20 DECEMBER 1963

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The Contrasts of Kenya : Margery Perham

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David Knowles on Arthur Bryant .

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The Spectator

No. 7069 Established 1828 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1963


The Spectator

I N the twelve months or so since President de Gaulle imposed his veto, on British entry into the Common Market, so far as this country is concerned there have been two...

— Portrait of the Week— THE FINAL CHAPTER of 'By-Elections 63'

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headed Dumfries gave little firm indication of the result of the Mods v, Rockers squabble. As politicians faced months of a starvation diet of opinion polls, they seemed...

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No Gunfire

The Spectator

T HIS year might have been the end of the beginning for the Liberals; instead, it has been the beginning of the end. The Liberal candi- date lost his deposit at Dumfries; and,...

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Political Commentary

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The State of the Tory Party By DAVID WATT IT'S really the strangest feature of the present poli- tical situation that the Labour Party, with an 8 per cent lead in the opinion...


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hc: T HE ghosts walked in the Denning debate on Monday in the House of Commons. Ward is dead, Keeler in prison, Profumo disgraced. From below the gangway Harold Macmillan...

Half a Census

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F OR over 150 years, since 1801, the census has been taken every tenth year except for 1941. The main disadvantage has been that the analy- sis of the mass of figures obtained...

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The Press

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By RANDOLPH S.*CHURCHILL PART from the Sinatra kidnapping the big news story last week was Nkrumah's sack- ing of Ghana's Chief Justice, Sir Arku Korsah. The story broke in...

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Separatism in Quebec

The Spectator

By CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS I N this curious age, while we are invoking every letter of the alphabet for the nomen- clature of organisations which are supposed to bear witness to the...

CHRISTMAS, 1963 Owing to the holiday period, the Spectator for

The Spectator

December 27 will be published earlier, and will be on sale on Tuesday, December 24.

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Did the Wright Brothers Fly First ?

The Spectator

By OLIVER STEWART IONEERINO, like, sin, is geographical. In the United States of America and in Great Britain there is general acceptance of the claim that sixty years ago, on...

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Boiled Chicken

The Spectator

By NORMAN LEVINE I WAS waiting for a cheque to come. One of j my stories, about what it was like being hard- up, was taken by The Smart Set, and they said they were sending...

Kenya, Land of contrasts

The Spectator

From MARGERY PERHAM NAIROBI crHE well-thumbed title has never seemed more appropriate than in this week of Uhuru. The contrasts begin with the weather, hot sun one moment and...

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Computers on the Campus

The Spectator

By STANLEY JOHNSON p ROFESSOR OSCAR NYBAKKEN is a disappointed man. A tall, angular Norwegian with a hook nose and spectacles, thin face and white,' dis- tinguished hair, he...

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Airport Conferences

The Spectator

The idea that a Minister has something signifi- cant to say because he has returned by air from abroad persists. Hence these absurd TV confer- ences at London Airport. Until...

Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

THERE was irony in almost every aspect of Wednes- day's ceremony when the statue of David Lloyd George was unveiled in the House of Commons. LI.G., after all, was a Commoner who...

The visit of the Chinese Prime Minister to Africa and

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the two-month tour he plans from Cairo to Morocco, Ghana, Guinea, Mali and Somalia is a calculated gamble. Communism has made very little real headway in Africa. So far African...

Michael boot

The Spectator

He has' survived the shattering crash that injured him and his wife. Soon he will be thundering again from Tribune. He brings passion into a grey age of politics. He has a...

New College I see no reason why the proposal to

The Spectator

admit women undergraduates to New College should not be accepted—within the next 800 years. But the difficulties should not be underestimated. First, there is the legislation....

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SIR,—No ' matter how often or how rigorously the Keynesian economic theories (such as the 'purchas- ing power' doctrine) are proven false by economists, and by history, there...


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SIR,—We should all sympathise with Mr. O'Hanlon's letter (December 6). Mr. O'Hanlon has for many years argued the case of the aged non-pensioners who present a social problem...

Two Ministers or One? Mrs. Stella M. Greenall The Stamps

The Spectator

Issue Eric 0. Smith Boycotts Dr. Rosalyn Higgins Below the Bread Line Philip J. Ashworth Sukarno's War George Edinger The Split Society Lt. Thaddeus W. Kopczynski, USAF, M. G....


The Spectator

SIR,---The Spectator's views on trading stamps seem to contain erroneous arguments about Co-operative ' Society dividends and the final result of trading stamps. This is a great...


The Spectator

SIR,—Too many people--including Quoodle in last week's Spectator—seem to think that the principles behind the Arab pressure on the Norwich Union and UN pressure on South Africa...


The Spectator

SIR,—May one thank the Spectator for the measured good sense of its article 'Sukarno's War,' the most balanced and the best informed I have yet seen on the subject. It is...

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SIR,-- I am surprised that Clifford Hanley could corn- Pile a list of Glasgow low-life goodies - which did not include the mutton pie. As one who has lived no long in London I...

FHE SPASTICS SOCIETY Sus,--At this time of the year, when

The Spectator

the happiness and welfare of our families is high in our thoughts, we would ask your readers to remember that larger family--the 75,000 spastics, men, women ' and :hildren,...

SIR,--In your issue of December 6, a correspondent, Mr. D.

The Spectator

McDonald, drew attention to an inconsis- tency in Mr. Davenport's argument. There is another feature of Mr. Davenport's argu- ment (vide his third instalment again) which...

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Nottingham's Drum

The Spectator

By TERENCE BENDIXSON UNTIL very recently, gilt, red plush, chandeliers and the picture-frame stage were the touchstones of British theatre design. As with Gothic trappings in...

Producers in the Pulpit

The Spectator

By DAVID PRYCE-JONES The Recruiting Officer. (National Theatre.) — The Comedy of Errors. (Aldwych.) — Happy Days. (Theatre Royal, Stratford, E.) STYLE is what The Re- cruiting...

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A Carp in the Lake

The Spectator

By CLIVE BARNES What is Swan Lake? It is a scenario by Begichev and Geltser. It is a score, dated 1877, by Tchaikovsky. (A score, incidentally, that to my knowledge has only...

Junior Games

The Spectator

By NEVILE WALLIS The importance of being Hockney is not to be ignored at this moment when the reputation of the golden youth from the Royal College is ballooning overseas....

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Violent Delights

The Spectator

By DAVID PROLE But a football ground is no place for logic, particularly in these days of high finance. With many clubs basing incentive payments on the position in the table or...

Cardinal Sins

The Spectator

• The hat, In fact, is the excuse for all the rest of it: gazing glassily into the middle distance, in a way we have long been familiar with when flashback is about to be...

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The Spectator

The Emergence of England By DAVID KNOWLES W E are often told of the gulf that exists between academic historians who may know all about their stuff but cannot get it across...

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Should it be hard to fall in love in Rome? There is the sky, Madonna piercing blue Hot, with a hint of thunder, like a muffled drum, And cool courtyards appearing unexpectedly...

Corvo's Folly

The Spectator

Don Renato. By Fr. Rolfe. (Chatto and Windus, 30s.) , EVEN poor Corvo didn't regard this peculiar historical exercise as a selling proposition on the grand scale. His Hadrian...

Sage Comments

The Spectator

Mencius. A new Translation Arranged and An- notated for the General Reader. By W. A. C. H. Dobson. (Toronto and O.U.P., 25s.) EVEN at the other place they. are often made aware...

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Art and Essence

The Spectator

The Structure of Aesthetics. By F. E. Sparshott. (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 50s.) ArTER the war, when English philosophers turned to examine theories about art, there was a...

The Baedeker Beat

The Spectator

Cities. By James Morris. (Faber, 42s.) The Splendour of Israel. By Robert Payne. (Hale, 21s.) Quest Under Capricorn. By David Attenborough. (Lutterworth, 21s.) JOURNALISI S and...

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The Old Adam

The Spectator

THIS is an account, engaging throughout if in places clumsily written, of sexual practice in Europe from about AD 500 to 1500. James Cleugh, eschewing titillation, is outspoken,...

Two Old English Riddles for Christmas

The Spectator

Translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland FIRE On earth there's a warrior of curious origin. He's created, gleaming, by two dumb creatures For the benefit of man. Foe bears him...

Down and Out

The Spectator

MR. KIRWAN was a special correspondent in London for the New York World in the late 1860s. Some of his dispatcheS were put together as a book and published in the States in 1870...

HORN I'm loved by my Lord, and his shoulder Companion.

The Spectator

I'm the comrade of a warrior, A friend of the King. Frequently the fair-haired Queen, the daughter of an Earl, deigns To lay her hand upon me in spite of her nobility 1 carry...

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None But the. Brave

The Spectator

NEW crime fiction is sparse in December, Only Boardman continues to publish uninterrupted a consistent flow of good action-stories. They generally feature a tough amateur in...

Hoodlum Empires

The Spectator

Crime and the Social Structure. By John Barron Mays. (Faber, 30s.) AMONG concepts which have lately become un- fashionable is that of any absolute division between criminals and...

Gwent's Great Cham

The Spectator

UNLIKE many of his compatriots from west of the Severn who make their way to London, Arthur Machen was neither an unprofessional bard nor a professional Welshman. The son of a...

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The Film Crisis

The Spectator

By NICHOLAS DAVENPORT THEtua has always been a British film crisis and the one on hand has always seemed more serious than the one before. We are now told by the indepen- dent...

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Investment Notes

The Spectator

By CUSTOS• W an the leader of the Labour Party telling his friends to prepare for an election in March, the equity share markets are becoming more and more political, moving up...

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Company Notes

The Spectator

By LOTHBURY HE most encouraging point in the pre- M liminary statement from the directors of Colvilles, the Scottish steel producers, is that de- mand on the heavy side picked...

Consuming Interest

The Spectator

Villa Complaints By LESLIE ADRIAN A man claimed that Eurovillas had rented him a villa in Spain which failed to live up to its description in three ways, the most important of...

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Those Parties

The Spectator

By MARY HOLLAND Tur worst office Christ- mas party I've ever been to was one where hus- bands and wives were in- vited but no partners whose relationships with employees had...

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A Christmas Qu'z

The Spectator

Book tokens for one guinea have been awarded to : Miss MARY E. Hour, 102 Longlancl Drive, Totteridge, London, N.20; D. A. HICKLING, 31 Lorraine Crescent. Northampton, and HELEN...


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ACROSS 26 1 Umpire goes right to work to 27 break it up (7) 5 Some get to the top in the services (7) 9 Must when old Nick's at the wheel (5) 10 Such a learned style of archi-...

SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD No. 1096 ACROSS.-1' Clings. 4 Agrimony. 10

The Spectator

Amperes. 11 Ezekiel. 12 Pantaloons. 13 Mobs. 15 Re-enter. 17 Amazons. 19 Nirvana. 21 Detrain. 23 Date. 24 Ostrogoths. 27 Bolster. 28 Courier. 29 Gertrude. 30 Flugel. DOWN.-1...


The Spectator

By ALAN BRIEN IF Christmas today has any roots in the New Testament (which appears highly unlikely) its source seems nearer to the Revelation of St. John the Divine than to the...

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The Spectator

By PHILIDOR No. 157 V. TIMONIN (Shachniaty, , 1962) BLACK (11 men) WHITE (6 Mel)) WHITE 1O play and mate in two moves; solution nest week. Taken from The Probletnist for...