17 JUNE 1854

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I tions which might have provoked difference of opinion, confined himself-to the war, and used his best tact to fall in with the feeling and spirit of the hour. It is the...

No official statement has yet appeared as to the result

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of the conference between the Emperor of Austria and the King of Prus- sia at Teschen ; but certain partial statements, and the events that have been publicly transacted,...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE OF Loans. Monday, June 12. Exchequer Bonds (6,000.0001.) Bill read a second time—The New Secretary of State; Lord Ellenborough's...

The Government of the - United States has taken a course

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which at the first blush appears to be inconsistent with itself. A pro- clamation is issued against a " filibustering " invasion of Cuba ; and at the same time it is understood...

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Qui= Vic-roars opened the Crystal Palace at Sydenham on Saturday. For that purpose the Royal party drove from Buckingham Palace at two o'clock, in eight carriages and four; and...


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The Guildhall was filled on Wednesday, by the electors and others, who were there to return Lord John Russell to Parliament. The appear- ance of Mr. Urquhart on the platform led...

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11, Kossuth addressed a meeting at Nottingham on Monday. It was held in the Market-place ; where a platform was erected, and a large rude map of Poland displayed, divided into...

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Mr. Gladstone's bill for submitting the estimates of the charges for col- lecting the revenue to the House of Commons appears to have roused the antagonism of the Irish. The...

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FRANCE.—It has been determined to organize a fifth division for the Army of the East ; to be commanded by General Charles le Valliant, with General de la Motto Rouge and General...

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The latest news from the Baltic describes Admiral Napier as " off Sweaborg," with nine screw-ships of the line. The Pigmy had been sur- veying and sounding close up to...


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The Ascot Heath races have not been so brilliant as usual this year. Wet weather on Tuesday quite damped the opening. Two horses only started for the Queen's Gold Vase (which,...

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Some intelligence of the latest doings on the Danube and

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in the Baltic is supplied by the telegraph. Some intelligence of the latest doings on the Danube and in the Baltic is supplied by the telegraph. "Berlin, Friday, June 16. "On...

The Parliament of 1852 has been twice tested on the

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question of the ballot. On the 14th June 1853, Mr. Henry Berkeley asked leave to in- troduce his bill, and was refused by 232 to 172; hostile majority, 60. On Tuesday last, the...


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SATURDAY. The melancholy intelligence reached town yesterday, that the Europa transport, a splendid sailing-ship, having on board a detachment of the Sixth Dragoons, bad been...

Under the auspices of the Queen, a splendid Bazaar will

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be held on the 27th instant, at Gore House, Kensington, to celebrate the opening of the East wing of the Consumption Hospital at Brompton. Mr. Layard has undertaken to deliver...

The Queen and the Royal Family arrived at Buckingham Palace

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this afternoon from Windsor. The Gazette of last night notifies that the ports of Russia in the Baltic are under strict blockade. It also announces, that the Queen has...


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STOCK EXCHANOZ, FRIDAY Arrismoox. Government Securities continue to wear an unsettled ap pea rance, although the changes this week have been comparatively trifling. Consols for...

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It is not to the Theatre Francais that we should naturally look up for the fantastic in dramatic literature. However, ht. E. Plouvier has pro- vided that classic establishment...

Criers farewell performances have been interrupted by illness. She WA

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unable to appear in Luerezia Borgia on Thursday ; and the Huguenots, in which she was to have appeared this evening, has been postponed. "There's matter in't" when Griai pleads...

Mozart's Entfiihrung aus dem &rail has been produced by the

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German company at Drury Lane. The Seraglio will always be an object of in- terest to the amateur, but will not, now-a-days, be generally popular. It is constructed after too...

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The only novelty of the week is a close version of La Joie fait Pew, brought out at the Lyceum, with the pretty title Sunshine through the Clouds. The general praise to be...

The French operatic company at St. James's have performed La

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Pro- mise, by Clapisson ; a piece which was brought out at the Theatre Lyrique a few months ago. It is performed here exactly as at the Thea- tre Lyrique, every character having...

The third concert of the Royal Academy of Music, on

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Tuesday, fur- nished several creditable specimens of talent among the young performers. Miss Lyne, a King's Scholar, and pupil of Mr. Putter, played Sterndale Bennett's fine...


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THE COMMONS. OIPMED Univamirry Enz.-Committee resumed ; Monday, June 19. (Lord JOHN RUSSELL.) STAMP-DUTIES BILL-Committee; Monday, June 19. MISCELLANEOUS Ewer/Liras -Resumed...

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THE CABINET CHANGES. THE Ministerial changes have undoubtedly weakened the Go- vernment to a considerable degree, if only by the general uneasiness which they have caused. If...

SPIRIT OF THE NEW WAR THE war has scarcely commenced

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and yet we have some earnest of the adventure which it promises, as we have of the achieve- ments that may be added to the list made by our fatheris; and at the same time we...

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PememENT, we have before observed, can resolve anything ; and its resolutions sometimes have unexpected results. This session, it was "resolved" that the newspaper-stamp shall...


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THOMAS DuNcolinn has a knack of taking up half-formed conc lusions which float about the House of Commons and putting them into a practical shape which makes them capable of a...

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Saturday more than fulfilled the promise of its morning. There was more crushing at the railway-station, (if that is an advantage,) . a more densely-packed crowd in the glass...

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BARON VON HANTHAIISEN'S TRANSCATTCA.SIA. * 'NESE travels in the Russian provinces South of the Cauoasian ra nge possess a twofold source of interest. The object of the author...

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" instruction " and "education" has been more broadly marked of late years than it was formerly, yet it would be well if the broad difference were still more sepa- rated than it...

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COLLINS'S HIDE AND SEEN. * WrrxrE Comars succeeds better in fiction

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with the distant than the near. No one in an historical subject selects low or common life for a theme; probably because the Muse of History has not troubled herself about any...

BARTER'S HOMER. * Mn. BARTER, who wisely gives no indication by

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which he may be distinguished from others of his name, if haply such there be, has done what he calls translating Homer's Iliad into what he ' by a like audacious use of words,...

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Boons. A History of India under the two first Sovereigns of the House of Tai- slur, Bdber and Hunuiyun. By William Erskine, Esq., Translator of "Memoirs of the Emperor Baber."...

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The lovers of the arts of war and of peace will equally find something to suit their several tastes in a collection of arms and armour from the Royal Armoury at Windsor, which...

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SIR JAMES CARNEGIE'S " GIORGIONE." Last week we started an inquiry as to the authenticity of a remarkable picture now exhibited at the British Institution. The owner, Sir James...


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A bust of the eminent American by Mr. J. C. King, commissioned by Lord Ashburnham, has been on view this week at Messrs. Graves's. Web- ster's face, though not free from a...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, June 13.-Royal Regiment of Artillery-I. T. Cochrane, Gent, to be Vet.-Surg. WAR - OPPICE, June 16.-7th Regt. of Foot-Lieut. J. Mac Henry, from the 11th Foot,...


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On the 6th April, at Bangalore, the Wife of S. Lawrence Cox, Req., Surgeon, Madras Horse Artillery, of a son. On the 2d June, at Wollaton Hall, Notts, the Wife of J. R. S....


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[From the Official Return.] Ten Weeks Week of 1844-'53. of 1654. Symotk Menem Tubercular Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 2,039 306...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 5 p. Ct. — Mexican 8p.Ct. Belgian 41 - — Mississippi 5 - Ditto 21 - — New York 5 -...


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Tuesday, June 13. PARzwiniscrins Dissocvzo.-Mosley and Co. Leeds, tobacco-manufacturers - Earl and Woodgate, Mary Street, Hampstead Road, carpenters-Richardson and Blood-...