21 FEBRUARY 1981

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The significance of the miners

The Spectator

The action of the Welsh miners' leaders, in embarking on an unofficial strike before any national pithead strike ballot has been held, before the National Union of Mineworkers'...

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Political commentary

The Spectator

Committees everywhere Ferdinand Mount , Walking through St James's Square these. days, you will see a large green and white plastic sign over the doorway of Number Five. Below...

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The Spectator

Having received from the author a free copy of the A uberon Waugh Yearbook 1980 (Pan £1.95) I feel it would be ungentlemanly not to bring it to the attention of our readers. Mr...

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Another voice

The Spectator

You never get rid of the Dame A uberon Waugh In the course of my professional duties I suppose I must have attended nearly a score of defended libel actions at one time or...

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Four fishy islands

The Spectator

Murray Sayle Tokyo Or islands in the stream, we might call them. Their names, in a half-forgotten language, are Kunashir, , Etorofu, Habomai and Shikotan, and they stick out...

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One hundred years ago

The Spectator

A remarkable murder has been committed at Chatham. Lieutenant P.L. Roper, R.E., a young officer of high character and promise, left the mess in Chatham Barracks shortly after...

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Miffed by Muffie

The Spectator

Henry Fairlie Washington President and Mrs Reagan are preparing to lavish on Mrs Margaret Thatcher at least an imitation of the spectacular hospitality which Francis I some 460...

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The Islamic time bomb

The Spectator

Bohdan Nahaylo While a large body of samizdat documentation has reached the West from various Soviet national minorities, relatively little is known about the circumstances of...

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Why the Tories hate Ulster

The Spectator

Richard West Ballymena, County Antrim The Reverend Ian Paisley's hometown, Ballymena, is so fanatically Protestant that the `chinky', or Chinese restaurant, is called after...

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Death of an evil Eye

The Spectator

Kate Singleton Milan While England celebrates the 500th edition of its leading satirical magazine, Italy. mourns. For with the sudden passing this Month of the weekly magazine...

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The press

The Spectator

Game, set and match Paul Johnson In taking over Times Newspapers, Rupert Murdoch has got himself a very nice deal. He knocked down the £55 million asking price to a mere £12...

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In the City

The Spectator

Risky ventures Tony Rudd First it was small companies which became f ashionable among investment managers. N . ow the vogue has spread to venture capital situations,...

Contempt and the NCCL

The Spectator

Sir: Paul Johnson (14 February) says that mine was 'a classic case of contempt'. It was indeed a classic case, but for quite different reasons than he suggests. Denning's...

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Exit right?

The Spectator

Sir: At last Saturday's extraordinary general meeting of EXIT, the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, Mr Nicholas Reed, the Secretary, urged his members to write to the Spectator in...

The means to the end

The Spectator

Sir: Andrew Brown in 'The Swedish way of death' (14 February) tells us that `RTVD, the Swedish equivalent of EXIT, is 20 times as large as the English organisation in proportion...

Sticking to the facts

The Spectator

Sir: It is obviously difficult to ensure that reports should be free from bias, whether in The Times or the Spectator. Nevertheless, they should be as unbiased as possible, and...

Darkness from light

The Spectator

Sir: Why is homosexuality the one subject that leaves Spectator staff unenlightened? The otherwise sane Richard Ingrams is irrational about it, as I have pointed out before in...

Surpassing rude

The Spectator

Sir: With his article 'The Reagan vulgarama' (24 January) Mr Nicholas von Hoffman has surpassed himself. In previous articles he has referred to the new American President, in...

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The Spectator

Jonathan Keates Memories Frances Partridge (Gollancz pp. 248, £9.95) Loathing Bloomsbury is a little like having a severe attack of one of those illnesses which, as Shakespeare...

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The Spectator

Grown up fibs Francis King Music for Chameleons Truman Capote (Hamish Hamilton pp. 262, £7.95) The longest and best piece in Truman Capote's collection Music for Chameleons IS...

Lone talent

The Spectator

Anthony Storr Alice James Jean Strouse (Cape pp. 363, £9.95) This book is not only a valuable addition to Leon Edel's great biography of Henry James, but also an original and...

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Re-using God

The Spectator

Wilfred De'Ath Why Christianity Works Mary Kenny (Michael Joseph pp.228, 16.95) The central body of this book consists of a litany of what Mary Kenny perceives as the great...

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Planned fantasy

The Spectator

Gavin Stamp The Gentleman's Country House and its Plan 1835.1914 Jill Franklin (Routledge pp. 293, £15.95) If the titles of popular books are anything to go by, the English...

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The Spectator

King Bunny Hugh Massingberd Caroline R David Lancaster (Hutchinson pp. 319, £6.95) Italy has gone communist; the United States has a female President (Diana Ross perhaps?);...

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The Spectator

The game must go on Peter Ackroyd Prostitute ('X', selected cinemas) Prostitution, like politics, brings out the worst in people. It can be covered with a thick varnish of...

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The Spectator

Contrasts John McEwen The latest juxtaposition of shows at the Hayward Gallery (till 29 March) is as teasingly contrived an opposition as can be imagined. Downstairs we have...

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The Spectator

Clumsy Peter Jenkins Strangers in the Night (New End) A Perfect Retreat (Bush) The Ticket of Leave Man (Cottesloe) Doug Lucie's new play doesn't live up to the promise he...

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The Spectator

Thank you Rodney Manes Lulu (Covent Garden) The Royal Opera's new Lulu is so sterling an achievement that any doubts about casting, decor, or even one or two details in Gotz...


The Spectator

J.R. Murdoch Richard Ingrains 'Run!' said one beaming American journalist when asked what advice he would give to colleagues on The Times if Rupert Murdoch took over the...

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High life

The Spectator

Iron lady Takt One of the things I enjoyed most during the seven years of the Colonels' rule in Greece, was seeing the politicians going through the withdrawal symptoms they...

Low life

The Spectator

Gay news Jeffrey Bernard In the Guardian the other day Nick Davies wrote a quite brilliant piece about a 'gay' expedition to the Himalayas. If you didn't spot it the gist of...