21 APRIL 1849

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" UNCONSTITUTIONAL" is a hackneyed phrase, but it is perhaps the fittest of any for describing an innovation which Lord John Russell has introduced into the practice of the...

France has resolved to interfere in Italy—immediately to rein- state

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the Pope. From M. Odilon Barrot's speech you might infer that France undertook the mission on Anti-Republican grounds ; but the more charitable interpretation is, that as Aus-...

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Austria has taken a stand very embarrassing to the Germanists

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at Frankfort. In a note circulated among diplomatists, the Go- vernment at Olmiitz represents that the Assembly at Frankfort was appointed for the specific purpose of forming a...

Debates anti proteebings in parliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEER. HOUSE OF LORDS. Thursday, April 19. Questions and Statements on Foreign Po- licy—Adjourned at 6 b. 15m. Friday, April 20. Petitions and...

Lord Gough closes his Indian career with a solid and

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sweeping victory over the Sikhs. The discomfiture of the barbarians seems to have been complete. The combined forces of Shere Singh and Chuttur Singh were assembled, only to be...

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At a meeting of the Lambeth Electoral Association, held on Tuesday, the conduct of Mr. Tennyson D'Eyncourt, in absenting himself front the division of the House of Commons on...

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THE Dutchess of Parma visited the Queen, at Windsor Castle, on Satur- day; and the Princess Amelie of Hohenlolie Schillingsfurst arrived as a guest. The Marquis of Aberoorn...

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The seat for South Nottingham, vacant by the resignation of Colonel Rolleston, has been filled by the election, without opposition, of Mr. Robert Bromley of Stoke; a...

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A public meeting was held at Bandon on Thursday week, to petition Government for measures to alleviate the great and increasing distress of the unions of the West. Lord Bernard...

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Fmatsce.—In the National Assembly, on Monday, M. Odilon Barra in- terrupted the regular discussion to lay before the Assembly a bill giving an extraordinary credit of 1,200,000...

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It is an interesting fact in regard to the settlement of affairs in Northern India, that the Company's steamer Conqueror has been up the main or Western branch of the Indus as...


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On the 8th April, at Abergeley, Denbighshire, the Baroness de Linden, of a daughter. On the 10th, at Milford House, near Ferrybridge, the Wife of Benjamin Crossland, Esq., of a...

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Now is our England like a ship at sea, That reels and plunges on the rearing waves, While clothed with darkness the strong tempest raves, And sharp and dreadful rocks stand on...

At the King's College annual meeting, yesterday, it was announced

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that the Council have resolved to establish a Military department of education, for the in- struction of students intended for the Cavalry, the Guards, and the Line, and those...

The news from Canada, raises a practical and urgent question.

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Will the Imperial Parliament leave the management of affairs in this most important colony—affitirs which now involve such subjects as the loss of a British province and perhaps...

Letters from Marseilles, of the 16th, state that "the final

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order for embarking the; troops for Civita Vecchia" had been received by telegraph. "The expedi- tionary army is composed of two brigades of infantry, forming four regiments, to...


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SATURDAY. The House of Commons occupied the greater part of last evening with a debate in Committee on the proposed advance of 100,0001. on the credit of the Rate-in-aid Bill....

Tire useful letter of M. N. of Lincoln's Inn, on

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the Sale of Encumbered Estates in Ire- land, only stands over for room. Several other communications—one from Cape Breton In particular—have long been in type, waiting an...


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Brock Exemswoz, FEIDEK ArrEEKoolf• The English Stock Market has been without material fluctuation or any very large business; the closing prices of this afternoon being within a...

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The actors burned out at the Olympic have taken refuge

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at the New Strand Theatre; and are joined by Mr. W. Farren, who has been perform- ing some of his well-known leading characters. Will this little theatre take a permanent...

At the Covent Garden house, the new events have been,

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Grisi's first ap- pearance this season, and the debilt of Signora Angri; Grisi performing Sentiramide, and Angri Arsace. Of Grin it is sufficient to say that she appeared with...


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The concert of Monday last was of the highest order in so far as regards the orchestral works contained in its programme. The symphonies were Mozart's in G minor and Beethoven's...


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Mademoiselle Parodi is evidently taking a firm hold of the public at Her Majesty's Theatre. The second performance was an improvement on the first, the third an advance upon the...

It is pleasant to learn from the announcement put forth

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by Mr. Mitchell, that the performances of French Comic Operas at the St. James's are to be continued till the end of June. Mademoiselle Charton, Condom, and other members of the...

A grand public dinner was given to Mr. Macready at

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New Orleans on the 24th of last month. Mr. Wilson contributed some of his Scottials songs on the occasion; and the New Orleans Delta says that "Auld lani sync was sung in a...

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" Atisrmsri " would have been not long since the epithet applied to the tyranny which has been exercised by "My Lords" of the Admiralty, in a very recent case. Mr. Ward may go...


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APOLOGY FOR LORD JOHN'S NOT RESIGNING. WHY should Lord John Russell resign ? We defend him against a clamour for his resignation. We repudiate that clamour, be- cause we cannot...

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Jr the rule that Judges are to hold their posts only during good behaviour were very strictly applied, there would be a vacancy in the Court of Exchequer. Corruption indeed, the...


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DRAMATIC concerts, and other devices to treat a drama as if it were not a drama, to fetch out the pleasures of the theatre with- out its appliances, have always been a failure....

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MAC PARLANE'S GLANCE AT REVOLUTIONIZED ITALY. * MR. Mac FARLA,2413 . 8 account of the state of the Revolutionary mind and matters in Sicily and Italy, with a passing picture of...

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SIRE'S CHINA AND THE CHINESE. * ME. Sum has resided at

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our settlement of Hongkong, and seems to have visited some if not all of the ports opened to commerce by the late treaty ; but whether as a " counsel learned in the law," or...

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THE historical subject of this fiction is the invasion of Russia ; upon which are engrafted some private affairs to form the romance. A Ger- man student falls in love with a...


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Melville has tried his hand at wildly nautical romance ; but with very indifferent success. He has neither the mind nor the mental training requisite for fiction; and in aiming...

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BOOKS. An Essay on the Influence of Authority in Matters of Opinion. By George Cornewall Lewis, Esq. Wales: the Language, Social Condition, Moral Character, and Religious...


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Tues&T, April 17. PANTNERMUTS DISSOLVED. Robinsons and Russell, Stillwell, engineers ; as fares regards H. 0. Robinson-Mal- linson and Morris, Chester, architects -3L A. and...


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ADMIRALTY, April 5.-Corps of Royal Matinee-Sec. Lieut. J. Y. Holland promoted to First Lieut. vice J. S. Bowman, cashiered by sentence of a court-martial. WAx-orrmr, April...

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BRITISH &turd. FUNDS (Closing Prices.) Monday. 714eada5. Wanes. 77.urs. Fridop. per Cent Consols 92( 92 52 921 911 02 Ditto for Account 92 92 971 92 92 3 per Cents...