15 JANUARY 1848

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THE publication of the diplomatic correspondence on Swiss affairs, for the use of the French Chambers, establishes the existence of a difference, already more than suspected,...

The opening of the debate on the address, in the

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Chamber of Peers, was signalized by the utterance of an unwelcome but a wholesome truth to M. Guizot. M. Mesnard, an old political friend, plainly declared that the Minister was...

Three incidents mark the extraordinary mutability of affairs in Spain

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: Queen Isabella has four times been seized with some kind of convulsions ; Salamanca, the late Finance Minister, has been impeached ; and Espartero has returned by favour of...

To judge from the immediate aspect of affairs in Italy,

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the time is approaching when the mettle of her moderate but practical and earnest patriots, the "moral influence" which her allies of France and Engiand affect to ems** will be...

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The week has produced an important military announcement. The Royal

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Artillery force is to be augmented by the addition of twenty companies, with a strength of ninety-nine men in each. The augmentation increases the Artillery to double the...

She IfIttropolis.

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The confirmation of Reverend James Prince Lee, M.A., as Bishop of Manchester, took place on Saturday, at St. James's Church in Piccadilly. The fact was mentioned in our second...

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Tire' only change at Court is the removal of the Queen, Prince Albert, with the little Princes and Princesses, from Windsor to Claremont, on Monday afternoon. The Queen has...

The Special Commi‘sion for the speedy visitation of crime in

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Ire- land has closed its sest'on at Limerick, and has removed to Clare. The proceedings have been ably and judiciously conducted. The evidence has been diligently collected and...

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lEbt Vrobintes.

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The enthronization of the Most Reverend Dr. Musgrave, Lord Arch- bishop of York, took place in York Cathedral on Thursday. Many thou- sand spectators were attracted by the...


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Although the Lord Chancellor is convalescent, it has been found neces- sary, for the present, to place the Great Seal in commission. The Com- missioners, named on Monday, are...

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. Messrs. P. and EL Ferguson and Rhind, of Glasgow, have issued their annual statement of the Scotch pig-iron trade for the past year. The production of 1847 is 40,000 tons...

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FRANCE.—A fresh entanglement has arisen on the Swiss question. The efforts of Messrs. Colloredo and Radowitz in Paris have been successful in prevailing on the French Government...

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We are happy to be able to contradict a report, which would be received with universal regret, that his Royal Highness the Prince Consort labours under a disease of the lungs....

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The Janet WIL1011, Smith, from London to Batavire has put beak to the River With loss of bowsprit, &e. ARMY= -At Gravesend, 9th Jan., Lady Bute, WKinlay ; and Blahomed Shalt,...

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The Paris papers of yesterday announce that fresh popular demonstra-

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tions have taken place at Genoa and Pisa: the agitation at Milan is gated to be spreading to the_Yeuetian prdvinces. They bring the full report of M. 4 01.tiztit's speech on...


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As usual after Christmas, the managers are reposing on their panto- mimes, and there has been little to notice in the theatrical world. At Drury Lane, M. Jullien has brought out...


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Dr. Hampden's episcopation is not yet complete, and a new obstacle ap- pe ars. In the Court of Queeu's Bench, yesterday, Sir Fitzroy Kelly moved for a rule to show cause . . "...

More fighting in New Zealand. Auckland papers to the 28th

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August contain intelligence from Cook's Strait to the 24th July. Several skir- mishes had taken place between the troops in stockade at Wanganui and the Maories: in one of those...

A serious accident occurred last night on the London and

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South-western Rail- way. The tip train, which left Southampton at six o'clock, came to a standstill at Frimley, in consequence of some disarrangement in the machinery of the en-...

The Earl of Clarendon was a guest at the Lord

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Mayor of Dublin's in- augural banquet on Wednesday ; where he delivered one of his well-timed speeches on the mode of restoring Ireland to safety. He declared, that by men of...


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STOCK EXcliANGE, FRIDAY .APTILINOON. The upward movement in the Government Securities continued until this morn- ing; when the price of Consols had reached 88, being an advance...

Letters on both sides of the Hampden controversy pour in

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upon us; but we are u nable to insert any, this week.

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A selection from the works of Mendelssohn was performed at

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Exeter Hall on Wednesday evening, under the direction of Mr. Habib. The prin- cipal pieces were The Ninety : fifth Psalm and The First Walpurges-Night„ two of Mendelssohn's...


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The New Year has brought back Mr. Wilson with his annual series of entertainments of Scottish Song. The first took place on Monday evening; and the crowded state of the room in...


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LETTER IL INTERFERENCE WITH WILLS. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 12th January 1848. Sin—The injurious working of the system which allows spiritual persons to usurp...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 1st January 1848. Sia—We have now glanced at some of the doings of the law in its criminal d e partment; and have seen, among them, the...


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Stit—In the article in the last number of the Edinburgh Review headed "The Irish Crisis," it is stated, (page 240,) that "one half of the surface of Ireland is stated to be let...

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" CHURCH IN DANGER": THE EPISCOPAL CONFIRMATION SCENES. • . TSB two Bishops of Manchester and Hereford have further exem- plified this week the pursuit of episcopation " under...


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THE various disputants on the subject of national defence, this week, have followed suit; the advocates of strengthened forces pursuing their representations, only without the...

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THE grand resource of an Irishman in difficulties, it seems, is murder : the form varies, but the "principle " is universal. It is a resource especially used in escaping from...


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FEW cases have excited more discussion than that of Mr. Jen- nings, the young gentleman who could not pay his bills at Oxford; the disputants taking many sides. The...

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VOYAGES AND TILAVELS, Sarawak ; its Inhabitants and Productions : being Notes during a Residence in that Country with H. H. the Rajah Brooke. By Hugh Low, Colonial Secretary at...

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Ire the spring of 1845, the historian of the Reformation, Dr. Merle D'An: bigne, was deputed, with two other Protestant ministers of the Coati* nent, to visit Germany and Great...

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Ma. MAXWELL'S main excellencies consist of a fluent style, a vigorous delineation, and the power of imparting character to his subjects : his chief faults are a tendency to...

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BOOKS. Borneo and the Indian Archipelago. With Drawings of Costumes and Scenery. By Frank S. Marryat, late Midshipman of IL M. S. Semarang surveying-vessel. Germany, England,...

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NATIONAL MELODY. Wood's Edition of the Songs of Scotland. Edited by G. F. Graham. The want of originality and of national character, so apparent in the music of our modern...

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Tuesday, Jan. 11. PASTEL - U[1ln DISSOLVED. Tenzin and Co. Bristol, manufacturing chemists-Naylor and Son, James Street, Ox- ford Street, oil-and colour-merchants-Mayne and...


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WAR-OYPICE, Jan. 14.-22d Regt. of Foot-Lieut. F. G. H. G. Williams, from the 41st Foot, to be Lieut. vice Hunt, who exchanges. 41st Foot-Lieut. W. Hunt, from the 22d Foot, to...


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On the 5th January, at Pan, Basses Pyrenees, the Lady Kilmaine, of a daughter. On the 6th, at Southampton, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Malet, of a daughter. On the 8th, at...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian it Gt. — Massachusetts (Sterling)...6 p.CL Belgian — Mexican 6 - Ditto Michigan I -...