17 AUGUST 1844

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head, with the fag-end of the 0:CONNELL trial to be settled. Ministers and other officials made the usual rush out of town as soon as they were let loose,—running off to grass,...

The week opened with a gloomy sky, and anxious thoughts

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turned to the harvest. The dismal aspect of the weather was reflected in every face you met ; and you could not tell whether the people looked blue from cold or from the bad...

The world has been startled by the announcement of the

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French telegraph—not the most trustworthy authority, perhaps—that MEHEMET ALI has abdicated the Pachalic of Egypt and retired to Mecca. Some suppose that he is stricken...

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Zbe Itittropoli5.

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A special general meeting of the Loudon Missionary Society was held on Wednesday, at Exeter Hall, to express the sympathy of the Society with the British missionaries in Tahiti....

Vbe Court.

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THE annals of the Court are as dull this week as they are favourable. The Queen's recovery appears to have proceeded without a single in- terruption ; and the last bulletin was...

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There is little political activity about the country ; as is usual in the exhaustion that follows a protracted session with its attendant excite- ments. The most characteristic...

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A rumour that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert intend to visit Ire- land in the autumn, has been renewed in Dublin. The annual show of the Royal Irish Agricultural Society...


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The meeting of the Highland Society at Glasgow, last week, passed off very well ; and it was really a most striking display of agricultural activity. The Society met at the...

fforeign anti Tolonial.

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FRAteCE.—We are happy to state that the Princess De Joinville was, at half-past twelve last night, safely delivered of a Princess, at Neuilly. Her Royal Highness and the infant...

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The Brighton Gazette announces, that orders have been given at Portsmouth for the immediate equipment of the Royal steam-yacht Victoria and Albert. Her captain, Lord Adolphus...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. News of the actual bombardment of Tangier reached town yesterday, and was distributed to the public piecemeal, in successive editions of the daily papers ; the...

Further accounts from the Mediterranean confirm the story of Mehe-

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met Ali's sudden retirement from the Government of Egypt ; but, in- stead of throwing light on the motives, involve them in added obscurity, so much do they vary. All agree in...

The Revue des Deux Mendes seems to think it doubtful

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if Louis Phi- lippe will pay his intended visit to Queen Victoria; " It cannot be dis- sembled that the affair of Tahiti has rendered this voyage sufficiently problematical."


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Grenada, Sth July 1844. SIR —The recent proceedings of the British Parliament have caused conster- nation and dismay throughout the whole of...

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Letters from Constantinople confirm the report that Dr. Wolff was

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forcibly detained at Bokhara. " The Khan has declared that he shall asot be set at liberty till after his return from Khokao, against which country he has undertaken an...

Advices from Athens of the 30th state, that in consequence

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of the political excitement in Greece on the subject of the elections and the anticipated change of Ministry, a great number of ships of war, of all nations, were assembled at...

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (at the recommendation, it is said,

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of Lord De Grey) has appointed Mr. Kelly, a Roman Catholic gentle- man, to be Stipendiary Magistrate of Galway county. Though not a Repealer, Mr. Kelly is described as mostly...

It is announced, we see, in our advertising columns, that

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the sub- scription for a "national testimonial" to Mr. Rowland Hill is to close early next month. We believe that the sum subscribed is large, but that it is still not what it...

The infant daughter of the Prince De Joinville was christened

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at five o'clock on Wednesday evening, by the name of Franeoise-Marie- Amelie. The Morning Post contradicts a previous report, that the Grand Dutchess Alexandra Nicolaewna of...

A son of the celebrated Mozart has just died at

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Vienna, of cancer itt the stomach. It will be learned with regret that the mother of the late Mr. Banim, the Irish novelist, is in reduced circumstances, in consequence of the...

The accounts received in town today from Windsor Castle are

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in the usual strain—the Queen and the infant Prince were going on most favourably. This is the Dutchess of Kent's birthday : her Royal Highness com- pletes her fifty-eighth year.

Orders have been received at Chatham to embark, on the

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31st instant, a reinforcement of troops for India, consisting of 357 privates and nine officers. This embarkation is expected to be the last for this year that will be sent to...

In the Times this morning appears a letter signed "

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Walter Brodie," in which the writer shows that the dispute between England and France about Tahiti is not so completely onesided as many imagine : he testi- fies to a well-known...


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STOCK Exenavor, FRIDAY AITERNOOK. Notwithstanding the numerous reports of a warlike nature which have been in circulation during the week, the Money-market has been well...

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THE PAST SESSION OF PARLIAMENT. FEw sessions have been marked by so much irritation as that of 1844, few have created so much disappointment ; yet Ministers boast that it has...


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Corrado d'Aitamura, performed at Her Majesty's Theatre for the first time on Saturday night, is a work so excellent in parts, as to occasion some regret that it has not been...

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SECULARITY OF MISSIONS THE secularizing influence of property and organization

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for de- spatch of business is not confined to Established Churches. The purest Voluntary Church cannot escape it ; the Missions to the Heathen bear witness to its influence....


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IT is perhaps premature to be singing requiems over this sturdy chief as if his political existence had closed. The French tele- graph may have been fibbing—such things have...

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THE opposition to the alteration of the Sugar-duties, as unpre- ceded by efficient measures for securing a supply of labour to the West Indies, is usually regarded as emanating...


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WHEN you want to know the truth about men, ask themselves. Governor FITZROY of New Zealand, we would infer, fully appreciates this maxim, if we are truly informed that he has...


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THE English Court is quite the rage at present : never was any- thing on earth so attractive since Prince Agib overturned the talis- man which made the mountain whereon it stood...

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Tritest& Itinilblea in Germany and Italy, in 1840, 1892, and 1843. By Mrs. Shelley. In two volumes Miscar.csnscus trrEttArtnur, Historic Fancies. By the Hon. George Sydney...

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THIS volume is rather an imitation of "Young BEN" than an emanation from "Young England" ; unless Young England delights more in phrases than facts, and aspires after a dreamy...

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THIS novel is a considerable improvement on the author's last pro- duction, The Grave-Digger, and in some respects is equal to his first fiction, The Scottish Heiress, although...

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IF everything else were blotted out of life but the " trade-list " of books, it would be a sufficient record of the marvellous popularity of SHAKESPEARE; not merely from the...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From August 9th to August 15th. BOOKS.

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Eothen, or Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East. Christian Faith and Practice. Parochial Sermons, by the Reverend J. GARRETT, Prebendary of Chichester, and Professor of...

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THE perfection that lithography has attained renders it at once the most available and popular medium for artists to employ in multiplying their drawings ; and every season adds...


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DRAWING OF THE PICTURE-LOTTERIES. THE drawing of the Art-Union prizes having taken place, it is gene- rally supposed that this and other picture-lotteries have been legalized...


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Tux production of a new medal by WYON now excites as much atten- tion in the world of art as the appearance of a bust by CHANTREY used to do ; though until the fame of the...

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TURNER'S fine picture of The Old Tendraire Towed to her last Destina- tion, will be fresh in the memory of many who may have but vague re- collections of other paintings of this...


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BIRTHS. On the 4th August, at Hanover, the Lady of the Rev. CHARLES Anus Wmatrsoze, Domestic Chapiniu to his Majesty, of a daughter. On the 6th, at Inverleith House,...


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Tuesday, Aug. 13. PARTNERSHIPS DIssOLVED. Smith and Seyb, Clapton Square, schoolmistresses-Edelsten and Williams, Light- pool Mills. Gloucestershire, pin-mauulactuiers ; as...


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AsRivxo-At Gravesend, 14th Aug. Hoogley. Bayley ; and Larpent, Lovewell, from Beugal ; and London, Gibson, from Port Phillip. In the Downs. 14th, Senator; Varty, from Batavia ;...

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CURRENT. BRITISH Tuesday. Prices.) Wanes. Thurs. Friday., FUNDS. (Closing Saturday Monday 3 per Cent. Consols 99 98k 991 991 981 913# Ditto for Account 3 per Cents....