19 OCTOBER 1850

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- Of public events,-in this flattest of seasons, the most

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prominent has been the meeting of the Financial and Parliamentary Reform Association ; and quietists are delighted to cry that it also was flat to the last degree. Doubtless, it...

But public affairs shrink into commonplaces compared to the startling7manifestations

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of criminal violence. The journals of the week teem with every sort of murderous and burglarious Cahn's; and the lame towns do not enjoy a greater immunity than se- questered...


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QUEEN Vienna& has returned to ' ,Osboine Without permitting the people of Edinburgh to enjoy the full lustre of the royal presence ; for the Queen and Prince Consort only passed...

The Elector of Hesse-Cassel has come to a stand, and

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wavers. Rumours of his having abdicated probably shadow forth a turn which his counsels had recently taken, but they seem to be at least p remature; for instead of changing...

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Oz. afttropolio.

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The formal assemblage of Parliament on the day to which it was pro- rogued at the end of the session took place on Tuesday, and the Houses were reprorogued by Commission. Only...

t4t Cwt.

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No incident hoe varied the first week of the Queen's return to Osborne. The Royal retirement has had strictness imposed upon it by the sorrowful news received last week from...

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Or Puritan.

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At the Quarter-Sessions for the Eastern Division of Sussex, held at Lewes on Monday, it was unanimously resolved, on account of the in- crease of burglaries in that district, to...

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inrtigu nub CnInuint.

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Falecce.—Early in the week, the chief topic of the Paris newspapers was the proceedings of the Permanent Committee of the Assembly in re- ference to the Imperialist cries raised...


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It is now positively asserted that Mr. Christian has accepted the office of Law Adviser a the Castle, which it was very generally believed that he had declined. Mr. C. S. Grey,...

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In the foreign correspondence of the Horning Herald of yesterday, as well as in one of the leading articles of that paper, it was stated that, in consequence of the recent death...

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_London, 12th October 1850. Sin—The ignorance or heedlessness of some of the constructers of engines and boilers is well shown by the bursting of the mudhole-door of the Erin's...

Mr. T. W. Booker, of Yelindra House, Glamorganshire, was yesterday

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elected, without opposition, to represent Herefordshire, in the room of the late Mr. Bailey.


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SATURDAY. Last night's Gazette notifies the Queen's command of a Court mourn- ing for her late Majesty the Queen of the Belgians—to commence on Sunday the 20th instant...

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Anticipatory despite.110 4pin, M4sei11è tiring to London the main features

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of the news by the Indian mail, which left Bombay on the 17th September, Calcutta on the 7th September, and Hongkong on the 24th August In the Pintjaub the people were showing...

The mail-steamer Franklin arrived at Southampton last night, with accounts

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extending the news from the United States to the 5th instant. The enforcement of the provisions of the Fugitive Slave 13111 was causing some remarkable social developments. "It...

The further examination of the four prisoners charged with the

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murder of the Reverend Mr. Holiest took place yesterday, before the Magistrates, in the House of Correction at Guildford : the proceedings were now public. The interest of the...

MONEY MARKET, Brocx Esc:us:me, FRIDAY APTIOL1100/1. The English Stock Market

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continued firm till yesterday ; when, in conse- quence of the continued decline in the French Funds, a slight decline occurred. Prices are better again this afternoon ; and the...

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The "Grand National Concerts" at Her Majesty's Theatre commenced on

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Tuesday evening, and go on nightly. Our musical readers are already aware of the plan of these entertainments, as described in the programme put forth by the Directors. That...

4rntrrg nu/( 311ngir.

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The reaction to the period of theatrical inactivity has commenced. The Haymarket has opened with its own company, and the Lyceum has opened likewise ; so that London has now...

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the ri g ht name for the misfortunes that befall travellers by railway: accident means an event which we do not foresee because the cause is unknown to us ; but the cause of...

T QIIV )70 A T AIM J jr.1 . a 11:41-fif ■1: r.

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144t, moll !) 4 .0 'wit iuil "TEE DiAldbaglinraltraireasier i f theaFriiiilzeorier? ? ffithei Ro g ent's Peal 0' tfriAlitilen g litativbittithily,m0 "tthwlitv' pool ; plate'...


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" OKB touch of nature makes the whole world kin " : there is not one amon g the millions who read of the mortal sufferin g s endured by Queen Louise of Bel g ium that will not...

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Loan STANLEY, importuned by Mr. George Frederick Young for a declaration of opinion, duly declares that he has not given up his opinion in favour of Protection,—which indeed...

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Tn:s forcing of the barrier which for three hundred years has de- fied and imperilled the commerce of the world seems now an event at hand. One half of the contract for the...


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1814 October 1850. Sin—The late railway accidents have recalled public attention, and yours in particular, to expedient; for diminishing their number. Allow me to suggest one,...


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A frEw cab question is mooted this week—that of back fares. After eight o'clock, the whole class of suburban travellers is ex- posed to that vexatious trap. You shall take a cab...

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INDIAN LAW ADMINIS TR A TioN. ' 15t5 October 1850.

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Sra—In a letter signed "A Civilian of the North-west Provinces," 'pub- lished in your paper of the 6th current, there is such an evident intention of distracting the mind of the...


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. - .1_ , !_e,eJ itiLEY's TRifwv - Qp ,. Tily, P4 7 P , AL fiTAPES- * 41 1 1,WIE4ifirved the -0 t#erifilfilti iliPEtTcr th4ePreinaen; Bud - events • there are always materials...

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THE DEVIL IN TURKEY. * STEFANOS %ENOS has written, or intends

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to write, three romanoes in modern Greek, to be translated into English, in order to present us with a true idea of Turkish and Grecian character and life. The first series of...

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ALISON'S ESSAYS. * Tire concluding volumes of Mr. Alison's rekeinted papers

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do not ; alter the opinion we expressed upon the lint volume. Besides their absolute faults,—such ai an unvarying stiltedness and infla- tion, with a partisan vehemence, and a...

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Wan-ornes, Oct. 15.-4th Light Drags.—Lieut. J. W. Wallington to be Capt. by purchase, vice Grant, who retires ; Cornet H. A. Sparke to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Wallington....


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On the 5th October, at Cheadle Rectory, Cheshire, the Wife of the Rev. C. J. Cummings, of a son. On the 8th, in Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Robinson, Wife of Hercules Robinson, Esq.,...


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_Memories of the Trebles in Scotland and in England, A.D. 1624- A.D. 1645. By John Spalding. In two volumes. Volume I. The South of Ireland in 1850; being the Journal of a Tour...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Indust. Thurs. 3 per Cent Consols 971 971 974 971 971 Ditto for Accoept 971 978 971 971 971 3 per Cents Reduced...


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Tue-sclam, ipatober 15. PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvez.-Boucher and' Corke, Bristol. maltsters-Iteid and Butcher, Red Lion Sqoare, arcbiteets-Traack and Coles, Warwiek Place; Warwick...