21 JUNE 1968

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owever outraged Mr Wilson may be at his efeat by

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the House of Lords on Tuesday, nd however much he may see himself as a tier-day reincarnation of Lloyd George and squith, snatching electoral victory from he jaws of defeat by a...

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The voice of dissent

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No one who has followed the career of Mr Enoch Powell imagined for a moment that he had invited dismissal from the Shadow Cabinet in order to place himself at the head of a...


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The House of Lords, defying the lightning, voted a Government measure down. By 193 to 184 they threw out the Order in Council to enforce the sanctions against Rho- desia...

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Storm in a chamber pot

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POLITICAL COMMENTARY AUBERON WAUGH Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive but to be a peer was very heaven. After years of abuse and indignity, the House of Lords was going to...

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Back in the box?

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FRANCE MARC ULLMANN Paris—On Sunday the first round of the French general election takes place. The voters are then supposed to shut the unexpected demons that were first set...

Act V Scene I

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VIETNAM JOSEPH CHAPMAN For anyone with the slightest sense of drama, the war in Vietnam has now plainly entered Act V. In a Shakespearean tragedy Act V Scene I is consistently...

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The next President's dilemma

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THE BOMB LAURENCE MARTIN Laurence Martin is Professor-elect of War Studies in the University of London and defence correspondent of the SPECTATOR. The American presidential...

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J. W. M. THOMPSON How many connoisseurs of constitutional crises can identify the characteristic these names have in common : Bertrand Russell, Gilbert Murray, Thomas Hardy, J....

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The ethnocentric syndrome

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PERSONAL COLUMN BRIAN CROZIER I first became aware of ethnic differences when I was five. This was forty-five years ago and we had just arrived in the south of France from...

A hundred years ago From the 'Spectator, 20 June 1868—The

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Inter- national League of Peace and Liberty holds its annual session this year at Berne. This League is an informal Parliament of Red leaders, and its meeting at Geneva last...

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Doublethink about God

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RELIGION-1 KENNETH ALLSOP When this present age is looked back upon by historians of the far future perhaps the aspect of western civilisation that will intrigue them most is...

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A reply to Kenneth Allsop

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RELIGION-2 QUINTIN HOGG The weakness of Kenneth Allsop's position lies in its almost total lack of positive intellectual content. The human mind abhors a vacuum. It asks...

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Art and soul

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STUDENTS STUART MACLURE Students show no signs of deserting the head- lines. Education reporters have been plying to and fro from Homsey College of Art where the students'...

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Pornography and progress

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TABLE TALK DENIS BROGAN Princeton, NJ —There has been so much news, so many things to reflect on, so many memories to refurbish, that it was with something like relief that I...

No asylum for deserters

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THE LAW R. A. CLINE It is a time-honoured , principle of the English law of extradition that a fugitive criminal must not be surrendered if the offence for Which he is wanted...

Honours List

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CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS A hundred and fifty-three civil servants were included in the recent Honours List. St Peter found it very right Matt Busby should be dubbed a knight, And,...

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Fascism then and now BOOKS

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TIBOR SZAMUELY What do all the .following have in common: Harold Wilson, Nguyen Cao Ky, Charles de Gaulle, Enoch Powell, George Papadopoulos, Anthony Crosland, Georges Bidault,...

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Sons and lovers MARTIN SEYMOUR-SMITH Memoirs of an Aged Child Alfred Duhrssen (Hodder and Stoughton 25s) The Manor Isaac Bashevis Singer translated by Joseph Singer and Elaine...

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Testy Tim

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PATRICK ANDERSON The White' Garnett Letters edited by David Garnett (Cape 50s) T. H. White was recently brought alive in Miss Sylvia Townsend Warner's splendid biography....

Sinister Twilight : The Fall and Rise Again of Singapore

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Noel Barber (Collins 30s) Loser's game C. NORTHCOTE PARKINSON Mr Noel Barber is a journalist of distinction, for many years chief foreign correspondent of the . Daily Mail...

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Bert and Sidney

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LORD EGREMONT Paintings and Drawings at Wilton House Lord Pembroke (Phaidon 90s) The Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote: 'A man can live well even in a palace.' I have it in mind...

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Murder story

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HENRY TUBE Nothing could better illustrate the crucial tenet of much Spanish and Latin American literature that life is dream, or at least fiction, than the case of the...

Ill-starred land

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PETER FLEMING Black Flags in Vietnam Henry McAleavy (Allen and Unwin 42s) 'Most people, if sentenced to be pulled apart, would prefer for reasons of speed to have the operation...

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The straight and narrow ARTS

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BRYAN ROBERTSON I must urge anyone seriously concerned with art, or even beginning to nod in its direction, to go post-haste to Kasmin's Gallery in Bond Street to see four...

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Three plums HILARY SPURLING The Ha-ha (Hampstead Theatre Club) Not Now Darling (Strand) Programme Two (Bunraku National Theatre of Japan at the Aldwych) Jennifer Dawson's The...

Food for the eye

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BALLET CLEMENT CRISP Four years ago Paul Taylor made his London début to a chorus of unanimous praise and small but devoted audiences; for lack of an impresario willing to...

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Under wrapped PENELOPE HOUSTON Petulia (Curzon, 'X') A Lovely Way to Go (Odeon, Leicester Square, 'A') One sometimes wonders how Britain's famous swinging cinema is going to...

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Units for workers

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PARTICIPATION NICHOLAS DAVENPORT As the revolutionary ferment of our time springs from the discontent of student and worker with the authoritarian conditions of employment I...

In the national interest MONEY

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CHRISTOPHER FILDES The City is used to shocks; professionally, in- deed, it is something of a shock-absorber. The astonishing turn of events in the battle for Cambridge...

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The bosses on Cairo Road

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AFRICAN VIEWPOINT ANTONY MARTIN Antony Martin is editor of Business and Economy, the financial journal of East and Central Africa. Lusaka, Zambia—One way (not the best. but...

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Scragg is a bull's best friend

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PORTFOLIO JOHN BULL A'friend who had some jewellery revalued the other day told .me that diamonds were better than shares. In particular, he said, referring to the SPECTATOR...

ffolkes's business types

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Market report

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CUSTOS The market in equity shares once more looks like the only man in step. The May trade figures belied the Chancellor ' s hints of an improve- ment; and the balance of...

A more murderous harvest

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LETTERS From : Robert Horton. K. 0 bih, David Hughes, G. C. S. Hopcutt, the Rev Oliver Sutton, Claud Cockburn, Richard Wiggs, Tibor Szamuely. Sir: I am writing to express my...

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Seamy stories

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Sir: Of course it was not a salmon that was blown through the window of the railway car- riage at Youghal station. I cannot imagine how Donald McLachlan in his otherwise...

Sir: As a footnote to Mr Simon Raven's blast (14

The Spectator

June), and from one inhibited from baby- hood up, my experience has been that homo- sexuals can ruin youth clubs and boys' clubs, that they are unbalanced and weak in per-...

A revolution diary

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Sir: I was deeply shocked to read of the troubles of Nancy Mitford in Paris, her cosy little world of tea-parties having been disturbed by the troubles. It is indeed an unhappy...

Homosexuality without cant

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Sir: Mr Simon Raven's article (14 June) makes a very welcome change from the outpourings of the progressively orthodox on this subject. So much so, that I hesitate before...

Sir : Please allow me to express my deep appre-

The Spectator

ciation of your latest editorial comment on genocide in Biafra and the role Her Majesty's Government is playing in it. I am impressed by your comments not because they seem to...

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Who sowed it?

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Sir: Mr Geoffrey Bing is highly displeased with my review of his book, but his present arguments are much flimsier even than those mustered in Reap the Whirlwind (Letters, 7...

A case of human sacrifice

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Sir: Mr Hurren's enthusiasm for Concorde, his efforts to justify the unjustifiable, are leading him to some strange assertions (Letters, 14 June). He claims to be 'giving...

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Kenny the Red

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AFTERTHOUGHT JOHN WELLS 'Use the police when they're on your side—it's standard revolutionary practice.' Mr Kenneth Tynan, demanding the removal by the police of a Times...

No. 506: Octet

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COMPETITION Competitors are invited to compose an eight-line poem or stanza of a poem on any one of the subjects given below, using four of the following five pairs of words as...

No. 504: The winners

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Out of a particularly large number of entries for this week's Word Game it is remarkable that all bar a bare dozen or so chose to back that well-tried, much-hacked veteran of...

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Chess no. 392

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PHILIDOR Black White I I men 10 men H. Weenink (Nederlandsche Schaakbond, 1918). White to play and mate in three moves; solution next week. Solution to no. 391...

Crossword no.1331

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Across 1 Machinating spider-woman? (8, 5) 9 Hungry follower of nasty gossip? (4-5) 10 It came to nothing, what a relief ! (5) 11 Cease fire; the aftermath (5) 12 Find a face...