16 NOVEMBER 1844

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Mr. O'CONNELL has abandoned his coquetry with Federalism, and returned

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to the embraces of " simple Repeal." The utter confusion of principles and pretexts in Ireland, the blending of cool .effrontery and niaiserie, would be amusing did it not...


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QUEEN VICTORIA is again cultivating topographical knowledge, in a visit to Burghley House, Lord EXETER'S Northamptonshire seat. Queen ELIZABETH visited it ; Queen ELIZABETH sat...

An additional scrap or two of news from China corroborates

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two facts hinted at before, but not adequately conveyed by the last Indian papers,—that the supplementary treaty concluded by Sir HENRY POTTINGER has in some way been garbled;...

For a little variety, perhaps, at this dull time, gentlemen

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are re- viving in divers parts some dispute about ecclesiastical forms, and drawing attention and interest to the spread of Tractarian doctrines. While the most alarming reports...

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be eourt.

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THE Queen has again been absent from Windsor Castle on a visiting expedtion. The preparations for it began on Saturday, with the de- parture of Sir Robert Peel and other...

Ebt IfIttropolis.

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The new Lord Mayor's accession to office was signalized by the usual ceremonies on Saturday, the 9th of November. The chief persons of the Corporation assembled about ten...

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Ebe Vrobintts.

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The election of Mayors and Aldermen in the Municipal Boroughs, on the 9th instant, seems to have excited still less interest than that of Town-Councillors. The accounts come to...

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The usual weekly meeting of the Repeal Association was held on Monday. Mr. Ray, the Secretary, reappeared in the execution of his duties, after a brief rustication to recover...

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Among rumours which have lately obtained respecting a contem- plated marriage between Prince George of Cambridge and the Princess Olga of Russia, the Frankfort Journal asserts...

Iforeign ant; (Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Dec D' Aumale left Paris, with the Prince De Join- ville, on Tuesday, for Naples ; where he is expected to arrive on the 20th or 21st. On the 25th, he is to be...

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Two persons who committed a recent fraud on the Bank

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of England,- apparently with complete success, have been utterly defeated, through - the extraordinary sagacity of the two brothers John and Daniel For- rester, the...

A meeting of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, very nume-

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rously attended, was held on Thursday, to petition Government for re- peal of the duty on cotton-wool. A long memorial was agreed to. ft stated, that although the duty (5-16ths...

The Graham's Town Journal of August the 1st mentions a

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new com- bination of contumacious Anglo-Dutch Farmers ; announced in a decla- ration from twenty-four of them, with Potgieter at their head—" that they are not bound by Colonel...

The Archbishop of Dublin and the Bishop of Kildare have

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addressee the Oxford Board of Heads of Houses on the subject of the prevailing, errors in the University : and a committee is now sitting to concert_ measures for checking their...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A few more curious traits of Mr. O'Connell's awakened activity are brought by the Dublin mail of Thursday. The Liberator is about to re8stablish, on a more...

A letter from Lord Kinnaird to a gentleman at Dundee:

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announces that the Queen and Prince Albert have signified their intention of con- tributing 100/. to the erection of public baths in that town. An amusing mistake occurred at...

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OF THE SPECTATOR. 14th November 1844 Sin—Allow me through your medium to suggest, as one of the thousands of poor to whom the reduction of postage has conveyed comfort and...


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PLAYERS at the Patent Theatres were wont to style themselves "her Majesty's servants "; but the proceedings at Drury Lane on Monday, when the Queen went to hear The Syren,...

BANK or ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

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8th Vic- toria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 9th day of November 1844. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes issued £27,400,995 Government Debt Other Securities Gold Coin...


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STOCK Exenanaz„ FRIDAY AYTER1/001Y. neither has the business transacted in them been of sufficient importance to No material change has occurred in the value of the Government...


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The James Matheson, Cushing, from Liverpool to China, got on shore, at Wexford, on the 8th instant, with fore and main masts cut away, aud is full of water ; crew saved. The...

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NOVEMBER.. NOVEMBER is here again, looking exactly as it used to do two hundred years ago. Clouds hang over and fogs bug the earth ; a thick, monotonous soaking rain comes down...

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ME consequences of the military conspiracy which expelled Es- PARTEBO are only beginning to be felt. Power acquired by lawless violence can only be upheld by the same means. The...


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THE Paris Sieele, after stating that the Minister of Finance holds 100,000,000 francs for the purpose of repaying to that amount sums invested in the Savings-Banks, makes this...


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RAILWAYS, however well adapted to accelerate the progress of tra- vellers, are not unlikely to retard the progress of legislation. The Gazette of last Wednesday extends to the...


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Tim Journal des Debate has an excellent paper this week on the attention vihich is just now absorbed in England b,y the condition of the poor and industrious classes, and...

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SCOTCH AGRICULTURE: SCOTCH PAUPERISM. GREAT and comparatively successful efforts have

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been made by the agriculturists of Scotland to overcome the backwardness of the soil and climate. They are justly proud of their victory over nature, but this pride is apt to...


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IN the latest French journals we find narrated a revolt of a nun- nery, to which "the revolt of the harem" was a trifle. The in- mates of the harem had never heard of a police ;...

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Tor ANSMALs, Cattermole's Historical Annual. The Great Civil War of Charles I. and his Par- liament. By the Rev. R. Cattermole, B.D. Illustrated by George Cattermole, Es q ....

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Tam volume contains a variety of pleasing, readable, and, where narrative is involved, interesting poems, considered absolutely, with- out reference to any thing but their...

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the author in the publication of these two ample volumes of his studies and observations, was to furnish to the somewhat advanced tyro, whether pursuing astronomy as a pri- vate...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED From November 8th to November 14th.

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Booxs. Algeria, Past and Present; containing a Description of the Country, the Moors, Kabyles, Arabs, Turks, Jews, Negroes, Cologlies, and other inhabitants, their habits,...

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The Mount of Olives, an Oratorio ; the Words by W. BARTHOLOMEW, the Music by BEETHOVEN. Edited, and the Pianoforte Accompaniment ar- ranged from the Score, by Sir HENRY R....

The Psalm Tune Book ; containing eighty-two Tunes from the

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Psalter ; harmonized for three equal Voices. Edited by JOHN HULLAIL As a collection of tunes for the children of schools, and for use in rural places where part-singing is...

Cathedral Chants of the Sirteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries. Edited

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by EDWARD F. RIMBAULT, LLD., F.S.A. The collection before us extends from Thum to COOKE, DAVY, and WESLEY; and comprises all the most memorable contributions to this branch of...

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CARTOONS BY COEREGGIO. Sorez portions of the Cartoons by CORREGGIO for the Frescoes at Parma have been brought to London ; and we counsel all who appreciate what is most...

Six Sabbath Melodies ; the Words selected from the Holy

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Scriptures. Com- posed, and humbly dedicated, by permission, to her Majesty Queen Adelaide, by R. ToPLIFF. The best of these melodies is the first, "By the rivers of Babylon ";...


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BIRTHS. On the 29th October, at Eccleshill. Hall, near Bradford, Yorkshire, the Lady of Gsonez Swim Esq., of a son and heir. Ou the 3011i. at Pit &rime. the Lady a Sir Joirm...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE. Nov. 8.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Sec. Capt. R. J. Slut. herd to be Capt. vice Gregory, retired on full pay ; First Lieut. G. R. Hutchinson to be Sec. Capt....


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Tuesday, Nov. 12. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Thwaites and Brothers. Blackburn, ale-brewer,; as far as regards T. Thwaites- Parker aad Co. 0:d Broad Street, stock-brokers -Fugler...

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols 1001 1004 1001 1001 1001 1001, Ditto for Account 1001 1001 1001 1001...