19 JANUARY 1850

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ECCENTRICITY seems to mark the political discussion of the recess . as it runs to its dregs : the aristocratic agitators are becoming vul- gar, the working men philosophically...

In France, the position of the President and his Government

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is becoming very complicated ; and the complication is not diminished by the pretensions which are set up on his behalf. These appear in the NapoMon, a journal edited by M....

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The Spanish Parliament is undergoing a financial crisis, which in

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any other country would lead to a Ministerial if not to a national crisis; and even Madrid is not yet " out of the wood." The Fi- nance Minister has produced his budget, and has...

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The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress gave a dinner at the Mansion- house, on Tueaday, to about seventy guests, including two of the City Members, Lord John Russell and Mr....

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THE Queen and Prince Albert have driven daily to Frogmore, sometimes taking their elder children ; and Prince Albert has enjoyed his favourite diversion of skating on the...

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At the meeting held by the Protectionists of East Retford, on Satur- day, Lord Henry Bentinck, on being called to the chair, withheld his unqualified assent to the assertion,...

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The Irish Protectionist movement has received additional checks. The counties of Meath and Wexford are to be added to those who, when sum- moned to consider remedies for the...


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The expenditure of the City of Edinburgh parochial board in out-deor relief has, in consequence of the present greater demand for labour and the cheapness of food, been fully...

futtigu nut( eniniaL- FRANcE.—The Legislative Assembly commenced on Monday the

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gene- ral debate on the organic bill concerning public instruction. The debate, which still goes on, has not been marked by speeches generally interest- ing, so much as...

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Parliament met formally in the House of Lords on Tuesday, to be fur- ther prorogued till the 31st. The House of Peers was represented by the Lords Commissioners only—the Lord...

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SATURDAY. The Russian Government having advertised through Messrs. Baring for a loan of 5,500,0001. to complete the railway between St. Petersburg and Moscow, Mr. Cobden...

We have reason to believe that in the House of

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Lords the Earl of Ewes will propose, and Lord Methuen second, the Address in reply to the Queen's Speech.—Times. The Queen has contributed 1,000/. and Prince Albert 5001....

Anticipatory despatches of the India mail arrived in town this

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after- noon, with news from Bombay to the 17th of December. The interesting points are few. Another plot had been found out at Lahore—fomented by the fugitive Ranee : the young...

Gentlemen who make a business of going about and talking

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for the Whig Government, are very active just now in spreading two reports which precisely contradict each other. Both relate to the Colonial ques- tions now so rife. The first...

The morning papers report the commencement of the preceedings at

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"the great" Protectionist meeting of noblemen, proprietors, and tenants, in the Dublin Rotunda, on Thursday. The Marquis of Downshire was in the chair; the Marquis of Westmeath,...

Caversham Park House, the seat of Mr. William Crawshay, the

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irnn- master, was totally destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. A letter written on behalf of Mr. Henry Walsh, of Dublin, to Messrs. Fielden Brothers at Liverpool, confirms...


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We have received a number of ingenious communications on the proper computa- tion of the Century : now as that is a matter almost self-evident, unless it is under- stood at a...

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We are told, but have a difficulty in believin g , that

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the Governor of New Zealand has appointed as Judge in the Scotch settlement of Ota g o, a person who was dis g racefully struck off the rolls of the court in which he practised...

Drury Lane, distin g uished by no novelty behind the lamps, still

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main- tains the novelty before the lamps of a full house. The pantomime and the low prices are doubtless the g reat elements of attraction, For his second coup d'essai this...

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The last production of Buekstone is one of the least felicitous that has issued from his pen. The subject, Leap-Year, with the concomitant notion that at that period ladies may...


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Mom Baena:con, FRIDAY Arrmucooir. After the close of business on Saturday, it became known that the Bank Directors had raised the rate of interest upon loans on the security of...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Leaeow Castk, 8th January 1850. Sui—It would ill become me to discuss withyou those points on which it appears we differ in the question of...


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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Sin—I feel assured you will afford me an opportunity of attempting to de- monstrate to you and your readers, that the Private Money Drainage Act...

The classical concerts given by Mr. Willy once a fortnight,

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at St. Mar- tin's Hall in Long Acre, are entertahunents of a high order. They con- sist chiefly of chamber instrumental compositions of the greatest masters, with a sprinkling...


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TO THE EDITOR. OP THE SPECTATOR. Sin—I have read with much satisfaction your excellent articles on cheap i capital for agriculturists . I believe that you and your...

The Madrigal Society continues to enjoy a green old age.

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On Thurs- day, its hundred-and-ninth anniversary meeting was held in Freemasons' Hall. There was a large attendance, and many of the old familiar faces —surviving lovers of the...

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1.1:LIN, COLONIAL OASIS. IN the howling wilderness of our Colonial Empire there is one bright and happy spot ; an oasis of good government, pros- perity, and satisfaction, in...

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THE revolution of March 1848 has wrought extensive and per- manent changes in Germany. The territorial divisions and the political institutions of all the states remain...

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Tim third letter addressed by Mr. Wikoff, the American, to the Paris journal La Preen, deals in a sort of historical resume of French internal changes, from an early period ;...


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The sanatory reforms which are requisite for rendering London, or any other large city, a place of healthful abode, may be divided into two classes : those which must be...

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Scam progress has been made in the formation of a Commercial Debt Insurance Company. The practicability of the scheme rests upon the improved state of debtor and creditor law,...


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strange that a library of music and musical literature should have remained a desideratum in London to this very year ; not so strange, perhaps, considering our usage and...

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DYER'S LIFE OF CALVIN. * AL/moues Calvin was a scholar of considerable learning and a theologian of rigorous logic, his literary merit would hardly have rendered him famous ;...

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PETER1tANN AND MILNER'S PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. * THE difference between a great

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original genius and the useful but inferior class of improvers, inventors, imitators, and what not, really lies in comprehension : it is the largeness, the wholeness, the one...

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SAYNT LEGER. * THAT class of rhetorical and metaphysical fiction -which

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takes the form of fragmentary autobiogra ph y, was at one time fashion- able from its novelty, and perhaps from the facility which it seemed to offer to writers. It is true that...

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Booxs. The third week of the new year preserves the characteristics of its prede- cessors,—an influx of numerous books of the nature of reprints, though still with something of...

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WAIt-OMCE, Jan. 18.-2d Regt. of Life Guards-E. H. Howard, Gent. - to be Cornet and Sub-Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Hamilton, promoted. 1st Guards-Sir T. Greeley, Bart. to be...


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Tuesday, January 16. PARTNERSUITS DISSOLVED.-Pike and Lyme, Hammersmith, tailors-T. and J. Inkersole, Matching, Essex, farmers-Ralph and Co. Bolton, cotton-spinners- Booth and...


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On the 7th January, at Trafalgar House, Wiltshire, the Countess Nelson, of a daughter. On the 9th, at Beeston Hall, Lady Preston, of a daughter. On the 10th, at Hariewood...


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Ai:miasma% Jan. 14.-The following promotions have this day taken place cease. quent on the death of Admiral of the Blue A. W. Schomberg Vice-Admiral of the Bed J. Carthew to be...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. Than Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 971 ex d. 961 961 961 Ditto for Account 971 ex d. 961 961 961 964 961...