15 FEBRUARY 1840

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Tun Conservatives have not been tartly in adopting the plan of active opposition for which Lord STANLEY warned Ministers to prepare. The first hostile movement was made on...

The Queen's marriage with Prince ALBEnT was made an occasion

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of general festivity in the - Metropolis and in the Provinces. The weather, on which much depended, though unfavourable in the early part of Monday, improved towards noon, and...

Ac err from Iedia esnes ;erne .rzsnind ns of the

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uncertain and costly tenure by which the British hole their Asiatic dominions. A series of expensive and bloody wars, with acquisitions of fresh territory, is deemed...

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The packet-ship Sheridan, front•New York to Liverpool, has brought Itkintreal

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news apers to the 18th January. The Clergy Reserves Bill The packet-ship Sheridan, front•New York to Liverpool, has brought Itkintreal news apers to the 18th January. The Clergy...

War with China appears to be inevitable ; indeed it

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may be said to have actually broken out. In our paper of the 1st instant it was men- tioned that Captain ELLIOT, the Superintendent, and Captain Smells of the Volage, had gone...

There is no Continental news of any importance. The Committee

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of the French Chamber of Deputies have decided by a vote of 6 tot, that King Lours PHILIPPE'S private property is insufficient to enable him to provide for his son the Duke DE...

Dtbates aIIb Vrottannas in Varliament.

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STATE OF THE FINANCES. The House of Commons was occupied on Thursday with an portant discussion on the financial condition and prospects of the country. Mr. HERMES moved for...

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e (Court.

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MONDAY was dedicated to the important ceremony which united the Queen of these realms to Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha. Prince Albert arrived at Buckingham Palace...

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The Queen and Prince Albert remained at Windsor till yesterday;

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reading the newspapers, (all about themselves,) walking and riding, in the mornings, and giving small dinner-parties in the evening. Yester- day afternoon they returned to...

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A Special Court of East India Proprietors was held on

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Thursday. The meeting had been summoned by the Chairman, on the requisition of Sir Charles Forbes and eight other proprietors, to consider the cir- cumstaoces attending the...

A party of Southwark Liberals, about three hundred in number,

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as- sembled on Wednesday evening at the Bridge-house Hotel, to celebrate the return of Mr. Benjamin Wood for the Borough. Alderman Sir Matthew Wood was in the chair ; and in...

Zbe _Metropolis.

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Addresses to the Queen, Prince Albert, and the Dutchess of Kent, congratulating those Royal personages on the solemnization of her Ma- jesty's nuptials, were unanimously...

Zbe Vrobincts.

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An address expressing "deco regret and poignant sorrow" that Robert Owen should have been introduced to the Queen, has been signed by 15,200 women of Liverpool, and presented to...

A meeting, summoned by the Sheriffs of Middlesex, is to

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be held at the Freemason's Tavern on Friday next, "to take into consideration the situation in which Mr. Sheriff Evans is now placed by the resoha dons of' the House of...

A meeting e of Jamaica planters and merchants, held on Wednesday,

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resolutions expressing high satisfaction that the Jamaica Legis- lature had resumed its duties under the ancient constitution of the Island, and that the business of the...

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The death of Mr. John Dinwoodie, Judge of the District

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Court of Columbo, is also mentioned. His complai at was epilepsy. Mr. Charles Layard of Gallee was likely to be named Mr. Dinwoodie's successor. According to the Philadelphia...

There is no doubt whatever that the Government, though taxed

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with tardiness, have been most actively at work in preparing a serious de- monstration against the Chinese; and that it will be vigorously made. It has long been determined to...


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Sir 0. Anson, Member for Lichfield, who, it will be remembered, held a confidential appointment in the Household of the late Duke of Kent, is appointed Treasurer of Prince...


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Sir Andrew Leith Hay and Mr. Grant continue the canvass of the Elgin Burghs. The Inverness Courier says— • There have been some violent preeeedings in the Strathbogie Pres-...

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The Duke of Wellington has been again seriously indisposed. His

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Grace took a hearty meal at two o'clock on Wednesday, and then rode on horseback in Hyde Park. During his ride, the Duke was seized with sudden weakness, and went home very...


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No very long discussion occurred in either House of Parliament last night, but a variety of subjects received more or less of attention. No very long discussion occurred in...

PRINCE ALBERT.—Public interest being partially allayed by th e marriage and

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grant of honours and military rank (though not as yet of precedency) to Prince Albert, the question now generally asked is whether Queen Victoria's husband will be prayed for in...

From a correspondence between the Earl of Uxbridge, Lord Chain.

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berlain, and Mr. Thomas Duncombe, in this morning's Chronicle, it appears that the Theatres in 'Westminster will now be allowed to continue their performances throughout the...

THE SANATORIUM.—A public meeting is to take place next Wed-

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nesday in furtherance of this projected institution, when final arrange. ments, it is believed, will be made for carrying it into effect. A more useful as well as interesting...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The news received during the week from China and America has been of a very unsatisfactory character. It is considered that the next arrivals...

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TO TIIE EDITOR. OF TILE SPECTATOR. MR. IHTOR—The cold-blooded massacre of prisoners at Ghazni, by order of the puppet King put on the throne of Afghanistan by Lord AccaLAND,...


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BIRTHS. On the 22,1 nil., at Naples, Viscountess Dexeale, of a daughter. At *adapt House. Whitehall Gardens, Lady Mnaoansar MARSHAM, ore daughter. On the 811, inst., at Assley...


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THE deserted Olympie has at last found a lessee in Mr. BuTLETI, a gen- tleman who appeared as Hamlet at Covent Garden a few seasons ago ; under whose management it was opened on...


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WAn.orrtcr, Feb. 14.-6th Regt. Drag. Guards—Lieut. 0. V. Jackson. from the 53r11 Foot, to be Capt. vice F. Brown, retired upon his fltrmer half-pay. Scots' Fusilier...

Both the Patent Houses have p tribute in kind to

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their Royal Mis- tress on the happy event of her marriage. Drury was the last to announce and the first to produce its " Emblematical Tribute ;" but it was so slight and...


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The Alice Crowther, Fish, for Cork; and Tickler, Ellis, from Sydney, have been wrecked at Manilla. Arrived—At Gravesend, Feb. 10th, Ring William, Thomas, from Ceylon; 12th,...

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TILE half-yearly meeting of the Purcell Club was held on Thursday, at the Sussex Hotel. The selection presented as much novelty as at any preceding anniversary, and ninny years...

A Legend qf Florence was performed on Wednesday . for the third

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thee; and, in conjunction with the Nuptial Masque, drew a pretty full but not a cromko hon,... It N• listened to with attention that be- a'poke interest, but the applause was by...


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Tin: Quartet Concerts, original!y established by Baminovis and Lucas, began, for the season, on Thursday night ; and we presume this party will now have the West.-end audience...


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" Lightly she tripped" ATIMIST. " WC shepherds sing " WKFT.XES. " Nel pitt florae Aprile" L, M ARK N ZIO. " Maidens fair " GAsTetnr. " We have heard with our ears"...

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I1UE AND CRY—W'111 GG E T HAS BECOME OF OLD WRY ? THE principles which seated their ancestors on the throne " used to be the never-failing tailpiece to the health of any...


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AT length we have the official apology for the NEwrowr-Moxx- EAGLE job. It is alleged that Sir JOHN Nsovrour earned his retiring pen- sion of 1,000/. a year by services...

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THE Morning Post has a notice, smart but sore, upon our last week's estimate of the State of Parties. The soreness has arisen from our expressed opinion that the Tories do not...

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THE VETO. SOME esteemed correspondents have invited us to review our judg- ment on the position assumed by the Scottish Church in the matter of the Veto-law. We have in...

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Mr. Semmes, a speculator in the bijouterie of art. has

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produced nup- tial note-paper 'and tetter.paper, of all sizes, ornamented whit tiny portraits ee the Royal Pair encircled by a wreath, , tt it It a pair of guar- dian angels...


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Ai:moron the scientific results of the three tours contained in these volumes have been communicated to the learned world by various channels, they are in the main as generally...


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Narrative of a Journey from Caunroor to the Bourendo fuss in the Iliinulaya Moun- tains, ii., Gwalior; Agra, Delhi, and Sirliind. Ily Major Sir William Lloyd. And Carta M...

The councnTo .11 - (Irphlien ; the - S . artifice of &ore, by 1117.mnnA.Nrer

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The councnTo .11 - (Irphlien ; the - S . artifice of &ore, by 1117.mnnA.Nrer a p;...ttil'e front into of the series of freseoes designed by RA51.1E1.LE, rd . th, , .Wqrriv c )...


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A 'toner. on a grand scale of .See Peter'R at Rome, executed by CI:LES- TINo Val, of Brescia, principal mechanician of the Theatre San Carlos at Naples, is now exhibiting at the...

The p;gaetutry of the E:: . iintoutt Tottraament, after being, revived in

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dm - el-stem at the Adelphi Theatre, has come to a still-lilt display at last ; and the armour and aecOntreinents worn by the aristocratic chi- 'Wiry of the nineteenth century...

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MR. DOGARTICS SKETCH Or 111:ETIIOYF.N. Tills is the commencement an

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series of biographical sketches of eminent musicians, intended to be produced at intervals in a cheap and popular form, and in the first instance forming a part. by no means the...


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TIME volumes containa selection from the Dramas of' the Princess AMELIA of Saxony ; each one being chosen by Mrs. JAMESON, less for its intrinsic merits, than to display the...

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THESE volumes resemble Phy s ic awl Phipician.1, in being merely a compilation ; but, if not displaying more ability than that collec- tion, they are much more valuable. This...