21 DECEMBER 1844

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Ms. O'CONNELL has signalized the week by another act of aban- donment. When he came out of gaol, he held up a programme of Ms. O'CONNELL has signalized the week by another act...

Sir HENRY POTTINGER is running the gauntlet in a round

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of civic compliments. The splendid banquet which the merchants of Liverpool gave him on Tuesday, with its appendages of memorial and addresses, was well repaid by two things...

The case of Mr. TYLER, President of the United States,

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is mor- tifying : he got hold of the Chief Magistracy by luck, and it is slipping away from him without his having made anything of it. He burned to immortalize his reign, but...

The King of PRusine is really about to give his

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people a consti- tution : so says the Paris Sieck, gravely averring that it has veri- fied the report. It remains to be seen what the constitution that has been so long brewing...

The ferment in the Church shows no symptoms of abatement.

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The parishes of Devon exhibit a strong disinclination to obey Bishop PRILLPOTTS'S orders for restoring the Rubric in its integrity. Meanwhile, the Hebdomadal Board of Oxford...

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'Ubt ariturtropotts. Court of Aidefthen twas held on Tuesday, for

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the despatch of Alderman Copeland presented a petition from a Mr. Burgess, Imo had been tried at the last London Sessions on a charge preferred by the City Police; when it not...

'1be Qrourt.

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THERE is little to record this week of courtly peculiarity : the time has passed smoothly, and the great ones have enjoyed existence much after the fashion of meaner mortals....

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'ire li3robinces.

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The Hebdomadal Board of Oxford University came to a decision, on Friday, on the case of the Reverend William George Ward, M.A., of Balliol College. First, the Board set forth...

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foreign anb Colonial. FRANCE.—There was a family gathering at the

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Tuileries on Friday. The King and Queen of the Belgians arrived early in the day. Sub- sequently came the Due D'Aumale, with his young bride, and the Prince De Joinville. The...


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The following official announcement appeared in a Supplement to the Dublin Gazette, published on Tuesday evening- " Dublin Castle, Dec. 18, 1844. " The Queen in Council has...

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One of a pair of alpacas belonging to the Queen died after being shorn last season ; and her Majesty expressed a wish that dresses should be made of the wool. It was sent to...

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Last night's London Gazette echoes the announcement in the Dublii

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official document of the newly-appointed Charitable Bec i - diiis Com- mission. Mr. O'Connell keeps up his agitation against the Charitable Bequests Act. On Wednesday, at one...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. More signs this morning of the fermentation in the Church. At Hurst, matters have taken a favourable turn. A meeting of parishioners was held yesterday, and a...

The Leeds Mercury states that Dr. Scoresby has resigned the

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Vicarage of Bradford, in consequence of disputes with his parishioners. He had sought the sanction of Parliament for a bill to divide his ex- tensive parish ; but the...

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Sroca EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNooN. There has not occurred any material change or business of importance in the English Funds during the wzek ; Consols for Account having only...

From this brief report in the morning papers, it appears

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that Sir Robert Peel has not quite averted the light of his countenance from everything like agricultural meetings this year ; though he beams inward, that is, at home, and...

A destructive and fatal fire happened about a quarter to

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six o'clock this morning, at the house of Mr. John Fairey, civil engineer, No. 7 Guildford Street, Russell Square. Assistance was promptly rendered by the Firemen and Police;...

Today, being St. Thomas's Day, the election of members of

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the Com- mon Council took place in the several City Wards. The results are as yet but imperfectly known.

More violences ! Mr. John Carden, of Barnane, near Templemore

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in Tipperary, has been shot dead near his house. And a man who was looking at some cattle belonging to his brother, a grazier at Athboy in Meath, has been wounded. A set of...


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SCARCELY had the publication - day of Mr. DICKENS'S new Christmas- book been advertised, when a stage version of its contents was announced at the Adelphi for the night...


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Aartiveo — At Gravesend, 20th instant, Devon, Mallory, from Calcutta. In the Downs, 11th, Nestor, M'Meckam, from ditto ; and Ann Falcon, Bowness, from Mauri- tius. Off...

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The sudden and cruel fate of CLARA WEBSTER, wrapt in

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flames before the eyes of the audience of Drury Lane in the midst of a gay ballet, casts a gloom on theatrical matters this week. Although so young, and surrounded by foreign...


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A CURIOUS document has been published by the Manchester Guar- dian—the balance-sheet of the Lancashire Miners, from 21st Oc- tober to 18th November 1844. From this paper we...

TOPICS OF Tntratmtate

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RELIGION AS A POLITICAL ELEMENT. TUE disturbances in Switzerland indicate that the age of religious wars has not yet passed. In every country, indeed, religious feel- ing, as a...

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Tstia power enjoyed by Midas of turning everything he touched into gold—or into something that the world politely agreed to let pass current for gold—was not singular. All...


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SIR ROBERT PEEL'S Government always seems to suffer when the Premier leaves " the Departments" to themselves. He acts with To- ries whom he has furbished up anew as...

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THE state of the criminal law is a perpetual puzzle to all who are concerned in it, and not infrequently draws scandal upon the admini- stration of " justice." Every term or...

The Scotch Income-tax Commissioners have been chasing the American dwarf,

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General Tom Thumb ; who, as an alien, declined to pay British taxes. He should get off, on the principle de minimis non curat ter; but it is his income, not his person, that...

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Hrrroax, The Life, Progresses, and Rebellion of James Deke of Monmouth, &c. to his Cap- ture and Execution : with a full Account of the Bloody Assize, and copious Bio- g...

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THE historian of the Peninsular War proposes to write the history of his brother's achievements in Scinde : viewing him first as a politician, (or rather diplomatist,) next as a...

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Mn. HonuxiNsoN resided for five y ears in New South Wales ; part of which time he was engaged by the orders of Government in sur- veying portions of the district which lie...

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the " Chimes" in this Christmas tale is to furnish some descriptions of church-towers ; and the Goblin part of the story is a dream, in which every thing is of course abandoned...

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THE SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY. To whomsoever it may happen to take up the pen of BURNEY and trace the events of musical history to the present time, nothing relating to the...

PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From December 13th to December 19th.

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Boom. The Conquest of Scinde, with some Introductory Passages in the Life of Major-General Sir Charles James Napier. By Major-General W. F. P. NAPIER, Member of the Swedish...

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THE ROYAL EXCHANGE AND ITS DECORATIONS. THE Royal Exchange was opened, in part, on Wednesday ; and the public will henceforth be freely admitted into the Merchants Court....

Six Two-part Songs for Female 'Voices, with Accompaniment of the

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Piano- forte. Composed by FELIX MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY. Op. 63. THE approach of Christmas makes us as naturally look for elegant melodies among the decorations of that festive...

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WAR-OFFICE, DEC. 20.-4th Light Drags.—C. Montgomery, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Edged, promoted in the 7th Foot. 6th Drags.—Corset W. Doyle, from 15th Light Drags....


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BIRTHS. On the 13th December, at Hedgerley Park. the Lady of Pact R. Czavrow, Esq., M.P., of a son. On the 13th, at Greenwich Hospital, the Lady ISABELLA Hope, of a daughter....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Warbles. Thant. 3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced 3} per Ceuts. Reduced Long Annuities...


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Tuesday, Dec. 17. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Bloomfield and Sayers, Springfield, Essex. builders-T. and J. Browning. Great Marylebone Street, victuallers-Boulton and Chapple,...