1 MAY 1830

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Parliament reassembled on Monday. The House of Lords, how- ever,

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has not yet applied itself seriously to business. Earl GREY made his first appearance for the season on Thursday, and declared his opinion on the state of the country. His...

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So many and so high interests—interests not limited by the ar- rangements of fashionable life, but affecting our most important po- litical prospects—are involved in the health...

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Prince LEOPOLD has arrived in London from Paris ; a

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circum- stance which has given rise to some gossip in the French prints, about his Royal Highness having broken off the negotiations with the Allies to which he was a party. The...

led to a desultory conversation 011 the merits of the

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Bill itself. The Weld; members, generally, intimated their disapprobation of it. Mr. JONES re- marked, that the Bill was but a tissue of blunders ; and that as the Courts of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EvENINo.—Notwithstanding the disappoint- ment of the public hopes of the King's immediate recovery, and the anxiety with which his protracted...

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ANDERDON v. BURROWS.—In the Court of King's Bench, on Monday,

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Mr. Anderdon, about whom so much has been said, obtained a verdict of 500/. against Dr. Burrows and others, for false imprisonment. The Attor- ney-General stated the plaintiff's...

REPRESENTATION OF CANTERBURY.—The freeholders met at Can. terbury on Tuesday,

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and resolved to petition Parliament, praying to be heard by counsel against Mr. Lushington's continuance as their represen- tative. REPRESENTATION OF DUBLIN.—The corporation, it...

THE Krgo.—In the Gazette of last night, notice is given

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from the Lord Chamberlain's Office, "that the levee and drawing-room, announced for the 5th and 7th of May, will not take place ; but his Majesty's birthday will be celebrated...

ASSAULT ON A MAGI5TRATE.-0/1 Tuesday, Mr. Mallard, a county magistrate,

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proceeding down Museum Street, on his way to Astley's Theatre, observed a policeman (without his badge) dragging a poor woman through the kennel. Mr. Vallard cautioned the man...

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TWELVE PERSON'S DROWNED.—Ab011t eight o'clock on Saturday morning nineteen workmen

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entered a small boat that was in readiness to carry them over the Invell, at Manchester, to their breakfast. They had been employed in the construction of a bridge now building...

NEWMARKET SPRING MEETING.—The new regulation as to starting was tried,

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without success, on Wednesday. The horses were to draw up in a foot's pace till ordered to start, after which no false start to be allowed. The novelty of the condition (an...

A FATHER THE Munnens:n Or Iris Soar.—On Monday, an inquest

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was held at Neroche Hill, near Chard, on the body of a boy about twelve years of age, son of a man named Lane, who has a small farm at Dead- man's Point, in the parish of...

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" COLLECTIVE WISDOM." REMARKABLE SAYINGS OF THE LORDS AND COMMONS. , DURING the discussion of the Cork petition for Church Reform, GOULBURN admitted that " evils had grown out...


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All the outward-bound Indiamen, which had been detained in the Channel, sailed, with an easterly wind, in the beginning of the week. We mentioned in the late edition of our...

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A SOCIETY, under the title of " the Friends of Ireland, of all Reli- gious Persuasions," has existed for some weeks in Dublin. Not- withstanding the strenuous efforts of its...


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IT is quite necessary that the public should know the exact amount of the alterations proposed by Mr. PEEL'S Forgery Laws Consolida- tion Bill. They may be stated in two words....

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THE united attractions of CHARLES ICEssistE's benefit, and his daughter's first appearance in Isabella, produced a full house at Co- vent Garden on Wednesday last. The play is...


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THE problem of a really well-acted play can only be solved when from the king to the ca,ndlesnuffer all the actors are alike good. We fear that where there are more actors than...

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THE name of HUMMEL we have long been accustomed to revere. The pupil and the friend of MozArer, he may be regarded as the pre- sent heed of that school of which HAYDN and his...


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GREECE—COLONEL LEAKE'S TRAVELS.* IT is a long time since, nevertheless we remember making the dis- covery, that Jerusalem and Jericho were earthly cities, in their time...

MR. NEATE'S CONCERT, TEM selienie of this concert, on Monday

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evening„ formed a striking benithist to what is usually submitted on such occasions to the indul- kence of an audience. Its principal feature was the celebrated Sin- fonia of...

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fined periods of the history of Greece, but in its

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earlier stages of sim- Tne old historical farrago again ! We had begun to hope that Mr. plieity and barbarism. The passions and their mode of exhibition HORACE SMITH had...

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AMONG the effects of the late Sir GEORGE BEAUMONT, the sale of which is shortly to take place, are a number of landscapes painted by Sir GEORGE, whose attachment to and...


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EXHIBITION OF THE SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER, COLOURS. THERE is no exhibition of works of art, the sight of which affords us grati- fication so unalloyed as that of the...


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X Tnrs interesting portrait, which has been so anxiously looked for,This at length completed, and we have been favoured with a sight of a proof im- pression. We allude to the...