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• The Emperor Napoleon is making his progress in the

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newly- acquired provinces of Savoy and Nice. His reception at Chem- bary was a fate; and it seems obvious that popular feeling is very generally aroused, perhaps in some degree...


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THE Session of 1860 is at length over. The tedious process of winding up the necessary business lasted. so long that the few Members who remained in town have had barely time to...

, From Vienna, we have a constant flood of gossip

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and rumour ; the greater part of it worth very little attention, none of it for the present positively authenticated. If we can trust to any kind of insight through the mist, we...

Garibaldi has been as successful hitherto on the mainland as

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he was in Sicily. Landing at Melito, he has speedily made himself master of Reggio, Villa San Giovanni, and Pezzo. He has captured many guns and much ammunition ; two brigades...

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The latest news from Canada comes down to the 18th, when the Prince of Wales was about to land at Quebec on that day. He had not progressed so far without mishaps. The Hero had...

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FEINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hot - sx or LORDS. 71tesday, August 28. Royal Assent to the Consolidated Fund t Appropriation); Exchequer Bonds or Bilk (2,000,000/.);...

The Prince of Wales goes on his way with ever

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brigfitening prospects, though not without some mishaps. Wherever he ap- pears, crowds of course flock to see him, and wherever he is going, expectancy is on tiptoe. The Hero...

Fund Pasha has shown unexpected vigour at Damascus, and has

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rigorously employed the rope and the bullet upon the mur- derers of the Christians. The French have landed at Beyrout ; but the firm hand of Fuad Pasha has already shown the...

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On Wednesday Dr. Lushington, Judge of the Arches Court, delivered judgment in the case of the Reverend James Bonwell, perpetual curate of St. Philips's, Stepney. Our readers...

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Mr. Percy Wyndham was, on Monday, elected Member for West Cumberland in the room of the late General Wyndham. The election took place at Cockermouth, and was, of course, merely...

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SCOTLAND. The weather having sensibly improved, her Majesty: is able

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to visit he noble scenery of her Highland home. Ac6ompanied by the Prince Consort, she has driven to the Moss of Monaltrie, where the Prince shot grouse; to the top of Minch...


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Mr. Roebuck and Mr. Lever were entertained publicly at Galway on Monday. With his usual courage, after describing O'Connell with warm admiration, Mr. Roebuck set about giving...

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• fortign out er f raurr.—The Iffoniteur continues to record

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the progress of the Em- peror and Empress in the most glowing terms. They have visited Lyons, Chambery, and Annecy, halting at the latter place until today. Dra- matic...

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The following distressing account of the sanitary condition of the Garibaldian volunteers in Sicily has just been received by one of the honorary secretaries of the Ladies'...

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News from Honduras says, General Walker is said to have

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g one to Sloan Island. His men appear to be arrivin g at R the uatan in vessels en- ga g ed in e fruit trade. The schooner Clifton, supposed to be connected with the expedition,...

Adviees from the Cape of Good Hope to the 21st

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of July arrived yesterday. They have been tele g raphed from Plymouth. "Her Majesty's ship Forte, Admiral Koppel, with Sir Geor g e Grey, had arrived out at the Cape on the 4th...

A wonderful report comes from Madrid, Au g ust 30. It is

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that "the Emperor of the French, on his return journey from Al g eria, will stop at Barcelona, where he wishes to have an interview with Queen Isabella the Second."


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On the 23d of June, at Secunderabad, the 'Wife of Sir William Gordon, Bart. of the Seventeenth Lancers, of a dau g hter, who survived her birth only a short time. On the 9th of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Market for En g lish Securities opened firmer on Monday, and closes this afternoon at an advance of 5 per cent upon the latest q uotations...

out of the treaty,/ POSTSCliIPT.

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any chance of pry ora l, Naples with the consent and support of France, is too much opposed to the wishes of the Emperor to pass without official disavowal." The Count of...

The upshot of the lon g deliberations of the Austri a n Ministers

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respect- in g the proposed introduction of constitutional g overnment into the em- piro have, it is said, taken the followin g shape. The report comes from Vienna, and is dated...

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TthiSDAY closed a Session of seven months' duration. Lookin g back throu g h the lon g vista from Se p tember to January, one might indus- try. to see- ample traces of le g...


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COUNT PERSIGNY'S SPEECH AT ST. ETIENNE. " PnicsaNr q ui ante no!" The Count de Persi g ny has snatched a topic which we had destined for our columns this week; but we will...

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the account given of Mr. W. S. Lindsay's mis- sion to the United States is liable to correction ' and that it may be more of a roving commission to confer upon the general...

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IT is proposed to disenfranchise Berwick for bribery and cor- ruption as it has been proposed to disfranchise or even to punish individual voters for the reception of bribes....


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BRITISH India has lost the services of one of her foremest men— James Outram. At a critical moment, the warrior, statesman, and tamer of men is compelled by ill-health to qui t...

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THE effects of ra ay enterprise in America are as we might ex- pect, on a truly, nsatlantic scale. In our fast notice of the subject, we sho'wed that the total cost of all the...

Mentioning to the British Museum Committee that it is found

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necessary to put glass before the pictures at the Kensington Museum, Mr. Henry Cole made a most curious statement. "The public," he says, "sneeze upon the pictures, and the...

rrttfr to Of tbitor.

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INDIAN POLICY. Bombay Presidency, 13a July, 1860. Sin—Whatever difficulties may now be presented to a government on which rests the responsibility of establing a rule under...

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GLEANINGS OF A NATURALIST IN AUSTRALASIA. • THE instructive and amusing volume published under this un- pretending title is the work - of One who has been for nearly half a...

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[CONCLUDINO ARTICLE.] IT would be doing but scant justice to the author of Modern .Painters as a thinker of such earnestness, and a writer gifted with such remarkable...

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ACCORDING to the calendar it should now be the season for touring, and Guide-books come forth accordingly; but who can travel for pleasure under incessant rain ? There is not...

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Mr. Murray has in the press "Two Years' Residence in Denmark, in- cluding excursions through Jutland and the Danish Isles," by Mr. Horace Manyat. "The French Under Arms," by...


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TILE ULTIMATE PRINCIPLE OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY professes to re- state and amend the argument in favour of the principle which it advo- cates, that "religion is a matter lying...

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'int iris. ' au THE ROYAL ACADEMY. ‘ 11 "C

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2cument has been the co The their council, respectin g the affairs of the body. This clox - expected with some interest, as it was hoped it would coktrial , ,, i ii ked s°Ine...

The followin g letter has appeared elsewhere ; we print it here

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at the express re q uest of our respected correspondent— August 25. "Nothing can be more injurious to the public than mean artists powerfully patro- nized. In academies where...


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Since the dead season has set in,' the opera has mi g rated from the Haymarket and Covent Garden to the distant re g ions of the far East. The Pavilion Theatre in Whitechapel...


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Somethin g like a new interest for classical tra g edy is created at the Theatre Francais, where M. Guichard, an actor from the Odeon, has lately appeared as Neron, in the...

ityt tOtatrts.

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The past week has been somewhat fertile in events. At the Olympic, a new eomedietta, entitled A Fair Exchange, has been produced, and thou g h utterly devoid of other merit, has...

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Th u rs. 231 218 4 1 93 93 93/ 031 Fridays 1.31 931 131 931 BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &sherd. Mouday Tuesday. redoes. India Bonds 4 per Cent I per Cent Consols Ditto...


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Street, Southwark, leather-dealer -Wri.LtAx and PETER PERRIN, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, boot-manufac- turer-Gamma ALMOND and RICHARD MANLOVE, junior, Luton,...

The new Foreign Office will, it appears aft all, be

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built in the Italian style. Although the particular design his not yet been decided upon, it is understood that the erection of a Gothic building has been finally abandoned, and...