1 JUNE 1839

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Tim Commons resumed business, on Monday, by electing Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE to be their Speaker. The issue of the contest was never doubtful ; for the Radical Members at once resolved...

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There are vague accounts of successes obtained by ESPARTERO against

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the Carlists in Biscay and Alava.

The once Whiggish Corporation of London have taken their revenge

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on Ministers for a series of affronts. A motion to address the : Queen on "the recent trying events" has been rejected in the Court of Common Council, by a majority of 121 to...

Debates anb liroteebings in Vatliameat,

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THE SPEAKERSHIP. The House of Commons reassembled on Monday, after the 111 tide recess. There was a very full attendance of Members. Th 'was brought in by the Sergeant -at-...

Accounts of the actual commencement of hostilities between the Porte

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and the Pacha of Egypt have been received. On the 5th of May, the European Consuls at Alexandria were informed by ME- HEMET Arm, that the Turkish army under Ihriz Pacha, twenty...

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Zbe Tom

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Tom Queen left Buckingham Palace on Monday, for Windsor Caga In the carriage with her Majesty, were the Dutehess of Kent and al'e Prince and Princess of Leiningen. The Queen's...

Great exertions were made by the Ministerial party in the

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Cifito procure a full attendance of members at the Court of Common Council, specially summoned, for Thursday, to address the Queen on her Wad to dismiss the Bedchamber-women....

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Meetings to address the Queen, in commendation of her Majesty's

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refusal to concede Sir Robert Peel's demands, have been held, since our last report, at Taunton, Devonport, Deal, Southampton, Colchester, Worcester, Winchester, 13everley,...

'Jit robincts.

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Ascot Races commenced on Tuesday. The Queen, with a splendid party from Windsor Castle, was present. The weather was very fine, and the sport excellent. The Ascot Derby Stakes...

8 The Court of Queen's Bench yesterday gave judgment in the

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case of tochd . ale versus Hansard. It was to this effect—that while Parliament Privileged in all that takes place within its walls, and can publish documents for the use of...

The simultaneous meetings of the Chartists have everywhere turned out

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a decided failure. Kersal Moor meeting was to have been attended by 500,000, and . was to lead to the most astounding - results : we have seen various accounts of the meeting,...

The inhabitants of the Ward of Cripplegate, with Sir Matthew

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Wood fortheirchairman,.adopted an address to the Queen on Tuesday. The citizens of Cripplegate "testified" that her Majesty had " nobly with- otood the despotic attempt of the...

A correspondent of the Morning Chronicle states, that the subscrip-

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tion•in London towards erecting a monument to the memory of Muir and Palmer amounts to 7001.; and that the fund with interest is in- vested, until about 300/. more is received,...

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An active canvass for the representation of Edinburgh is going on. At at meeting of about 150 Liberals, held on Thursday sennight at the Merchants' Hall, a letter from Mr....

At a Congregation held on Tuesday, at Cambridge, the following

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.grace was proposed to the Senate—" To petition the House of Com- -mons not to give their sanction and support to a plan of education which has been recently laid before them,...

A court-martial was held at the Marine Barracks, Chatham, last

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week, on a drummer named Dine, for disobedience of orders in having refused to carry his sword. The excuse was, that it was nail .ct his re- ligion to take up arms, he having...

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Tuesday's Gazette announces that Mr. Abercromby has been created Baron Dunfermline, of Dunfermline, in the county of Fife. Mr. G. S. Stafford Jerningham has been appointed...

The Tory papers allege that the Queen was not well

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received at Windsor. A correspondent of tine Morning Herald reports, that he stationed himself at the commencement of' the Long Walk, directly op- posite the principal entrance...

The Russian Grand Duke has sent 300/. to the Duke

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of Rutland as his subscription to the Wellington ,Memorial. The Marquis of Dalmatia, Soult's son, will probably succeed Count Sebastiani as .Ambassador from France to this...

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland closed its

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session en Monday. The reader is already acquainted. with the Assembly's decision on the point of law involved in the celebrated Auchterarder ease. The Glasgow Argus thinks that...

. At Dumfries, on the 23d, a meeting was held

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to address the Queen sm her "late noble and constitutional conduct, when placed in it situa- tion of the most trying difficulty." The Chartists mustered in force ; and Mr. Bell,...

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The clergymen of one of the chapels-of-ease belonging to the

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parish of St. Pancras, immediately after his sermon on Sunday, and before the concluding prayer, read, in the pulpit, a petition which, it seems, is in- tended to be presented...


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SaTutoav. The Earl of WiNeurn.se.s. last night undertook a duty which under ordinary circumstances would have been performed by the recognized leader of the Opposition. He put...

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The foreign intelligence this mor sing is unimportant. No confirma-

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tion of the reported commencement of hostilities between the Turks and Egyptians has been received.


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At Rathmines, the • .',dy or the lion. T. F. W. Ilurt,Ea, of in son and heir. - At Houton Sateliville. Ito 0.1 Lady o r a ` , Iitgliti•r. At Ilyile Park 11.1te, Ne.,5111 ton...

• Circulation £18,214,000 Deposits 7,P14,0100

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.C26,028,000 Securities l'23,543,000 5,119,000 1:2S, 6 92,000


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sTocm EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Notwithstanding the pressure for money, which 1ms during the week been my severe, the prices of the Public Securities have improved, and all...


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,..ArtIved—In the Channel, Lord Iloneerford, Sandhurst, from Bengal; Euplirntes, num. From Chinn; Atlns Hunt ; and Meg Merriles, Skinner, from Mauritius. At I. May 2601, Argy...

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WHAT IS CHARTISM ? IT is commonly said just now, that Chartism is dying down, and will soon be extinct. Chartism; which is the adoption by the bulk of the people of England...


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THE constitutional question involved in the Household appoint- Inuits, seems to be a sore subject with the Ministry and them obse- quious followers, not merely for its immediate...

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IT was very cruel in the Radical Members of the House of Com- mons to disappoint the Tories by preferring Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE to Mr. GM:MICR:4 for the Speakership. Moreover, it was...


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THREE valuable appointments have within the last three or four weeks been conffirred on gentlemen, whose connexion with the aris- tocracy constitutes their sole claim to the...

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SINCERELY do we hope that the howl amongst the Tory parsons, occasioned by the prospect of a movement in favour of national education, is a reasonable one. That is, we hope they...

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TursE volumes describe a coasting trip along the shores of Portu- gal, and a tour in Andalusia and Granada in the summer of'1836; and form the most striking and characteristic...


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JUDGES commonly receive much information respecting the cha- racters of prisoners brought before them Ibr trial, and other cir- cumstances connected with their offences, ‘vhich...


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TRAVELS. A Summer in And:ducia. In 2 ohs Bentley. BIOGRAPIIY, The Works of Mrs. Ilemans, with a Memoir of her Life, by her Sister. Iu 6 vols. Vol. m. Cadet( ; Blarfavood,...

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Tills elegant collection of the Works of Mrs. Ibisimss will no doubt receive an ample encouragement from that numerous class of readers, who prefer the superficial but pleasing...

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Tins, we believe, is the only attempt that the celebrated satirical novelist has made upon a romance which should so far aim at the historical school as to paint the manners of...