17 AUGUST 1850

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Out of doors, the recess opens with some stir. The

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harvest is threatened by the damp cloudy weather, in all the Three King. doms ; the potatoes are diseased very generally ; and in Ireland blight is said to have appeared in the...

been included in the integrity of the English Monarchy in

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King William the Fourth's time. But whether the Prussian interna- tional arguments be valid or not, the utmost doubt is thrown upon the case in which so strong an element of the...


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PAnmurnrr is dismissed, after a few brief sittings this week to wind up the last stages of the measures remaining on hand. As it 'was, some business had been set down in the...

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Vtliattonu routings iu Varltamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Bonn or LORDS. Monday, August 12. Medical Charities Bill, read a second time, and withdrawn—Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland) Bill, read a third...

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A very large meeting of Mr. Charles Pearson's late constituents in Lambeth assembled at the Horns Tavern on Monday, to hear a farewell address from their late representative....

Tax Duke of Cambridge, Count de Mensdorff-Pouilly, and Count Al-

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phonse de Mensdorff-Pouilly, were visitors at Osborne before the return of her Majesty to town. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the Princess Helena, and the two Counts de...

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fke Tirnuiartz.

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• At a public meeting in Bakewell, last vreek, Mr. Paxton gave some in- teresting explanations of the construction of his design of a building for • the Show of Industry and...

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furtigu an Colonial.

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Fasarca.—President Louis Napoleon set out on his second tour in pur- suit of popularity, on Monday morning. The accounts of his progress are at present but meagre ; it may be...


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An official communication was received on Tuesday, stating that it was not the intention of her Majesty to accompany Prince Albert at the ceremony of laying the foundation-stone...


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The proceedings of the Tenant-right Conference terminated on Friday morning, with a public meeting to initiate the formation of a Tenant- right League ; at which some strenuous...

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The officers to be attached to the Board of Trade as assistants for carry- ing out the provisions of the Mercantile Marine Bill are Captain F. W. Bewley, RN., F.R.S., and...

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On Tuesday next, as at present arranged, her Majesty £ind.

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Prince Albert will take a cruise in the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert to Bel- gium, making for the port of Ostend. His Majesty the King of the Belgians will dine on board the...

Most of our readers will remember her Majesty's late gracious

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nomination of Mr. Robert Hunt, the eldest brother of Mr. Leigh Hunt, to the brother- hood of the Charterhouse ; in which noble foundation he was safely domi- ciled the beginning...

A correspondent of the Times this morning furnishes to that

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journal an abstract of the testamentary dispositions made by Sir Robert Peel. They consist of a will dated the 8th March 1842, extending over more than sheets of brief-paper,...


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Last night's Gazette notifies that the Queen has been pleased

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to ordain a special statute of the Order of the Bath for authorizing the admission into the Military Divisions of the Second and Third Classes of that Order "such officers of...

Electric despatches anticipatory of the Indian and North American mails

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appear in a third edition of the Morning Chronicle. Those of the Indian mail, coming through Berlin, state that the export-duties on sugars and rums are abolished throughout...


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STOCK ERCILANGZ, FRIDAY APTIRSOOD. The English Stock Market has been heavy since Monday, and at one time . today the price of Consols was I per cent below our last quotations;...

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The Adelphi company have signalized their sojourn at the Hayinarket

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by the production of a very indifferent Adelphi extravaganza. A silly story of a jealous husband is loosely connected with a supposed removal of the hippopotamus to the...

t4r trairro.

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The lady -whose expected appearance at Her Majesty's Theatre in the characters of Norma and Donna Anna we mentioned last week, has per- formed those characters; and, though it...


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I. TEE TIME. Both Houses assembled on 'Thursday the 31st January, and were pro- rogued on Thursday the 15th August The periods which mark the progress of the session occurred...

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WORK DONE THIS YEAR IN PARLIAMENT. Oraonrustrrv is the opprobrium of Incapacity; a fact which may explain why Ministers have gone through the easiest session on record with...

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To the House of Commons the resolution to suppress the evidence taken by the Ceylon Committee is the crowning disgrace of the ses- sion. The papers presented to the House last...


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TICE curse of Ireland is, that she can never hear from native lips the voice of truth simple and unadulterated; it is ever disguised by a moral brogue. The Irish have got at the...

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THE great building which is to receive the Exposition of 1.851 gra- dually appears to view, in the description of the designer, Mr. Pax- ton. One can already see it rising up...


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• IdES. JAMESON'S LEGENDS OF THE MONASTIC • ORDERS. * A PHILOSOPHICAL account of the lives of.the Saints, or a hiatory . of the Monastic Orders; has yet to be written, and...

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THE TWO BROTHERS. * .TBZES novel is a. translation from the

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German. In addition. to intrinsic merit of a certain kind, it is attractive for the freshness of its characters and manners, with enough of general resemblance to those of...

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De. Wee - Linen is Assistant Surgeon to the Second Life Guards, and Mr. Maclaren appears to have been Surgeon to the Union of Plympton St. Mary, Devonshire. In each position...

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Booxs. Books of mark still continue to appear. Mr. Sonia, known for various philological works, and an able and ingenious essay on Primeval His- tory,* has now completed one...

staple, On the 10th Angust,.at Gopsall, the Countess Howe, of

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a son. On the 11th, at Kingstanduig. Staffordshire; the, Hon. Mrs. O. H. H ollaed, of a son. 1 On the 12th, in Gordon Square, Eady Romilly, of a son. . On the 14th, at Exton...


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WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 16.-2d Regt. of Drag. Guards.—Lient. J. C. Jones to be Capt. by purchase, vice Ibbetson, who retires; Cornet J. Clements to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Jones...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 6 p. Ct. — Massachusetts (Sterling). ..5 p. Ct Belgian 4 i - 90i Mexican 5 Ditto 21 -...


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Tuesday, August 13. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - Whitehead and Bramwell, Denton, Kent, coal-mer- chants-Brumwell and Peck, East Tilbury 'Wharf, Essex, coal-merchants-Roberts and...