18 NOVEMBER 1871

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Mr. Winterbothatn's speech was very honorific to the Ministry which

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he has joined. "lie thought the praise due to the present Ministry might be spoken not unfitly by him, be- cause whatever praise it deserved, he had no share in it from having...

The compilers of bulletins from Versailles have been amusing themselves

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all the week with contradictory telegrams about the monetary crisis. The Bank is and is not to double its capital ; is and is not to issue small notes ; is and is not to exceed...

The latest rumour from France is that on the opening

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of the next Session in December, M. Thiers will propose that the Re- public shall be definitively proclaimed, and a written constitution adopted with himself as head of the...


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T HE Lord Chief Justice (Sir A. Cockburn) has, says the Times of Monday, sent the Prime Minister " a protest" against the appointment of Sir R. Collier to the Privy Council by...

Mr. Fortescue then went on to speak of Irish disaffection,

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and to insist that in resisting the repeal of the Union, we must give the Irish no excuse for saying that we do not consult the wishes of Irishmen as to Irish legislation....

Count Beust, in a farewell speech to his friends, admits

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that he was dismissed and quitted his great post unwillingly, and a tele- gram of Thursday affirms that there is great difficulty in keeping the new Ministry together. There is...

The Colston Anniversary speeches came off at Bristol on Monday,

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Mr. Chichester Fortescue and Mr. Wiuterbotham both speaking at the dinner of the Anchor Society (the Liberal Society). After giving a very flourishing account of British trade,...

4 * The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript in any

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The Court-martial on the Captain of the Magma ended on

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Friday—too late for more extended notice—in a verdict of acquittal. No ono, we imagine, doubted the result of the trial,. which was, in fact, only ordered in obedience to a...

The Emperor of Germany has been replying to the remonstrances

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of the Catholic Bishops who have complained to him of the in- fraction of certain contracts between the Church and the State and especially of what has been done at Braunsberg,...

The Irish event of the week has been the acquittal

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of Kelly, the man tried for murdering Talbot, the police-constable and spy. The jury, seven of whom were Protestants, were unanimous, and Ireland has been deluged with moral...

The evidence given this week in the Tichborne case has

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been, on the whole, slightly favourable to the claimant. That is to say, certain witnesses, among whom is one of undoubted character, the Rev. Father Meyrick, formerly of...

The escape of Kelly did not render the Chief Justice

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more- lenient to Mr. Pigott, the proprietor of the Irishman, which paper- contained between the murder and the trial articles which were- intended to show that the assassination...

Mr. Isaac Butt, the new M.P. for Limerick, and the

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pillar of the Home-Rule party, made on Tuesday a clever and elaborate speech at a meeting at Glasgow, composed chiefly, we suppose, of Irishmen, in defence of the repeal of the...

Mr. Scott Russell has addressed a letter to the two

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bodies between which he has so long been "the missing link," beginning "14 Lords, Gentlemen, and Fellow-Workmen," and tracing back the psychological history of his own attempt...

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The American papers allege that Brigham Young is in con-

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nerilment in South Utah, fearing arrest on a charge of murder. He has, they Bay, made a proposal to President Grant to prohibit polygamy in future, which he can only do by...

We publish elsewhere an interesting and important, though very one-sided

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letter from Birmingham, by the Rev. J. Jenkyn Brown, on the operations of the Endowed Schools' Commission, in which he gives statistics of the proportional number of...

Consols were on Friday 981 to 94

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Mr. pisraeli hae been elected Lord Rector of Glasgow Uni-

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versity by a considerable majority over Mr. Ruskin. He was at the head of the poll in each of the four "nations," having in all 610 votes against Mr. Ruskin's 476, and winning...

Some Welshmen, and among them Mr. Osborne Morgan, Mem- ber

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for Denbighshire, are very anxious that a judge acquainted with Welsh should be appointed to the County Courts of the Mid- \Vales Circuit, and memorialized the Lord Chancellor....

At the Metropolitan School Board on Wednesday, Mrs. Anderson made

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an interesting speech in moving for a sub-committee on the sanitary arrangements to be made for the new schools. She said that the children of the poor, so far from being less...

Lord Nelson on Friday ee'nnight made a speech to his

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Hamp- shire tenantry of considerable interest, His lordship evidently believes that the position of an agricultural labourer might be im- proved, and accepts the plan we have so...

Mr. Lowe has endeavoured to explain to some electors of

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Green- wich, through a memorandum written for Mr. Gladstone, why the 1\1int cannot bind itself to coin all the silver sent to it. He says if it (lid, the persons bringing silver...

The Licensing reformers of Liverpool have agreed to support a

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Bill retaining the justices as the licensing authority, but allowing the ratepayers to veto now licences, selling new licences by public tender, shortening the hours of...

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THE ATMOSPHERIC DISCONTENT. T HERE is just now an element in both the Continental and Home politics which we regard with some anxiety,—we mean a certain disproportionate...

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T HE next great difficulty before M. Thiers is to make his authority and that of the Republic definitive, instead of provisional. The latter form was convenient enough for the...

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M R. ISAAC BUTT and Mr. Chichester Forteseue do not merely differ as to the remedy for "Irish turbulence." They differ apparently as to its immediate causes, but it is worth...

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IF any one wants reasons for distrusting the stories of Tory I. reaction in the provinces, let him read the speeches made at the Conservative Meeting at Bristol on Monday last....

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*_dows, daughters, and feeble folk generally who want t .s make the best of sums seldom exceeding a thousand pounds, and ranging in an extraordinary number of cases from £200 to...

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S IR CHARLES DILKE'S speech at Newcastle opens up a number of very curious questions, some of the deepest,. some of a comparatively superficial nature. There is probably no...

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p ROFESSOR FIUXLEY'S attack' on the Ultramontanes in the Metropolitan School Board tke other day, his able advocacy of Locke's doctrine that it may' be right to interfere with...

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THE ENDOWED SCHOOLS' C0A1MrSSI0NERS AND THE NONCONFORMISTS. - rTo TII5 EDITOR Or TUN "SPBOTATOR.1 SK11,—Your correspondent " Alpha " has entirely mistaken the purport of the...

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[TO TRH EDITOR OF THEI SPEOTATOR1 SIR,—I congratulate the Endowed

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Schools' Commissioners on having found a gentleman courageous enough to defend their pro- ceedings, He seems to me "born out of due time," and comes rather to embalm the dead...

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[TO TIM EDITOR. OF THR SPROTATOR.1 Sin,—As in your issue of the 9th September last the writer of the article entitled "The Religious Future of India " brings against me a most...


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Sr,—Will you allow me to say a few words with reference to Mr. Martineau's address and the recent strictures upon it ? The two lines of argument appear to me quite distinct,...


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[TO THR EDITOR OF THN "SPECTAT0R:1 SIR,—You ask in your last number whether " any one can seriously doubt that Groyfriars Bobby has rejoined the master he loved so faithfully...

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[TO THIll Enrroa OF run sintenaroa.1 Sirt,—In your issue of the 11th inst., on page 13,54, our names are introduced in connection with the Persian Famine, and the pare- graph...


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DR. DRAPER'S AMERICAN CIVIL WA.Re'k DESPITE the fact that he takes his reader back to the most remote. epochs of geological development, Dr. Draper has written the beat and...

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A PUALANSTERY in the depths of rural East Anglia ; the young and beautiful Lady of a Suffolk manor deserting her natural social allies in order to welcome to her hearth and home...

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IT is to be hoped that Professor Max Muller is proof against night- mares, or that if he is not, the inevitable "some damn'd good- natured friend or another" will not show him...

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We should be sorry indeed to believe that there would be any appropriateness in publishing an English edition of this American book. It describes the treatment of the insane in...

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Bibliotheca Classico. The Iliad of Homer, with English Notes. By F.. A. Paley, M.A. Vol. II. (Whittaker ; Bell.)—In a very interesting preface to this volume Mr. Paley returns...


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IT is possible that some of our readers may not know where " The Lows" is, or knowing generally that it is the northernmost of the Hebrides, may be surprised to find what a...

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Dens Hollow. By Mrs. Henry Wood. 3 vole. (Bentley.)—De Quinces ,

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teatime on some occasion the strange fatality which doomed to a prema- ture death anyone who happened to hold any office or other possession which it was convenient for the poet...

Moorland and Stream, with Notes aid Prose Idyls on Shooting

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and Trout-fishing. By W. Barry. (Tinsley.)--The love of field sports is so Inborn in Englishmen, that even to those who seldom or never handle gun or rod a good book of hunting...

NEW EDITIOIS.—Sir Thomas Watson publishoe a fifth edition, revised and

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enlarged, and brought up to the present state of medical knowledge, of Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Physic. 2 vols. (Longman.) —The lectures were originally...

The Daily Life of Ow. Farm. By the Rev, W.

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Holt Mover. (Brad- bury and Evans.)—This i3 a pleasant, gossiping book, containing ex- tracts from a diary which extends over about five years, and in which the author, a...