21 JULY 1849

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ANOTHER week of the declining session has witnessed fresh mor- tifications to the Russell Ministry. Lord Stanley has induced the Peers, by the considerable majority of 35...

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The Colonial dinner at Greenwich ought to produce richer and

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riper fruits than the dessert and the speeches. It was remarkable for its occasion and composition. General dissatisfaction in the Colonies, nothing done for their contentment...

dates ant( Vtottettings in Varliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Boma 07 Loans. Monday, July 16. Poor-Relief (Ireland) Bill, considered in Com- mittee : the maximum rating clauses negatived—Adjourned at 1 h....

Relieved from the pangs of mortal hunger and despair, the

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Irish recommence the national sport of shooting each other. Much indignation is wasted on the conduct of the military at Dolly's Brae, and of Ministers in Parliament, for not...

From the parts beyond the seas the news is stirring,

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though it may be expressed in a few words. France, indeed, exhibits no change ; her elections continuing furiously " Moderate." In Rome, the French Governor is disgracing the...

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Zbe Gourt.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, with their children, remain in healthful retirement at Osborne. Her Majesty held a Privy Council and Court on Wednesday. At the Court, AL Drouyn de...

Ste .Metropolis.

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About fifty gentlemen dined at the Trafalgar Hotel, Greenwich, on Wednesday afternoon, for the interchange of sympathies and opinions on the subject of Colonial Reform. A large...

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I"Judge Perrin retires from the bench, on his full salary, after the conclu- sion of the present circuit. The Attorney-General will succeed his Lord- ship in the Queen's...

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The Royal Agricultural Society of England commenced its annual meet- ing at Norwich, on Wednesday, upon a scale of magnitude as imposing as 'in any former year. The Duke of...

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_foreign anti eolonfal.

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FRANCE. — The provincial elections of last week turned out as uniformly favourable to the Moderate party as those of Paris: with the exception of 1f. Jules Fevre, the whole of...

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Much amusement was created at the Bourse on Saturday, by the an- nouncement, in a London morning paper, of the arrival in London of M. Thiers, at the very moment when he was...

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Paris advises of yesterday evening state that a telegraphic despatch

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had reached the Government which reports a movement at Rome in favour of the Sovereign Pontiff: a " Te Daum" was sung in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican "amidst the enthusiasm...

The Ministerial whitebait dinner at Blackwell, the precursor of the

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proroga- tion, is appointed for Saturday the 4th proximo. The present session may therefore be confidently expected to terminate on Thursday the 9th of August. It has not...


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SATURDAY. Both Houses eat for a long time yesterday—more than twelve honrs each; thia, Commons rising at twenty-five minutes past two, and the Lords at twenty Minutes past...

The Peace Congress at Paris commences its sittings on the

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22d of August. Among the names on the Paris Committee who are making arrangements to give effect to the proceedings of the Congress, are those of M. de Lamartine, the Marquis de...


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STOCK EZCHANGE, FRTDAT AFTERNOON. The English Funds were very firm on Monday, and the price of Consols for money reached 931. Some rather considerable sales then occurred, aqd...

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TRIUMPHS OF THE MINISTRY :, w MINISTERS have achieved two great successes this week, after their peculiar fashion. Lord Stanley has rescued them from their own chimera, the...


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A PROPOSAL, to cut down all official salaries, except those of lawyers and warriors, by the amount of ten per cent, is a proposition which will not retain its plausibility...


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Madame Sontag's performance of Amina in the Sonnambula on Thurs- day, while as a piece of vocal art it completely satisfied the expectations raised by her previous appearances,...

The present state of the affairs of the Covent Garden

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Opera, it appears' has induced a change in its management. The law reports of Saturday last made it known that a fiat of bankruptcy had been issued against Mr. Dela- field, but...

With respect to the non-musical playhouses there is nothing to

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observe, save that the frequent recurrence of benefits marks the close of a season, en the wholes distinguished by dulness and insipidity.

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Mx. Hunson's reputation is going down an inclined plane, and he cannot apply any betake to mitigate the ruinous celerity of the career. In the accumulation of charges set forth...

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"WHAT is a pound ?" Let us abandon so vexed a question, gold standard and all, and fly to that immutable standard which Mr. Henley points out. " The only thing he knew of in...


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THE Postmaster-General has for some weeks issued a recom- mendation to householders, that they should put letter-boxes to their doors, in order to facilitate the more prompt...

THE Assioric Comrnormisv.—At an inquest in Westbury, last week, on

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the bodies of two infants who seem to have been poisoned with arsenic, five and eight years ago, Mr. Herapath called in question a recent doctrine as to the natural existence of...


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WHILE Parliament fails to provide against the smoke nuisance because it boggles over an adjective, practical men concur in de- claring that it is possible to abate the nuisance....

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RUNDALL ' S EARLY VOYAGES POE THE DISCOVERY OF THE NORTH-WEST PASSAGE. * THE object of this new volume of the Hakluyt Society is to give a full though succinct account of the...

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EALOOLAH. * Tim little interest attached to purely inventional fictions is

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an example of the power of truth, and furnishes a useful hint upon the laws of novel- writing. The satirist may travel into unknown lands, or even to the moon ; but the interest...

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DR. RUSSELL ON EPIDEMIC CHOLERA. * Tree wonderful part of cholera

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is the extent of its range, which surpasses Juvenal's limits of the ancient world—" a Gadibus usque Anroram et Gangem," and all but realizes Johnson's extension, " from China to...

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Revile and Co. Great Suffolk Lane, twine-merchants-Matheson and Scott, Liverpool, merchants-Blinks and Harris, 3faidstone, butchers-Burstall and Son,...


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BOOKS. Scripture Lands; being a Visit to the Scenes of the Bible. By the Reve- rend W. J. Woodcock, St. Agnes, Nassau, New Providence. The K . and the Countess; a Romance. In...


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On the llth July, at the Rectory, Burstow, Surrey, Mrs. Octavius Frelre Owen, Wife of the Rector, of a daughter. On the 12th, at Lamberhirst Lodge, Kent, the With of Rupert H....


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Wes-cures, July 20-ist Regt. of Drags.-Lieut. H. Morgan to be Capt. by pur- chase, vice Gough, who retires ; Cornet and Adjt. W. Harrison to have the rank of Lieut. ; Cornet 31....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) I per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 105 Exchequer Bills,...