14 OCTOBER 1854

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IT cannot be said that we have any later news from the Crimea this week, and we can scarcely expect that before our usual time of publication we shall receive more than the...

Apart from the immediate field of battle, the foreign intelligence

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of any moment relates almost exclusively to the hostile position of the greater Powers. Austria has contributed another. note, exactly in the same tone as the series which she...

Confirmation rather than news is also the characteristic of the

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political reports at home. Whether it is Lord Aberdeen ap- pearing before the burgesses of his own town to acknowledge their compliments, or Lord Granville dining with the...

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At a Court of Aldermen, held on Tuesday, favourable reports were re- ceived of the health of the prisoners in the City gaols throughout the trying period of the epidemic....

The improvement made in the form of the tables showing

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the state of the revenue commences with the present quarter, and it renders the national accounts much clearer for the reader. The improvement is threefold. First, the tables...

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The Staffordshire Yeomanry were reviewed last week, and after the day in the field they dined together. Among the guests was Earl Gran- ville ; and in acknowledging the toast of...

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THE Queen and the Royal Family quitted Balmoral on Thursday morn- ing ; and arrived at Aberdeen at one o'clock, and at Edinburgh about seven in the evening. The Queen was...

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The Corporation of Aberdeen availed themselves of the opportunity of Lord Aberdeen's presence in Scotland, to compliment him with an address, which was presented to him on...


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At a Privy Council held on Thursday in Dublin, the Lords-Justices- gave orders for the enrolling of the Irish Militia. The new Secretary to the Irish Board of Charitable...

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THE Cage.—The brilliant progress of the Allied arms in the Crimea has now been illustrated by an abundance of intelligence, furnished by the official despatches of the English...

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From the London Gazette Extraordinary of Sunday, October 8. War Department, Oot. 8, 1854, Half-past eight o'clock a. m. Major the Lord Burghersh arrived this morning, with a...

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The wounded at Alma have not been forgotten by the public. Sir Ro- bert Peel, in a letter to the Times, remarking that the sick and wounded are not well provided for, suggests...

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&MILDLY lionieLtee. At an inspection yesterday afternoon of the Grenadier and Scotch Fu- silier Guards, at present stationed in the London Barrack% it was agreed upon by the...

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CRYSTAL PALACE. — Admissions fer six days ending 13th October, in-

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cluding season-tickets, 24,881. •


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The fluctuations in Government Securities have been very trifling this week ; and the transactions were of secondary importance until...


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Mr. Douglas Jerrold's play of A Heart of Gold, with which the Prin- cess's Theatre opened on Monday last, looks exactly like the work of a very young dramatist of extraordinary...

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Mr. Morris Barnett continues a career at the Adelphi which

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may fairly be called triumphant. To the deep distresses of Monsieur Jacques he has added the undying gayety and undaunted gallantry of the Frenchman in The Station-house; and...

The Olympic opened likewise on Monday ; and signalized the

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event by reviving A Match in the Dark, one of Mr. Charles Dance's smartest pro- ductions. In this Miss Fitzpatrick-an actress striking in appearance, intelligent in delivery,...

The Marylebone, that most Northern of theatres-the very polar-star to

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aspiring dramatists, who think that legitimacy having fled from West- minster may still linger about Paddington=was reopened on Saturday, by Mr. and Mrs. William Wallack, at the...


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L An Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue and other Receipts of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended October 10, 1854, compared with the corresponding...


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On the 3d October, at Rutland Gate, the Lady Clarence Paget, of a daughter. On the 3d, at Spains Hall, Essex, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Ruggles Brise, of a daughter. On...

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A NEW corps has been brought upon the field of battle—the gen- tlemen " connected with the press" have appeared there. They had put in an appearance, hitherto only by one or few...


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THE HOSPITAL. WAR, which brings triumph to the nation, and provides exciting narratives for the multitude, brings suffering to those who engage in its work, mourning for many,...


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How impossible it is to translate ! Let Lord Raglan's despatch, announcing the victory of the Alma to the British War Minister, be translated ever so faithfully into French, the...

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SINCE we briefly noticed, in our last number, the consequences that have followed the substitution of penal servitude for transporta- tion, the same subject has called forth...


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IT is with no invidious purpose that we ask whether such "-difficulties" as those that have occurred at Liverpool ought trs have occurred at all? The question is not one of a...

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TICE explanation of the motive and purpose of a conference of American Ministers on the European Continent is intelligible— is consistent with the progress of America in power...

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MILITARY MORALS. Lesketh Sow Amblesicle, 10th October 1864. Sat—Under the head of "Cowardly Att acks upon the Army," in the last number of your paper, I regret to see a...


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1 Adam Street, Adelphi, 7th October 1854. Sin—History, or tradition, tells us that the old Romans sold by auction at its full value the ground on which their victorious enemy...

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THE CHEVALIER BUNSEN ON EGYPT'S PLACE IN UNIVERSAL HISTORY. * US first volume of this elaborate work was chiefly occupied in chalking out the plan and purpose of the whole...

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THREE NOVELS. * Life's Lesson is an American fiction, well enough

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exhibiting some curious points in American manners, though we do not precisely seize the " lesson " in life it inculcates,—unless it be that a domes- tic hero should not fail in...

GREECE BY HERMANN HETTNER. * Discaremorr, archteology, and the social condition

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and prospects of Modern Greece, are the topics of Hermann Hettners book. The descriptions are somewhat overdone ; or rather, like most descrip- tions, they are deficient in...

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Tuesday, October 10. Pernizasnirs DIBSOLTED.—Hallam and Co. Birmingham, manufacturers of silver- wares; as far as regards G. Oliver—Hallam and Yates, Birmingham, manufacturers...


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Boors. Turkey, its History and Progress; from the Journals and Correspond- ence of Sir James Porter, fifteen years Ambassador at Constantinople. Continued to the Present Time,...


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Wen-OFFICE, Oct. 13.-5th Regt. of Drag. Guards—T. P. Gudgin, Gent. to be Vet. Surg. vice Fisher, deceased. 15th Light Drags—Brevet Lieut.-Col. O.S. Blachford to be Major, by...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing prices.) &turd. Monday Tuesday. Wanes. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 951 931 9 58 54 9 951 951 95j 95 3 per Cents Reduced shut 931ex...