the...

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On the 2d December, at Greenhorn Lodge, Berke, the Wife of ARCHER J. Catlin, Esq., of a daughter. On the 3d, at Upton Castle, Pembrokeshire, the Lady of the Rev. W. P. EVANS, of...


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WAR OFFICE, Dec. 13.-13th Light ,Drags.—Sergt.-Major W. Doyle, from the 6th Drags. to be Cornet, without purchase. vice. Hoare, promoted. 9th Foot—Lieut.-Gen. Sir T. Arbuthnot,...

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The Constitutionnel has a long and rather temperate article upon

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the reported addition to the French Protectorate in the Pacific of the Wallis Islands; an acquisition which, it contends, will either involve France in a serious...

The Queen has been pleased to appoint Sir Henry Thomas

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De la $eche, Knight, and Thomas Cubitt, Esq., to be her Majesty's Commis- sioners for inquiring into the causes of the falling of a cotton-mill at -Oldham, and as to the failure...

The Coroner's Jury in the case of Mr. Bolestridge returned

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the following verdict, differing from the two already returned in the cases of his fellow-sufferers- " That James Bolestridge died in consequence of injuries received in a...

The Hebdomadal Board of Oxford University came to a decision

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Yesterday, upon the case of Mr. Ward, of Balliol College, author of The Ideal of a Christian Church ; and it was determined to submit three propositions on the subject to a...

The Morning Chronicle is making a pitiable exhibition of Captain

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Fitzroy, the Governor of New Zealand. Yesterday our contemporary dealt with the Governor on the score of his bill for throwing upon the colony a base paper currency of what he...

The Great Britain steam-ship finally left Bristol docks on Wednes-

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day, and on Thursday made an experimental trip down the Channel, with great success.

A rescript has been lately received by the Most Reverend

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Dr. Crolly, Archbishop of Armagh, from his Holiness the Pope, which directs " the Prelates and the clergy of this country to abstain from all political agitation, to attend...

There has been an abortive revolt in Switzerland. The local

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Go- vernment of Lucerne favours the Jesuits; and in order to force a change of the Government, the Liberals raised an insurrection at Willisaa on the 7th, and at Lucerne on the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The annual meeting of the Agricultural Protection Society was held yesterday ; and it afforded all the contrast to the League meeting of Wednesday which Mr....

The King and Queen of the Belgians left Brussels on

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Thursday, fo Paris, to meet the Due D'Aumale, on his return home with his Italian bride. The Black Eagle steamer has been ordered to proceed to Dover cul Monday, to take on...


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STOCK EX,RANON, FRIOAT A PTV II/1001C At the commencement of the week the English Funds improved about per cent, and Consols for Account were as high as 1001. A large...

BANK OF ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

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8th vie- toria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 7th day of December 1844. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes issued £27,817,505 Government Debt r€11,015,100 Other...

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THE NEW ZEALAND INQUIRY. THE great Blue Book on New Zealand has been issued by the Par- lia mentary printers this week. Although giving part only of the history of New Zealand...


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ARRivID. — Off Torbay, 12th instant, William Shand, Potter, from Calcutta. At Li- verpool, 11th, Cumana, }foodless ; and Lady Bute, M•Kinlay, from Calcutta; 12th, 'Druid,...

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MANT persons skating on the ice in the Parks have fallen through, and some have been near drowning; whereupon the public begin to consider how such accidents can be prevented....


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Ma. WILLIAM WORDSWORTH lately wrote a sonnet against the Kendal and Windisrmere Railway, and now he has written a long letter to the Morning Post on the same subject. The letter...

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THE unequal and apparently fortuitous development of skilled labour in different regions is curious enough. Not a letter or newspaper is received from South Australia but brings...

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thiTORN. The History of British India. From 1805 to 1835. By Horace Hayman Wilson. M.A.. Borten Professor of Sanscrit in the University of Oxford, &c. &c. Volume 1 Madden and...

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AT first sight, Mrs. THOMSON'S choice of a subject would seem to involve a dangerous approach to Waverley : but she has avoided any resemblance to SCOTT ' S fiction, by...

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Tim satirical fable-epic of Reynard the Fox enjoyed for many ages to European celebrity. From before the origin of printing (circa 1450) till the close of the aeventeeth...

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WHEREV ER an unsupplied want exists in a numerous portion of the public, there is occasion for a periodical work ; and certainly the Joint-stock Companies of this country are...


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Frost December 6th to December 12th. BOORS. A Journey from Naples to Jerusalem . , byway of Athens, Egypt, and the Peninsula of Sinai, including a Trip to the Valley of Fayoum...

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Six Duets for the Pianoforte and Violin, by Lours Srona. Op. 127. THESE Duets consist of six movements of varied and characteristi styles, called in the German journals—to...

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10th December 1844. Srn-The sound judgment usually displayed in your musical critiques in- duces me to adopt your columns as a medium for the expression of an opin- ion...


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THE ILLUMINATED CALENDAR. THIS, the most richly embellished of the annual gift-books, is also a curiosity of decorative printing. The Illuminated Calendar is a fac- simile of...


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THE Graphic Society held their first conversazione for the season on Wednesday, at the Thatched House Tavern. The portfolios of drawings and prints, ranged in a double row upon...


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Tuesday, Dec. 10. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Attwood and Hewitt, Fareham, atternies-Forrest and Co. Mitre Chambers, Vet- church Street, merchants-Hargreaves and Gill, Blackburn,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closiug Prices.) Saturday Monday. Isesoay weans:. lours. "nosy. 1001 ex d 100t 103 121 208 shut 58 pm. 73 pm. 100/ 100e 103 121 2081 58 78 shut 1001 1001 1031...