16 MARCH 1844

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'Tars has been a week of miscellaneous and not uninteresting busi- ness in Parliament. Even the hackueyed subject of the Corn-laws has been handled in a way to acquire a fresh...

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Alas for the discipline of our Reformed Church, and the

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authority of her Prelates ! A Rector in the diocese of Peter- borough has been making great scandal : after mixing freely in the " gayeties " which render London and Paris so...

Debates anb Vroteebings in Varliament.

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EFFECTS OF PROTECTION ON WORKING AGRICULTURISTS. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Mr. COBDEN rose to make his motion for a Select Committee to inquire into the effect of...

A dinner to Mr. O'CONNELL, this week, at Covent Garden

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Theatre, has been boasted as a great demonstration of " English sympathy " with Ireland. English sympathy with Ireland is a better thing. Who were there ? A thousand people, of...

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2Ebt _Metropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday. Leave was given to the Spectacle-makers Company to add a hundred more persons to the Livery of that Company. The rest of the business...


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THE gayer ceremonies of the Court began on Wednesday, when the first levee for the season was held at St. James's Palace. The Queen and Prince Albert, in state, set out from...

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Zbe Vrobiritts.

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A very numerous meeting was held in Leeds Music-hall, on Saturday, to promote the restriction of hours for factory-labour. Mr. Joshua Hobson, Secretary to the Leeds Short-time...


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A special meeting of the General Assembly of Ulster was held last week, to consider the decision of the House of Lords on the subject of Presbyterian marriages. The Moderator...

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gottign anti Colonial.

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FRANCE. — The political news from Paris is not important this week ; the most stirring fact being the accession of the Archbishop of Paris to the opponents of the Government...


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Tuesday's Gazette announced, besides the levee at St. James's Palace for Wednesday last, another for Wednesday next, the 20th instant. We understand that his Royal Highness...

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The Globe announces that Mr. Scott Murray, Member for Bucking-

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hamshire, has been converted to the Roman Catholic faith. Mr. Mur- ray is Bachelor of Arts of Christ Church, Oxford ; and is said to be the eighteenth of Mr. Newman's disciples...

A correspondent of the Times says that the Potteries are

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in a most unsatisfactory state. The colliery-miners, acting with an union that embraces the whole coal districts of the North, demand new terms from their masters—professedly,...

The announcement that the New Zealand Company has been abruptly

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brought to a pause in its operations, will create wider and deeper conster- nation than even the massacre at Wairau. The Company is unable to maintain the struggle with the...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. Last night, in the House of Commons, belonged to Lord Ashley ; who brought forward one of his motions on behalf of the factory people. The House had...

Mr. Thomas Bateson has been elected Member for Londonderry County,

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in the room of his deceased brother, Mr. Robert Bateson.

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has conferred the

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honour of Knighthood on Captain James Clark Ross, R.N. The Gazette also announces that a drawing-room will be held at St. James's Palace on the 25th instant.

During the Parliamentary Session we must decline Correspondence, except on

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matters of fact, or in correction. Even such letters should be short, and if possible left to our convenience in the method of using them ; and they must be authenticated by the...

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Papers from Hobart Town, of the 18th October, mention the

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arrival of a vessel from New Zealand, having on board several families who had left Nelson in consequence of the alarm created by the late mas- sacre of the natives. The same...

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By what we learn from a very discreet source, we

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owe an amende ho- norable to Mr. Daniel Webster ; having been misled by an American paper into doing him injustice. A toast impudently countenancing the doctrine of Repudiation...

We regret to learn, by private letters which we have

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seen from Paris, that the French Government is proceeding in its Anti-English and Anti-Free-trade policy, by making another augmentation of the duties on linen yarns. From this...

Mr. Lumley gathers strength as be goes, and next week

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promises two novelties at the Italian Operahouse ; about both of which there is much curiosity and interest. The first is Herold's Zampa, with Persiani for the heroine ; and...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The opinion of the public seems to have undergone a change with respect to the value of the Three-and-s-half per Cents as affected by the...

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M. DITPRtZ has continued to fill Drury Lane every night

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of his per- formance : his powers as an actor as well as a singer enable other than musical audiences to appreciate his consummate art ; while his energy and feeling excite...

Madame ALBERT, the Miss KELLY of the Parisian stage, is

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now making April weather at the French Plays, with her smiles and tears. There is a tinge of gloom in the sunshine of her gayety that leads us to prefer her II Penseroso to her...


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THE opening of the Italian Operahouse has attracted larger audiences than we have been accustomed to see there at this early period of the season ; and though circumstances had...


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Wart-orner, March 15.-3d Drag. Guards-E. Tartan, Gent. to be Cornet, by pur- chase. 1. ice Fitzgerald, who retires. 11th Light Drags.-Assist.-Surg. R. Pyper' from the Staff, to...


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Arotivsn-At Gravesend, 11th lust. J. W. Dare, Ellis, from Calcutta ; 1311., Thomas limit. Watson, from the Cape ; and lone. Stewart. from Mauritius ; 14th, Westbrook....

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WHEN power abuses a strong weapon, it teaches revolt to borrow the trick upon occasion. No weapon has power abused more lavishly than religion ; which, converted against power,...


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Then, why do they not set themselves to prove the advantages of the Corn-law to the tenant-farmer, in this way ? They would not themselves be convinced by mere syllogisms, or...

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A erne war in Portugal is not unlike an English suit in Chancery. In both cases, the great object is to avoid a decision as long as possible. In fighting shy, the warriors of...


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From the latest official statements it would appear that the case of Mrs. FAWCETT has been somewhat unnecessarily mixed up with the question bow duelling is to be...


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IT is a prevalent opinion that the Whigs of our day, if more de- corous, are also more dull than their predecessors. If they neither rattle the dice like Fox nor bilk their...

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MAYS IA, Letters from America. By John Robert Godley. In two volumes. Murray. Poway, Palm Leaves. By Richard Moncktou MiInes Moan's. FICTION. The White Mask. By Mrs....

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TIT'S little volume is the result of a tour made in the Levant and Egypt during the winter of 1842-3. Knowing nothing of the languages of the countries he was passing through,...

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THIS is without exaggeration one of the most wonderful compila- tions of the age. The power of continuous labour, the wide range of inquiry, and the power of artistical finish,...


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THE white mask was a conspicuous disguise assumed by the beau- tiful and restless Dutchess of Tyrconnel to cover her intrigues with the Jacobite party : the " White Milliner" of...

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Front March 8th to March 14th. BOOKS. Palm Leaves. By RICHARD MORCETON MILNES. Ireland and its Ruler's since 1829. Part the Second. Peregrine Pultuney ; or Life in India. In...

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THE FORTHCOMING EXHIBITION OF DECORATIVE ART. IT,will be seen shortly what our decorative artists are able to do in the way of architectural embellishment ; and if report speak...


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BIRTHS. On the 6th March, at Heavitree. Devon, the Lady of the Rev. E. W. Miensm.,of a son. On the 7th. at Heath Hall, near Wakefield, the Hon. Mrs. %Erni. of a daughter. Ou...


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Tuesday, March 12. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Clarke and Keys, Stoke-upon-Trent, manufacturers of china—Robertson and Asp& nail, Francis Place, New North Road, stone...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) SaturdayMonday. Tuesday. Widnes. 981 981 981 98; 102; 1021 72 72 FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday...