22 DECEMBER 1849

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India is full of rumours that her two chief functionaries

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are returning home,—Lord Dalhousie, the Governor-General, for ill health ; Sir Charles Napier, the Commander-in-chief, for disgust at the limitation put upon his powers by the...

The most recent advices from Constantinople represent the po- sition

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of Turkey and Russia as being anything but settled. As to the extradition question, the reports fluctuate so that it is im- possible to come to any certain conclusion upon its...

Contrasted with these vainer political agitations is the quiet visit

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paid by the Bishop of St. David's to the Literary and Scien- tific Institution of Carmarthen. Dr. Thirlwall shows his accustom- ed liberality and shrewdness. The institution has...


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PROTECTIONIST activity continues, although the movement is .still without definitely settled object; and at last Free-trade ac- tivity threatens to revive, in a...

It appears that Queen Isabella is preparing to present the

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throne of Spain with an heir, after all. The political importance of the event causes it to be discussed, even in the Spanish capital, with a cold inquisitiveness that should be...

The French Ministry has achieved a victory of doubtful value,

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in maintaining by 418 to 245 the reimposed tax on wine. The Government must have funds, yet the French people detest paying taxes ; and the tax on an article of such popular...

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be Zourt.

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THE Royal Family enjoy good health at Osborne. Her Majesty has had sevesal guests. The Dutchess of Kent was a visiter from Saturday till Wednesday. Lord John Russell arrived on...

Jbt Inttropolts.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. A point of some Interest was brought under discussion as to the position the Corporation should assume in dealing with the Royal...

The United States Government avows an accumulating deficit of 18,000,000

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dollars, and is contracting a loan to meet it, at the same time that the army is to be increased for the defence of the frontier. What will the English Financial Reformers and...

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ebt Vrobincts.

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Mr. Cobden paid a " long anticipated visit " to his Yorkshire constituents in Leeds and its neighbourhood on Tuesday, and addressed " perhaps the most numerous and enthusiastic...

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IRELAND . The Cork paper gives a report at great length

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of a meeting held there' yesterday week of such persons in the county as are favourable to a Pro- tection policy, and deem present depression and distresses a consequence of its...

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Ifortign anb FRANCE.—After several days' debate, the Legislative Assembly has

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affirmed the principle of the Ministerial bill for the reestablishment of the impost on potable liquors: the majority for the bill was 445, the minority against it 220. The...


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The Count of Neuilly paid a visit to Sir Robert Peel at Drayton Manor on Tuesday. Sir Robert accompanied the ex-King from London to Dray- ton on the journey down, and with his...

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A very large Protectionist meeting for the county of Devon

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was held yesterday, in the Castle-yard at Exeter. Summoned by the High Sheriff on the requisition of 7,500 persons, it was attended by 10,000, including a, strong muster of...


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SATURDAY. Mr. Cobden and Colonel Thompson were received at a public meeting in Bradford TemperancealIall on Thursday evening. The Mayor, Mr. Forbes, presided; and he declared...

"Another vast assemblage" of tenant-farmers was gathered by the "new

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organization" under "the priests," at Mullinahone, in Tip on Sunday last. A local account rates the numbers at 20,000, and adds that there were "scarcely twenty not coming under...

Among the numerous Communications which we are obliged to postpone,

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is " A Hint to the Trustees and Managers of the Savings-banks of the United Kingdom," by Mr. W. H. Porter, of Dublin.

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Unmixed good does not arise from the competition among the

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publishers of almanacks. In proportion as the day of publication is made to precede the proper day, namely the 1st of January, so are the chances multiplied that the information...

The annual election of Common Councilmen and other Ward officers

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of London took place yesterday, the day of St. Thomas. There will be but little change in the municipal representation, as only six wards out of twenty-six will be...

The bill of the French Ministry to maintain the duty

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on potable liquors for the next year was carried in the Assembly, on Thursday afternoon, by 418 to 245.


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When, shortly after the termination of a dramatic performance, the at- tentive spectator is unable without difficulty to recall to his mind the basis upon which a piece is...

At the close of our week, a lay correspondent challenges

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the use of cer- tain terms in last week's paper on " The Church to be Converted." He ob- jects to our use of the phrase "the Church" as distinguishing the clergy from the laity;...

A friend favours us with the correction of a statement

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copied by us from the Continental papers, that M. de Fallonx had been so roughly re-, ceived at Nice as to be induced to decamp clandestinely. This statemente we are assured, is...

The various London theatres promise their usual banquet of ll

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pantomi 16 and burlesque for the Christmas week; and the opening of Drury Lane and the resuscitated Olympic on the 26th will impart a new zest to the holydays. A f e w days...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The upward tendency of the English Funds continued during the early part of the week, when the price of Consols reached 96i. During the last...

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THE COLONIES. '10 THE RIGHT HONOURABLE W. E. GLADSTONE, M.P. Plymouth, 12th December 1849. MY DE.A.II ME. GIADSTONE—Oa the eve of leaving England for one of our most distant...

Mr. Willy, the violinist, has commenced a series of classical

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concerts in the same hall. His object is to extend the knowledge of refined and ele- gant chamber music, by bringing it within the reach of those who are pre- vented by reasons...


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Mr. Hullah gave a performance of the first and second acts of the Messiah, on Wednesday evening, in the lecture-room of his new music-hall in Long Acre. The choruses were sung...

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CHRISTMAS. " A MERRY Christmas" be it, for all the hard winter; merry f o? all the suffering, past and future. The season, this year, has peculiar traits ; the merry moral is...

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PROTESTS against the charges of retail tradesmen have daily ap- peared in the Times, the attack being led by that powerful journal in a special onslaught on the butchers and...

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IN common with the Morning Chronicle we have been invited to publish an important letter addressed by Mr. J. R. Godley to Mr. Gladstone on the subject of Colonial Government....


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PRIDE is not the thing that makes the "upper classes" shrink from intercourse with the poor, but something not altogether so objectionable : the fault of the richer classes has...

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" Can such things be, Without our special wonder ?" SPIRITS are reported to have manifested themselves in the state of New York, with a rapid increase of that invisible...

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CHRISTMAS'S CRADLE OF THE TWIN GIANTS. * BY the quaint title of" Twin Giants" Mr. Christmas means Science and History. The object of his book is - to examine them both in their...

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HISTORY OF PETER THE CRUEL. * "THE portrait-painter has always nature

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to work upon," says Reynolds, "even though it may be of a commonplace kind." The remark may be applied by analogy to the historian, at least to the historian of a period...

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MAITLAND. * THE leading aim of this book is to depict the more quiet and religious aspects of Scottish society as exhibited in its life between the cottar and the laird. The...

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BOOKS. Eight Years in British Guiana; being a Journal of a Residence in that Province, from 1840 to 1848 inclusive. With Anecdotes and Incidents illustrating the Social...

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Tuesday, Dec. 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Reynolds and Noyes, Moorgate Street, surgeons-J. and H. 11. Galley, Truro, general merchants-F. A. and C. Dawson, Tooley Street,...


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Was-orsica, Dee. 21.-let Regt. of Drags.-Cornet J. Ainslie to be Lieut. by po t . chase, vice Sir C. W. C. Barton, Bart. who retires. 4th Regt. of Foot-Quartermas ter Serg. J....


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On the 12th December, at Lockington Hall, Leicestershire, the Lady of J. B. Story, Esq., of a daughter, prematurely. On the 13th, at the Rectory, Stansted, Kent, the Wife of...

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SHARE S. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Flamarairs- Bands- Caledonian 11 Australasian Edinburgh and Glasgow 294 British North American...