17 FEBRUARY 1967

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Mr W and Mr K

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p ARTLY because this country has been undergoing one of its periodic bouts of self-delusion, two quite separate issues have been confused this week. One is the Vietnam war, and...

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McNamara's Prayer

The Spectator

Dear Lord, Oh how we wish that there were peace In Israel, Yemen, Vietnam and Greece And, as you say, it would be nicer still If only everyone would cease to kill And sing with...

How Tough is the Government?

The Spectator

POLITICAL COMMENTARY By ALAN WATKINS T HE Government, someone said this week, is now trying to determine how many general councillors of the Trades Union Congress can dance on...

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LBJ's Other Wars

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AMERICA From MURRAY KEMPTON NEW YORK 'Ms your State Department and not mine.'— President Johnson to Senator Kennedy. tr HE President's interview with Senator Ken- nedy after...

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City Page Battle

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THE PRESS By DONALD McLACHLAN I F you are a graduate with fair maths and fair economics, with a normal competence in prose joined to an abnormal curiosity about money, willing...

India Votes

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From CHANCHAL SARKAR NEW DELHI T HIS week's general election in India under- lines the fact that the Congress party, after twenty years of unchallenged rule, has arterial...

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Where the Real Weakness Lies

The Spectator

A TRACT FOR THE TORIES-- 1 By NIGEL LAWSON "THERE can be little doubt that the most re- 1 markable political phenomenon at the present time is the continuing ascendancy and...

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God, DNA, and the Sheep

The Spectator

MEDICINE TODAY By JOHN ROWAN WILSON Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found thee! Ah, I know at last the secret of it all! Cto sing, these days, the molecular...

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A Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

Fria one and only thing to emerge clearly 1 from the Commons debate on the brain drain this week was that even the elementary statistics on the subject are lacking. It is, of...

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Old Sporting Prints

The Spectator

TELEVISION By STUART HOOD T MERE is a bad old tradition in television that all you require for a sports programme is a personable presenter and some lengths of film. The...

How to Choose an Architect

The Spectator

CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO THE PROFESSIONS-8 By MICHAEL MANSER T HERE is no excuse for landing yourself with a dud architect. Unlike the other professions,. whose mistakes, after the...


The Spectator

February 16, 1867 Mr. Walpole has declined to bring in a Cab Act, but a Bill for regulating traffic incidentally abolishes the sixpence for the first mile. If it passes, no...

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Civil War in Chelsea

The Spectator

PLANNING By GUY TOPHAM W HEN the Greater London Council rejected a plan to redevelop ten acres of Chelsea last week they brought a lull to what had become an unusually piquant...

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Open the Cage

The Spectator

AFTERTHOUGHT IDLY turning on the wire- less just before lunch on Sunday in order to stimu- late the canaries. I found myself listening, with a faint thrill of nostalgia...

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S 411' topping the Rot SIR,—Mr Samson, in his unpleasantly de haul

The Spectator

en bas reply to Mrs Dougal (February 10), ignores at least one step the authorities might take to reduce the de- leterious effect of sweets on children's teeth—pro- hibit the...

Resistance Movement

The Spectator

SIR,—John Rowan Wilson (February 3) claims that infectious drug resistance happens with special fre- quency when antibiotics are fed to pigs and cattle. Does he really believe...

Farmers and Europe SIR,—Mr David Summers (Letters, February 3) mis-

The Spectator

understands and therefore misrepresents the NFU's attitude on the Common Market. Our attitude is not one of 'niggling opposition.' In the introduction to our booklet British...

The Great Shakespeare Hoax

The Spectator

SIR,—After reading Martin Seymour-Smith on 'The Great Shakespeare Hoax' (February 10), I lay down, gently, on my couch and inflicted upon myself a whole hour of ruthless...

How to Choose Your Stockbroker

The Spectator

SIR,—Your stockbroker contributor, in his article 'How to Choose Your Stockbroker' (January 27), says that there are no female members of any United Kingdom stock exchange. In...

The Threat to Independence

The Spectator

EA2 n.E DIME From: Harry Broadbent, John Peel, MP, James Reedy, Mrs Charles Davy, Jamshed Vakeel, J. C. Maxwell, John R. Walton, Mrs Stephanie West, A. 0. Speirs. Sia,—One...

Side Effect SIR,—Mr Cole (Letters, February 10) does less than

The Spectator

justice to a famous line of Menander (frg. Ill) when he treats it as an inverted cliché: that the sense of 'those whom the gods love die young' is what it is generally supposed...

The Case for Mr Crossman

The Spectator

SIR,—Alan Watkins (`The Case for Mr Crossman,' February 10) has missed the point. Consolidated Fund Bills are Government business and they are im- portant because unless they...

SIR,—Since anti-Stratfordians are notorious for pounc- ing on the slightest

The Spectator

mis-statement on the part of their opponents, it is a pity that Mr Seymour-Smith, in the course of his analysis of the latest Marlowe non- sense, has one sentence that is not...

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Needle Work

The Spectator

RECORDS P IERKE BOLA I I's Wozzeck for CBS label, with the Paris Opera orchestra and chorus and a cast headed by the admired Walter Berry, from Vienna, is the third recording to...

Losey's Hand in Pinter's Glove

The Spectator

CINEMA By PENELOPE HOUSTON on the edge of full admission to the Losey sup- porters' club. Intellectual control and nervous extremism have been Losey's trade marks: a rare,...

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Venerable Bedeski

The Spectator

ART. By ROY STRONG Make your way with eyes semi-closed past dreary twentieth-century books, photos and watercolours and open them again near the sign that informatively reads...

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The Sources of Anti-Semitism

The Spectator

By HUGH TREVOR-ROPER 'Via destruction of the European Jews by I . Hitler was not the calculated extermination of human beings, ordered and carried out in cold blood. It could...

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Discordant Note

The Spectator

The Hard and Bitter Peace. By G. F. Hudson. (Pall Mall Press, 40s.) Berlin '45: The Grey City. By Richard Brett- Smith. (Macmillan, 30s.) IN the present atmosphere of...


The Spectator

Too many forests now— A graveyard Of summer green Or autumn Forested with flames, And new acres planted every year— A graveyard Ev en more in the silence of winter, And...

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Scots and English

The Spectator

The Oxford Book of Scottish Verse. Chosen by John MacQueen and Tom Scott. (0.U.P., 45s.) The Frog Prince and other poems. By Stevie Smith. (Longmans, 30s.) Fresh Water, Sea...

Paperback Communism

The Spectator

PROBABLY no one can appreciate the effect of the 'paperback revolution' better than the person Who is engaged, like myself, in teaching univer- sity students. This applies...

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The Highsmith Jewel

The Spectator

Brown Lord of the Mountain. By Walter Macken. (Macmillan, 25s.) The Sacred Malady. By Anthony Campbell. (Chatto and Windus, 25s.) The Gates of the Forest. By Elie Wiesel....

It's a Crime

The Spectator

The Julian Symons Omnibus (Collins, 21s.) is excellent value for a guinea. Three of Mr Symons's best novels, The 31st of February, a psychological advertising-agency crime...

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A New Plan for Savings?

The Spectator

UHE ECOI\ yAir E By NICHOLAS DAVENPORT T ONG ago in the 'thirties I used to be en- couraged by Keynes to attack the financial establishment in the City for its sheer economic...

Teilhard the Geologist

The Spectator

CAN the quests of religion and science be recon- ciled? Is it possible for a Jesuit priest to combine independence of thought with an iron fidelity to his Order? These were...

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Mr K's Bargain

The Spectator

By JOHN BULL A - r one point last Monday morning it looked as if Mr Kosygin was going to crown his visit to this country by becoming, of all things, the darling of Throgmorton...

Market Notes

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By CUSTOS T HE gilt-edged market soon recovered from the setback caused by the £60 million twin- issue GLC stock by tender-£20 million at 6+ per cent dated 1977 and 140 million...

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Milk Teeth

The Spectator

CONSUMING INTEREST By LESLIE ADRIAN A STORM in a feeding bottle has just been .successfully corked up by the Monopolies Commission, with only one or two voices raised in...

Nothing to DecJare laILMPD

The Spectator

By STRIX S HAKEN though it occasionally is by gusts of ineffectual indignation, our parish council is a stolid sort of body which does its best to be constructive. In theory, I...

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ACROSS 'A king sate on the rocky brow Which looks o'er sea-born--' (Byron) (7) 5 Like a sore-headed guardsman? (7) 9 Rain's very good for producing wild outcries (7) to...

CHESS by Philidor

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No. 322 F. Kan.n.Eiti (1907; reprinted in Problemin, January 1967) wiirrE to play and mate in five moves; solution next week. Solution to No. 321 (Dunaujvarosi): Q - Kt 4,...


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ACROSS.—! Stolid 4 Black- ing 9 Meekly to Reminder 12 Tangents 13 Tissue 15 Aida i6 Breadfruit 1_9 Mis- cellany 20 Adam 23 Remove 25 Vertical 27 Infernal 28 Strarttell 29...