19 FEBRUARY 1848

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The plot thickens in Paris; and the chief hope that

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the litigants may not rush into a dangerous crisis lies in the evident failure of personal resolution in the leading men on either side. The stand- ard of contest is raised in...


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PARLIAMENT has been in full career this week, in both Houses. Sir William Somerville has introduced a bill to improve the re- lation of landlord and tenant in Ireland; which it...

In selecting Dr. John Bird Sumner for the Archbishopric of

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Canterbury, Lord John Russell has not retrograded, but has gone forward in the same direction as before. Dr. Sumner, now Bishop of Chester, is a sound divine, an active Bishop,...

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If the present aspect of affairs can be trusted, the

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political pro- gress of Italy has made immense strides within the last week or two. The King of Naples has yielded to the wish of the Sicilians, and granted to them the...

The modern Agnes Sorel of Bavaria has been expelled from

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the states of King Louis, under the compulsion of a popular tumult. The whole affair is one of those dramatic scenes that appear to happen in real life, occasionally, as if to...

Debates anti larotetaings In Varlfament.

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Ianin LANDLORD AND TENANT LAW. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Sir WILLIAM SOMERVILLE moved for leave to bring in a bill for the amendment of the law of landlord and...

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Vat eourt.

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THE Queen held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Monday. The official notification of the death of the late King of Denmark was presented by Count Reventlow, who also presented...

Int Metropolis.

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The supporters of the London Fever Hospital held their annual meeting , on Friday evening, at Freemasons Tavern, under the presidency of th e Earl of Devon. It was stated that...

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The Lord-Lieutenant has announced to the Secretary of the Belfast Flax Improvement Society, that Government has made a grant of 1,0001. in aid of its funds. Lord Clarendon has...

tbt ljrobiutes.

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At Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, Mr. John Whitehall Dod was returned without opposition as Member for Western Shropshire. Mr. Ludlow Bruges has announced to his constituents his...

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gartign anb Grolonfal.

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FitearcE.—The division on Friday on M. Desmousseaux de Givre's amendment, which omitted the words "passions aveugles et ennemis," gave Ministers, in a House of 413 members, a...

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The Chester Courant announces that the Right Reverend John Bird

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Sumner, Bishop of Chester, is appointed to succeed the late Dr. Howley as Archbishop of Canterbury. "This promotion of the pious and learned Dr. Sumner to the Primacy will be...

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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, last night, the Premier made the financial statement; the House, on the motion of Sir CHAREX8 WOOD, Chancellor of the Exchequer, having...

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The Queen, Prince Albert, and the children, together with the

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Datchess of Saxe-Coburg, left Buckingham Palace yesterday, for Claremont. The Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Count Mensdorff went down to Woking, on shunting excursion. The Gazette of...

The proposed Reform banquet in Paris is now fixed for

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Tuesday. It is ex- pected that the majority of the National Guard of Paris will sympathize with the queters. The Government is taking very serious precautions. Orders have been...

Letters from Rome of the 8th, which appear, in the

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Tuscan journals, say that the greatest excitement prevailed in that capital in consequence of the news of the military preparations in Lombardy and Piedmont. On the morning of...


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" The season before Easter" commences this evening; that is, Her Ma- jesty's Theatre opens—with Verdi's Ernani and a new ballet. From a hearing at the last full rehearsal of the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. In the course of yesterday, all doubt as to the financial course to be adopted by the Government was dissipated by the appearance of a notice...


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Aaarven,At Gravesend, 11th Feb. Lady Renneway, M'Leod, from Bombay ; 13th, Ratcliff, Gilbert. from China ; and E. Russell, Jeffries, fromBingapore ; 14th, Fortitude. Wilson,...

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A very pretty vaidavillei called Rose et Marguerite, has been

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produced at the St. Jarnes's.ftheiniirof two sisters marries a paisionate lover, the other a man of hnsineissformer finds she has gained a doubtful prize, the latter is in...

The Queen seems determined to avoid the reproach that she

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iwdisin- elined to patronize the drama, and the Court Circular abounds with records of RoYal visits. Nor cloth She limit herself to any particular class of en- tertainment. The...


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IMPORTANT NEWS FROM CANADA. Tins week's news from Canada Las attracted scarcely any at- . tention. It is very important nevertheless ; and we are much mistaken if coming events...

Mr. Brooke draws crowds to the Olympic; but we fear

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that, while the cheers of the multitude are as obstreperous as ever, he is not advancing in the opinion of the cognoscenti. The sarcasm of Gloster in Cibber's Richard the Third...


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TO THE EDITOR 05' VIE SPECTATOR. SIR—The evidence in the Great Yarmouth case proves that we shall have a similar exposition of corruption to that exhibited in the Sudbury...


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These ancient groves and solitudes among Lately a bright celestial Being strayed; A brief retreat from out the admiring throng, He sought and found beneath their leafy shade....

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A STUDIED ignorance and a discriminating confusion of ideas are resorted to by the Anti-Defence party : with a perversity not unintentional, they persist in confounding the...


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TEE Army and Navy Estimates, which have just appeared, pos- sess a greater interest than usual, from the proposals that have been brought forward to put the defences of the...

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THE House of Commons hath a quart= ague in matters of art, now burning with a fever of .lavishness, now shivering in the cramps of parsimony. At prevent it is in the rigour of a...


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rOLITICAL ECONOMY, Plea for Peasant Proprietors : with the Outlines of a Plan for their Establishment in Ireland. By William Thomas Thornton, Author of " Over-Population and...

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THE only translation of this work heretofore presented to the English public was so inconceivably wretched, that the announcement of a new one by so accomplished a scholar and...

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WANT of capital in proportion to the trade attempted to be carried on was a main cause of the failures of 1847, and the deficient novel interest of 77a Changeling originates in...


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CONTAINS an account of one of the various excursions the author has made beyond Denmark ; and this, chosen for translation by Mr. Beck- with, appears to have been the most...

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BOOKS. Rambles in the Romantic Regions of the Hartz Mountains, Saxon Swifter- land, 4-e. By H. C. Andersen. From the original Danish, with the An- thor's sanction, by Charles...

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ADMIRALTY, Feb. 14.-The following promotion has this day taken place, consequent upon the death of Rear-Admiral the Hon. J. W. King-Capt. V. F. Hatton to be Rear- Admiral of the...


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Tuesday, Feb. 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Sharpies and Mayall, Oldham, cotton-spinners-Forrest and Co. Blackburn, cotton. spinners-Hughes and Lancaster, Shad Thames,...


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On the 10th February, at Neville House, Brighton, the Lady of Alexander Donovan, 'Hem., of Framtleld Placer, Sussex, of a daughter. . On the 12th, In Eaton Square, Lady...

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BRITISH FUN Is 8. (Closing Prices.) &gent Vonday. Tusalesi Woines. Th u rs. Friday. I per Cent Consols Ditto tor Account 6 8 4 891 99 65 091 8 1391 891 1 6 1 :1 3 per...