21 JANUARY 1860

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THE measure which has for three years been announced for 1860 has been undertaken by Napoleon with the very beginning of the year ; and 1860 will add to its achievements,...

The settlement of Italy goes on almost too literally "like

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a house a-fire." Pope Antonelli has thrown away the scabbard. The Pontiff has been advised to decline the arrangement pro- posed to him by the Emperor Napoleon, and to signify...

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In consequence of numerous applications having been made to the Se- cretary of State for War, on the subject of an authorized pattern uniform far Artillery and Rifle Volunteer...


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The Pays contains an account of visit paid by the Emperor of the French last week to the establishment of M. Froment, for the purpose of witnessing several now experiments in...

The war in Morocco has made some progress. The first

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object of the Spanish General appears to have been to seeure possession of his place of debarkation. For this purpose he constructed Lines from sea to sea, and connected their...

(At Court.

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Tau QCEEN held an investiture of the Order of the Bath on Thursday. Colonel David Edward Wood of the Royal Artillery was made a Knight Commander, and a large number of officers...

Lord Palmerston's circular summoning the Members of the Liberal party

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to their seats is a form scarcely needed for an opening of Parliament awaited with peculiar curiosity and in- terest: his own policy and its success during the recess are...

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The inhabitants of Chelsea sent a deputation to Sir George Lewis on Tuesday, to put in their claim to representation in Parliament. They desire to be a separate borough. Mr....

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Reports of a probable " banquet " at Liverpool in honour of Lord Derby were current last week. It was thought the dinner would be public. It has taken place, and turns out to...

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The Lord-Lieutenant returned to Dublin from England on Monday night, and took up his abode at the Castle. The Ulster men are not inclined to grow cold in the noble work of...

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friturr.—The policy of free trade so long foreshadowed in the speeches and acts of the Emperor is about to be carried out, so far as to bring France from the level of a...


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The Members for Glasgow, Mr. Dalglish and Mr. Buchanan, made spirited speeches to their constituents in the City Hall on Wednesday. The Lord Provost occupied the chair. Mr....

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Parliament assembles on Tuesday. The Queen, as is her wont, will open the session in person. Lord Palmerston has issued a letter to his supporters, expressing an earnest hope...

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K. Michel Chevalier has supplied an article to the Journal

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des Debats further expounding the intent and scope of the Emperor's economic policy. The Emperor in his letter mentions two means by which the old prohibitive and sluggish...

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WEST INDIAN COMMISSION OF INQUIRY. North Brixton, January 19, 1860. Stit—It seems now to be generally admitted that the measure suggested in your columns two years ago, viz.,...

Some months since [September 10 and November 12 1859] we

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re- ported the improvement made by Mr. Hobbs's new piece of ordnance, and its success under the trials to which it had been subject. Heretofore these trials have been obtained...

The list given as that of the new Sardinian Ministry

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seems to have been framed not without reference to an idea ascribed to the new Premier of causing his Cabinet to represent the several Provinces of Northern Italy. Thus Signor...


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SATURDAY MORNING. "Paris, Thursday Evening. "Exclusively political subjects, which were so anxiously looked upon since the beginning of the year, seem ' as it were, to have...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The manifesto of the Emperor caused the greatest satisfaction here, and created considerable firmness in the various Stock Markets throughout...

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NAPOLEON'S COMMERCIAL POLICY. "COULD statesmen," we said on Christmas Eve, "shake off pre- conceptions which belong properly to the puerile sera of the world's history, the...


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AMONG the important questions which will have to be discussed this session is the Government of the Army. Be it peace or war, the settlement of that question is almost equally...

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THERE is wisdom in Wise yet! Get hold of him in his cooler moments, and he will not only talk like a genuine patriot, but will give very sound information as to the state and...

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THE first step in the cure of a disease, be it physical or commer- cial, is clearly to ascertain the extent and mode of its operation. Sir Richard Bethel has undertaken the task...

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VERY unnecessary difficulties appear to us to have been made as to the relation of the working class with the Volunteer movement. From no truly national movement can the most...

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ARE mates fiends—especially American mates The stories current this week almost make one believe it. Some of the tales are authenticated, others less so, or not at all. In the...

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[PROM A COBJECESPONDEW.] WE have thus discussed, very briefly it is true, but to the extent of pre- scribed limits, first, the public expenditure upon crime ; and secondly, the...

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THE PAPACY. * THE Papal power in its relations to European civilization is the subject of the sixth volume of M. Laurent's Histoire du Drat des Genii, tte. The topic, however...

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RIISSELL'S DZDIAN DIARY. * WE have already intimated that the narrative

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which Mr. Russell has just published of his Indian mission is not a reproduction of his famous letters in the Times ; but it may not be superfluous to repeat that statement, for...

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Respectable mediocrity is the general character of the new number of the QUARTERLY REVIEW. Most of its articles are compilations fairly executed, but distinguished neither for...

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M. Alphonse Karr has made his debit as a dramatist by turning one of his own novels into a five-act play, which is now performed at the Theatre du Vaudeville. As the majority of...


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As great public interest has been expressed respecting the continua- tion of Lord Macaulay's "History of England," and some misstatements have gone forth, we feel it desirable...

14r Yratrri.

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Two original pieces,—no small allowance for a London public,—have been produced this week. At the Strand there is a farce, called Christ- mas Bores, the heroes of which, played...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 6 .Ct. IS French 41p.Ct. Belgian 44— 981 Mexican 3 — Ditto 24— — Peruvian 41 —...


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On the 10th of January, at Wentworth Woodhouse, the Countess Fitzwilliam, of a son. On the 10th, at Wiekwar Rectory, Gloucestershire, Lady Georgina H. L. Oakley, of a daughter....


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The Sacred Harmonic Society's performance of Samson on Friday last week drew a crowd which filled Exeter Hall literally to overflowing. The heat and pressure were suffocating....