17 DECEMBER 1831

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THE new Reform Bill was introduced to the House of Commons on Monday, and read a first time. The debate on the second reading began last night, and will be finished before the...

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Marshal SOULT and the Duke of ORLEANS returned to Paris

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on Monday. They left Lyons peaceable, if not peaceful. The Cham- ber of Commerce of that city has addressed a memorial to Govern- ment, praying for the restoration of the 1, 1 ,...

Ms Dutch Majesty has at length submitted his ultimatum to

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the Allied Powers. He objects decidedly to that part of the treaty by which LEOPOLD will have a right to the navigation of the Dutch canals, as opposed to all the laws of...

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1. THE REFORM BILL. The new Bill was introduced to the House of Commons on Monday. The House and Galleries were quite crowded, but the muster of strangers outside was by no...

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WINTER comes on, yet the aspect of London lacks the wonted cheer- fulness of winter. There is much distress, we apprehend, among all who buy and sell for a livelihood. Whoever...

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THE King remains at Brighton ; where he takes his drives, and amuses himself in his select circle, with perhaps more freedom from care and more zest than any king of England of...

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Mr. Corder, the Vestry Clerk of St. Paul's, Covent Garden,

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has addressed a letter to the Morning Papers, in which, by an induction of facts, he clearly proves that the body which led to the discovery and conviction of Bishop and...


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This man, along with his alleged abettor, Anne Kennett, was tried at Lewes on Wednesday. The particulars of the murder of his wife were so minutely detailed at the time of its...

Cbc Catuttrn.

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THE aspect of the country, so far as its politics are concerned, is tranquil. Almost all the counties have now met and expressed their continued attachment to the Bill. Essex,...

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OF 011r Irish brethren we may say, with Puff in the CM/a, give them a good thing, tiny never know when they have enough of it. We noticed sonic time ago the institution, or...


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The Edinburgh Anti-Reform petition has, it seems, procured 1,628 signatures. The Reform petition contained very nearly twenty times as many names. The Tories of Perthshire are...

ARSON.—A man named Burford was tried at Lewes on Tuesday,

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charged with setting fire to a barn at Guestling OT1 the 23rd August last. Mary Catt, in whose cottage Burford lodged, swore that Bur- ford had got her steel and tinder-box the...

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BIRTHS. On the 12th inst. at Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, the Lady of Sir THOMAS FRAN: CTS'FRENIANYLE, Bart. M.P. et a son. At St. Hillier, Jersey. the Lady of J, DE...

small Light.

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The Duke of Wellington is considerably better. The Marquis of Hastings, the Earl of Chesterfield, the R a il of 'Wilton, Earl Digby, the Earl of Denbigh, Lord Alva:110y and...

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CAPTAIN WILLIAM KING, was appointed to command the Packets at Falmouth in April 1823, nearly nine years ago,—a situation worth, at least, 1,2001. a year. Why are not other...

QUALIFICATIONS 'Or COMMON COUNCILMEN.—A by-law was pro- posed to the

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acseptance of the Common Council, at its meeting yester- day, which went to render inciigiblc . tothe :office of Common Council- man, any matt who had been convicted of using...

The Dutch papers which arrived this morning, state that the

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King of Holland has communicated to the Chambers his determination not to negotiate a treaty of peace with Belgium, on the terms laid down by the Conference. He states that he...


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SINCE our last report, the cholera at Sunderland seems to have abated its virulence,—whether from the state of the weather, or whether the disease, which since its commencement...

GENERAL REGISTRY BILL.—Our excellent correspondent, who has favoured us with

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a long letter on this subject, will perceive that the dis- cussion on the Bill is postponed until the 25th January. We shall be- fore that time make use of his favour; or, if we...

The .Moniteur of Wednesday contains two ordinances dated so far

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back as the 1st instant, which arrange the distribution of authority be- tween the civil and military authorities of Algiers. The appointment of Savary as military governor is...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two o'CLoott. The House of Commons met this day soon after 12 o'clock, but the debate on the Reform Bill had not been resumed up to half-past one....

Our pages are this day printed throughout wills a new

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type, cast expressly for the SPECTA- TOR by Mr. CLOWES, rf Stamford Street, and the Messrs. WILSON, of Glasgow. ending the 31st instant. No charge will be made for this...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. Consols left off on Saturday at 03 if, and Exchequer Bills at 7s. and Ss. prem. Con- • siderable excitement was produced on Tuesday by the...


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THE OLD BILL AND THE NEW BILL. ON the morning after Lord JOHN RUSSELL'S development of the old Reform Bill, the Times exclaimed, " Pass it, pass it!" and a few days later, the...


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The Bounty, Hall, from Bengal to Liverpool, has put into the Mauritius for repairs. The Protector, Buttenshaw, for Bombay, has put back to Cork, after having reached the...

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SIR ROBERT PEEL, in a speech on Monday, delivered with good emphasis, and very loudly applauded by his friends, took credit to himself for all the differences which exist...


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ON Monday, Mr. Hiram moved for certain returns connected with the office of Clerks of the Roads in Dublin, in reference to the distribution of newspapers there ; and on...

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THE Directors of the Ancient Concert have made their election, and Mr. W. KNVVETT is appointed to succeed Mr. GREATOREX in the office of Conductor. Of Mr. KisyvEris fitness for...


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ONE of the most extraordinary propositions that was ever made in any assembly, was this week broached in the House of Commons. It was suggested, that we should exchange the...


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Miss SHIRREFF appeared on Thursday in Polly, and with the success we anticipated. The native beauty of the airs in the Beg- gar's Opera can only be effectively given by singers...

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Newton Forster is as pleasant a production as we would wish to read. Its ingredients are life, and truth, and character. We may say of this fiction, that it is all true ; and...


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Adventures on the Columbia River, including the Narrative of a Residence among various Tribes of Indians, hitherto unknown. Together with a Journey across the American...

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Tins is a work of fiction of a peculiar kind—at least at the pre- sent day : they who remember the novels of HoLcRoFr, and others of his time, will not be at a loss for a...

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MR. WAKEFIELD having thoroughly alarmed the citizens, and made them aware of the awfulness of their situation—placed as they are with thieves on the outside of their houses, and...

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1. The History of the Civil Wars of Ireland, by Mr. W. C. TAYLOR, of Trinity College, forms a portion of " Constable's Mis- cellany (No. 73.)" The first volume alone has made...

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At the second meeting for the season of the City

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of London Artists 'and Amateurs Conversazione, at the London Coffeehouse, Ludgate Hill, on Thursday evening, we had the gratification of looking over the pencil sketches made in...


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December 15, 1531.-.1. W. Lunnocx, Esq. Treasurer, in the Chair. Philip Hard- wick, Esq. and H. It. Palmer, Esq., were admitted Fellows of the Society. Sir. Bar- row gave...

Mr. HAYDON'S pictin-e of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand is

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ad- vancing fast towards completion. It is to be raffled for in the spring. Among the list of subscribers is the name of the illustrious GOETHE. " Genius is of no, ountry."


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THERE are no new Printstthis ,reek; but a Panorama of Florence, by Mr. Bunroan, is worth -a whole folio of araphic novelties. It is a lovely scene, and beautitilly painted. The...

The recent distribution of Medals by the Royal Academy, forms

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the principal topic of conversation. The award of the gold medal to Mr. Al`LisE, for the best painting, is universally approved; but those of the gold medal for the best group...


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G. and W. S. TITISTLETON, Liverpool-BURDETT and Evans, Lutterworth, surgeons- G. and J. NontN, Liverpool, flour-dealers-STEWART and IIEmixowav, Liverpool, wine-...


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OXFORD. Lord Grenville, as Chancellor of the University of Oxford, has nominated the Rev, E. Cardwell. B.D. late Fellow of Brazennose, and Camden Professor of Ancient His-...

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pr Currrnt.

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PUBLIC Satur. FUNDS. Tuesday. S24 4 5314 314 894 Thurs. Friday. Jlondap. 824 3 83 1 4- 824 i It 821 1 S3,4 i 898 S24 5314 311 '891 1 , 821 334 2 . 894 shut 004 k...