19 JULY 2003

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M iss Patricia Hewitt, the Secretary of State for Trade and

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Industry, said the government would build thousands of offshore wind turbines to supply up to a sixth of homes with electricity by 2010; the sites are in the Thames estuary. the...

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Iraqi common sense

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-. e all know what we think. w Week in, week out, we hear what the British view of the war in Iraq is, and the polls tell us that we are becoming ever more sceptical. We know...

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A n eagerly anticipated lunch-date with our sainted proprietor's wife. A

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Ia page as always, Barbara wanted to try the restaurant above Mourad Mazouz's blindingly chic nightclub Sketch in Conduit Street. The Lecture Room notoriously costs about a...

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Proper Tories will have reason to mourn the departure of Tony Blair

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c shall miss him when he is gone. It has become the fashion, both at Westminster and in what used to be known as Fleet Street. to assume that Tony Blair has entered the twilight...

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The QUESting VOU I t is not often you hear those

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few, magical little words: 'I had that Lord Irvine of Lairg in the back of me cab, once.' But such was the experience the other day of a friend of the Vole, as he eased himself...

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The voice of

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Baghdad Peter Kellner analyses the first systematic opinion poll of Iraq, and finds a population full of anxiety — but also convinced that war has made their future brighter...

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W e just want to ask people a few questions,' we

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said, innocently clutching our pollster's clipboards. The GI didn't know whether to laugh or give us a slap. 'You're out of your heads. Don't even think of leaving the Palestine...

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Elf warning

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Philip Delves Broughton on the threats against Eva Joly, the judge investigating the French oil giant Paris D uring the past ten years. 34 out of the 128 Cabinet ministers to...

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My secret garden

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John Laughland on the joy of chard and the energising effect of the broad beans he grows in his allotment I t was those trips to the Balkans that started it. As we hard-core...

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No flies on Bush

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Mark Steyn says the President's anti-terrorist strategy is working, and that he is all but certain to be re-elected New Hampshire H ow do you feel about uranium from Niger? I...

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Mind your language

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On one of those discussion programmes, not about books but about buying books, Marietta Frostrup has just said, 'We shall be discussing that momentarily.' If only that had been...

Railtrack's show trial

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Alasdair Palmer says the charges against Railtrack's Gerald Corbett are the cynical prelude to a law on corporate killing T he families of the four people who were killed in...

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Power to the regions

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From Mr Torn Langdon-Davies Sir: Leo McKinstry ('Regions of the damned', 12 July) has an excellent way with anti-government invective. But let's get real, Leo. Toryism of the...

From Mr Lawrie Brownlee Sir: Leo McKinstry's article on regionalisation

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is welcome, and essential to keep the public informed on this pernicious additional layer of bureaucracy. Everyone on the Continent understands that regionalisation is part of...

Naive and greedy

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From Mr Michael Lawden Sir: Thanks to Rachel Royce for her article on the Hearts pyramid scam (`Girls just want to have funds', 12 July). I've always admired the profound...

Councils cause road rage

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From Mr James Fletcher Sir: Andrew Gimson's article (Let's hear it for traffic wardens', 5 July) seems to say that traffic wardens are nice people who are rightly showing sinful...

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Safety lights

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From Captain L.H. Nigel Sir: Celia Haddon (Letters, 12 July) recalls returning home through streets without street lights under the Tory government of Edward Heath. If today she...

Adapting Larkin

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From Mr Geoff Weston Sir: Simon Hoggart, in his review of Love and Death in Hull (Television, 12 July), describes as the best line in the film Larkin's remark 'Depression is to...

Fuelling the future

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From Mr Tom Foulkes Sir: In his article 'Whistling in the dark' (5 July) Simon Nixon fails to mention one vital point made in the Institution of Civil Engineers' State of the...

Our funding is 'transparent'

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From Dr Michael Jubb Sir: Peter Williams (Arts, 28 June) is clearly unhappy with the way research in UK higher education in general is funded, but his characterisation of the...

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Sharp verbal swords and glittering literary prizes

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L ast week I attended the award of the Catherine Pakenham Memorial Prize for young women journalists under the age of 25. It took place in the garden — formal, angular,...

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Who is the 16th least influential person in Britain?

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T . he Daily Mirror this week put us all in its debt by publishing a list of the 100 least influential people in Britain. Many of us are tired of those lists of the 100...

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Mr Rusbridger has no more right to be cross

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than any other middle-class malefactor L ast week the Press Complaints Commission delivered two judgments which, taken together, seem highly perplexing. It exonerated the News...

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The Treasury gives up on candle—ends and becomes a Roman candle

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1 could hardly believe it. The Treasury has a water feature. Well , it isn't a pool or a lake or a fountain or even a Jacuzzi, so what else can it be? Two of them, in fact,...

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Courtiers and communists

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Philip Mansel STALIN: THE COURT OF THE RED TSAR by Simon Sebag Montefiore Weidenfeld & Nicholson, £25.00, pp. 693 ISBN 1842127268 C ourts can be a tool for understanding the...

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For the union dead

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Grey Gowrie COLLECTED POEMS by Robert Lowell, edited by Frank Bidart and David Gewanter Faber and Faber, £40.00, pp. 1,186 ISBN 0571163408 cw hen I die,' Robert Lowell told...

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From one hustler to another

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Toby Young THINLY DISGUISED AUTOBIOGRAPHY by James Delingpole Picador, £10.99, pp. 476 ISBN 0330493361 D ear James. Thanks for sending me a copy of your ... what shall we...

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More respected than admired

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Christopher Woodward JOSHUA REYNOLDS by Ian McIntyre Penguin/Allen Lane, £30, pp. 608 ISBN 0713993294 A t the Italian seaside last week I flicked through the hotel's copy of a...

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The horror!

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The horror! Matthew Leeming THE ZANZIBAR CHEST. A MEMOIR OF LOVE AND WAR by Aidan Hartley HarperCollins, £20.00. pp. 449 ISBN 0002570599 I have to declare an interest. In the...

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A one-man Dad's army

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Harry Mount THE OUTCASTS' OUTCAST. A BIOGRAPHY OF LORD LONGFORD by Peter Stanford Sutton Publishing, £20.00, pp. 512 ISBN 0750932481 1 t isn't g ood manners for somebody to...

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Captain Yossarian rides again

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David Caute CATCH AS CATCH CAN by Joseph Heller Scribner, 110.99, pp. 333 ISBN 0743239784 CLOSING TIME by Joseph Heller Scribner, £7.99, pp. 464 ISBN 0743239806 F ortune...

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'Never let the truth get in the way .. . '

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Mark Glazebrook went to Slovenia to look at Damien Hirst's first exhibition of drawings N ot very many 'Brit , . as Slovenes tend to call us, know the northern part of former...

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Pastoral musings

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Andrew Lamb irth Ian Hamilton Finlay: Idylls and Interventions Victoria Miro Gallery; 16 Wharf Road, London Ni until 2 August T he artist Ian Hamilton Finlay (born 1925) is a...

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Emotionally damaged

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Mark Steyn Hulk 124, selected cinemas Q n the cover of the first issue of The Incredible Hulk 40 years ago, the question was posed: 'Is He Man Or Monster — Or Is He Both?'...

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Classics with spliff

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Charles Spencer Tn 1971, my public school, Charterhouse, lwas a weird mixture of Goodbye Mr Chips and San Francisco during the Summer of Love. Boys still dressed up as soldiers...

Master of debate

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Toby Young Jumpers Lyttelton Power Cottesloe The Rat Pack Smend roamers, a revival of the Tom Stoppard J play at the National, is really awfully good. It's the sort of...

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Garrulous Strauss

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Michael Tanner Die schweigsame Frau Garsington L'Arlesiana Holland Park D ie schweigsame Frau is one of Richard Strauss's harmless later operas, agreeable in that it has no...

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Tricks of the trade

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Michael Vestey A spiring MPs — as well as their prospective constituents — should listen to a weekly four-part series on Radio Four, Brandreth Rules, part of the consistently...

Novel approach

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J ames Delingpole I feel a bit bad mentioning my novel again so soon after last week's uber plug, but being as the programme I'm reviewing is about novels I'm not sure I can...

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Moments of truth

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Daniel Harman B ritish opposition to the corrida stems, in large measure, from an 18th-century mistranslation. The rendering of 'corrida de taros' as 'bullfight' — rather than...

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Halcyon days

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TaId St Tropez M y father died on 14 July, 1989, in an obvious if somewhat self-defeating gesture against the 200-year celebration of the French Revolution. I always think of...

Torquay trauma

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Jeremy Clarke W hen I got back from Pamplona I hadn't slept in a bed or washed my hair for a week. There was a red stain around my neck where my sweat had mixed with the dye in...

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More than heaven

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Aidan Hartley Mount Kenya, at altitude A mong my many defects is the inability ever to be satisfied. We have two children and I want more. I have 29 cattle and I want a lot...

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Roman research

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Petronella Wyatt T he Italians are an easy-going lot as a rule. Except when it comes to domestic matters. I do not refer to politics, of course, but to matters pertaining to...

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The enemy of talent hiLiSIOERSON

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To be anybody today, it seems, talent is not enough. Sometimes it doesn't have to be apparent at all. Celebrity is the thing, which means wearing the trappings of 'popular...

Q. Havingjust sold a flat, I have some spare cash

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which I wish to put to good use for my family. My grandson George recently had a nasty operation on his knee, and my daughter was, at the time, not quite sure how much the...

Q. The other day I uncharacteristically turned on the Richard

The Spectator

and Judy show. There I saw an extremely handsome farmer, glorying, along with Richard and Judy, about the aesthetic impact on the Worcestershire countryside of his striped rows...

Q. We have been going to Cornwall every summer since

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the children were born. This year my daughter is 15 and wants to join the other teenagers staying up all night on the beach at Daymer Bay. I do not want to cramp her style but I...