1 APRIL 1854

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WAR against Russia has been formally declared by the Queen in Council, and a Boyd Message to Parliament and the London Ga- zette have notified the fact to the whole world ; the...

It was not possible that the declaration of war could

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ostensibly hasten the merely preparatory movements towards active hostilities, North and South, since those preparations were already proceeding at a speed which can scarcely be...

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Amongst the proceedings in Parliament unconnected with the subject of

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war, the most conspicuous on account of the little Ministerial crisis attending it, has been the debate on Mr. Baines's Bill for amendinc , the la,w of Settlement and Removal....

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEER. ' House OF Loans. Monday, March 27. War with Russia; Royal Message. - Tuesday, March 28. Administration of Justice in Ireland ; Lord Clancarty's...

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The Mrmsionhouse banquet to her Majesty's Ministers, which annual- ly occurs at this season of the year, enjoys also its share of interest de- rived from the great events of the...

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THE QUEEN held a Court and Privy Council on Wednesday, at Buck- ingham Palace. At the Court, the Donna Anna of Portugal, great aunt of the King of Portugal, had an audience of...

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SCOTLAND. A meeting of the standing committee of the Scottish

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Episcopal Church Society was held in the Hopetoun Rooms on Tuesday last,—the Bishop of Edinburgh in the chair,—to confider the position in which the schools of that Church...

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The Liskearfl election on Thursday, termizatecl in the return of Mr. It. W. Grey, brother of election, Grey and private secretary to Lord Palmer- ston. There were two other...

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FBANCE.—Simultaneously with the proceedings in England, the cora- mencement of war was announced to the French Chambers. After the transaction of private business on Monday,...


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The Lord-Lieutenant presided at the annual distribution of prizes to the pupils of the Dublin School of Design, on Monday evening. The cholera seems to have generally abated...

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WAR movEmErrs

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The fleet under Sir Charles Napier entered the Great Belt on the 25th and arrived at Kiel on the 28th. Remaining there that night, they sailed next day for Kjoge Bay, near...


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The Queen has signified her intention to be present at the opening of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham ; which, according to existing arrange- -ments, will take place on the 24th...

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SATURDAY. The two Houses of Parliament last night, on the invitation of the Ministers of the Crown, took into consideration the Queen's Message an- nouncing the declaration of...

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At a meeting of the Convoqation of Oxford University, held

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yesterday, the Hebdomadal Board submitted a petition to Parliament, strongly ob- jecting to the Government Bill for the reform of the University, and praying for enabling...

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London streets were shaken last night by the frequent and

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headlong course of fire-en g ines ; no fewer than six fires happening within five home. The grand conflagration was that which destroyed the dancing and exhibition- hall at...

Files of Jamaica papers have reached us this morning, per

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Solent, with advices to the 7th March. The "bill for the better government of the island, and raising a revenue in support thereof," passed through the Howe of Assembly on the...

CO Chaim.

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The story of the jealous husband, who disposes of his rival by cement- ing the door of a closet in which he is concealed, is worked up with g reat power in a short drama...

The monthly accounts relating to Trade and Navigation issued today,

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state the declared value of the exports for the month ending March 5th at 7,502,912L; being an increase of 1,230,2631. over the corresponding month of last year. Upon two months...

From Paris, under date of this morning, comes this despatch.

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"A telegraphic message from Toulon of the 31st states that the troops were embarking, and that the squadron was on the eve of sailing. The wind was North-west, and the weather...


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STOCK EXCHAKOE, FRIDAY AYTERKOON. Since the arrival of the messenger from St. Petersburg with the Emperor's reply, the public have been prepared for an immediate declaration of...


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House of Commons. LEGISLATIVE DEFARTMEBT. Ministerial. . The week is blank as re g ards the introduction of any Ministerial Bill. Three Bills were read a second time. The...

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THE WAR PROCLAIMED. THE suspense of a twelvemonth is at last ended ; diplomacy has retired, and leaves the vindication of European law and order to righteous indignation...

.At the Adelphi, an attempt is made to satirize the

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Moustache Movement, in a farce named after the object of satire. - The - lash wielded is, however, not of the strongest ; and it requites Mitre exertion on the part of Mr. and...

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M. Victor ejour, author of that vety French version of itichard the Drird which made Parisians shudder and English visitors roar with laughter, has illustrated the proverb that...

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Benefit concerts are rarely possessed of musical interest. They are— or rather used to be, for they are now comparatively rare—a way adopted 'by professional musicians of...

The ethnologist, who delights in comparing the Peculiarities of different

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races, will learn from the performance of Some Chinese jugglers at Drury Lane ' that the Mongolian race indulges in much the same' displays of manual dexterity as that branch of...

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THE Gazette of Tuesday enjoys the unwonted pregminence of being unquestionably the most interesting and important publication of the week. The fact is significant of a condition...

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AT the commencement of a war which at present actively engages only the powers on the extreme West and the extreme East of Europe North and South, but which will most likely...


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Mn. BAINES has revoked the resignation of his office as President of the Poor-law Board, and has done well in revoking it. He had over-estimated the "slight," and the importance...

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A MOMENT has arrived in the course of the Preston dispute which seems to afford one more opportunity for restoring industrial and social order; and the duty appears to us to be...


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Jr is quite possible to convey emigrants, and of course any other persons, in large numbers, by sea, with less mortality than in other kinds of travelling, and in fact, with...

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THE BALTIC FLEET: COALS. London, 30th March 1854. Sue—Great things are expected by the public from the Baltic fleet : it is hoped that the marine steam-engine will shorten...


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How did Mr. Osborne find time to collect all those pleasant stories about conventual' wine-cellars—putative " cells " ? It was sup- posed that his voice was drowned in the...

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Bayswater, 29th March 1854. Sin—'The 'wild word-spinning of your correspondent E. A. F., running fan- tastically over two 'columns and a fragtnent of a column of your last...

THE IONIANS. 30th March 1854.

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Sin—In your paper of the 25th there was a very sensible letter signed E. A. F., a kind of apology for the revolt in Epirus. In the interest as shown by that letter for the...

InI8111tE1e IN AktHICA.

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.Dublin, 20th March 1884. Sin—Will you allow me to correct some errors into which you have fal- len in the bitter and I believe Very unjust article entitled ' Ireland in...


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Sin—A letter which appeared in your columns of last week with the Rig- nature of "An Officer of Customs" induces me again to address you upon this proposed reform. Your...

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t Front The Official Re(urn-1 Ten Weeks Wee@ 011044 '53. of 1864. Zymotle Diseases 2,087 .... OM Dro t sy, Cancer, end other diseases of ascertain or Variable seat, 457 .......

[For BOOKS, FINE, ARTS, and STATE PAPERS, see the accom-

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panying Supplement.]


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On the 24th November, at Wellington, New Zealand, the Wife of Lieutenant- Colonel WCIeverty, Deputy Quartermaster-General, of a daughter. On the 20th March, at Wllden Rectory,...

MILITARY GAZETTE. Wan-orrics, March 28.-2d Regt. of Life Guards-Lieut. E.

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F. Wingfield to be Capt. by purchase, vice Tottenham, who retires ; Comet and Sub.-Lieut. the Hon. C. S. B. Banbury to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Wingfield ; Cornet and...

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lititways- Bristol and Exeter Caledonian Edinburgh and Glasgow Eastern Counties Great Northern Great South. and West. Ireland Great Western Hull and Selby Lancashire and...


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Tuesday, March 28. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLYED.—Goocb and Spencer, Birmingham, jewellers-Vaugh- t:in Hole Brick Company, Birmingham ; as far as regards T. Colmore-Whyte and Co....

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London: Printed by Posses CLAYTON, of 320, in the Strata%

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Iowa Ciarrox, No. 10, Crane Court, In the Parish of St. DUD- In the West, in the City of London; and Published by the aforesaid...

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MILMAN'S HISTORY OF LATIN CHRISTIANITY. * THE object of Dean Milman in this work is to narrate the history of Latin that is of Papal Christianity till the time of Nicholas the...


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APRIL 1, 1854.

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THE BOATMAN OF THE BOSPHORUS. * IT is probable that the

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author of this fiction, if employed upon a home subject, would have produced a commonplace and imita- tive affair; for his story is of the wildest even for a novel of ad-...

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and a half ago, in reviewing Mr. Cayley's translation of Dante's Inferno into terra rima, we took occasion to express a decided preference for literal prose translations of...

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Arun visiting many parts of the Old and the New World in some capacity or other, Mr. Bonelli "gladly accepted the office of secre- tary to H. B. M. Chargé d'Affaires at the...

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Booxs. Laddk, Physical, Statistical, and Historical; with Notices of the Sur- rounding Countries. By Alexander Cunningham, Brevet Major, Bengal Engineers. Behind the Scenes :...

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A very remarkable collection is temporarily deposited at Marlborough House, where it will remain visible till the 10th instant. It consists of models in clay and wax, supposed...

flu ado.

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THE SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. Art in Suffolk Street is this year at its usual low level. Nothing at all important is there which can really be called good; a few nice little...


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SECOND NOTICE. The landscape section of this gallery brings us again, as usual, to the Williams family and the Williams pictures. The clever man who repeats one cleverness ad...

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An exhibition under this title, painted by Berlin artists, and representing various principal points in a tour through the Tyrol, Switzerland, and Italy, is opened at the Baker...

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Some further papers relating to the Eastern question were presented to Parliament on Tuesday. They continue the series of documents pre- sented at the opening of the session,...

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!Jr IltrInruttun uf War.

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(FRO31 THE SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE OF TUESDAY, 3IARCII 28.) DECLARATION. It is with deep regret that her Majesty announces the failure of her anxious and protracted...


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MARCH 28.) At a Court held on Wednesday, the Queen in Council, orders were issued for the conduct of the war. The first orders, "that general reprisals be granted against the...