22 JUNE 1839

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Tina has been a week of much speaking and some important divisions in the House of Commons. Circumstance . s had conspired to fix peculiar interest on the trial of strength on...

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The accounts from the West Indies, especially from Jamaica, St,

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Vincent's, and Demerara, represent the Negroes as incorrigibly lazy and insolent. They refuse to work at the sugar-crop ; and conse- quently, many vessels are detained for...

an VrortcbIna. In Vartiamtnt.

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PRIVILEGE. the " Select Committee on Printed apers " (S to to ek r d e a r e i v v e e n t v h us e The House of Commons met on Saturday, P a e l p ls o ald j f , with the...

An arrival from New York brings accounts from the frontier

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of Upper Canada, dated May the 20th. It seems that an American schooner had been seized by Colonel FRASER, collector at the port of Brockville ; and a gun she had on board taken...

The Foreign iutelligence of the week may be summed up

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in a few lines. Preparations for the trial of the prisoners in the last emeute oc- cupied the attention of the Parisians, but seem not to have quelled the spirit of the...

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Vie Court.

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THE Queen held a Privy Council on Monday, at Buckingham Palace ;. and afterwards gave audiences to Lord Melbourne, Lord Lansdowne, the Marquis of Normanby, and Lord Palmerston....

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Yesterday a notice was issued from the Post-office, stating that

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" on mid from the 20th of June 1839, " letters would be forwarded by 'morning mails to Ireland, Scotland, and the North. The letter-boxes at the receiving-houses will be open...


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Lord Worsley's having undertaken to second the motion for the adoption of the Ballot in the House of Commons, has given consider- able umbrage to his Lordship's Whig supporters...

In the Court of Exchequer, on Wednesday, a verdict with

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400/. damages was given against the Reverend Mr. Luxmore, Rector of Barnstaple, for a breach of promise of marriage to a Miss Irwin of Barnstaple. It appeared that the courtship...

tr,be Ortropolis.

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The Polish meeting, on Saturday last, at the Freemason ' s Tavern, was numerously attended. The Duke of Sussex, according to promise, took the chair. He was supported by the...

The Sunderland Herald contains a long account of an inquest

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on the body of a Captain Berkholtz, master of a Prussian brig the Plmenix, who was murdered on board his vessel. A boy, named Muller, charges the mate, Ehlers, with the crime ;...

The acconnts of the crops are generall V favourable. The

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following paragraphs are selected from a larger collection, generally to the saute effect. The late fine weather has had a most striking effect on vegetation. The grass is iii...

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Late accounts from Sydney mention the execution of seven men,

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part of a gang who murdered a party of thirty natives—men, women, and children—under circumstances of peculiar atrocity. They had all of them been convicts, and were employed in...


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At a meeting of the Directors of the Reform Association, held in the John Street Session House, Glasgow, on Tuesday, resolutions were adopted, to the effect that, on account of...

The public will not have failed to notice the absence

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of the name of Lady Flora Hastings in the announcements of Court movements for the last ten days or a fortnight. We deeply regret the explanation of this circumstance which it...

Sir Lionel Smith has been transferred from Jamaica to the

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Mauri- tius, and Sir Charles .Metcalf succeeds Sir Lionel. Mr. Edward Holthouse has been appointed Usher Quarterly 'Waiter to the Queen, in the room of Lord De Roes, resigned....


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The expected death of Lord William Bentinck is at length an- nounced. It took place on Monday evening, at Lord William's Paris residence, in the Rue Chaussi2e d'Antin. His age...

The Globe, in an abusive leading article upon a paragraph

The Spectator

in our news compilation last week, charges this journal with having purposely omitted a date in the resolution of the Committee of Protestant De- legates, approving of the...


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SATURDAY. In the Upper House, it was agreed, on Lord LvsnueusT's motion, which the Marquis of NORMANBY did not oppose, that Mr. Burge should be heard zit the bar against the...


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A "Queen's letter" has been received in Dublin, constituting a new College, of which the Lord Chancellor, the Archbishop of Dublin, and the Reverend James Wilson are to be the...

On Wednesday morning, the beautiful giraffe belonging to the mem-

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bers of the Zoological Society gave birth to a fine young male animal— the first of its species ever born in this country, or indeed in Europe. Very unfavourable accounts from...

The heavy pressure of Parliamentary matter, this week, has borne

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hard on other dopartments of our paper, especially on those of Books and the Flaw Arts. Some of the at ticks intended for the present number, will admit or insertion in the next.

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EXPLANATION OP TIIE DIVISIONS AS INDICATED IN Tian rivE PARALLEL COLI3INS Ili:LOW. Nu. 1. Privilege of the House or Cummons.-Lord JoHN RUSSET.L . S First Resolution- Monday,...

There is no foreign intelligence of interest which can be

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relied upon ; but a report has been received at Liverpool, that the French squadron off Buenos Ayres has been defeated in an action with the Buenos Ayreaus.


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The Roth Rover, Smith, from Loud mm to New Sowli Wales, was totally wrecked 24th April, at St. Jago, Cape de Veil-crew and ViiS6enu . ..es and part of the cargo saved. The...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The following notice was yesterday issued by the Bank Directors ; and though it appears to have been considered as probable that a further...

The Chancellor of the Exchequer can find millions for Irish

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jobs, but when a long-standing claim founded on justice is presented, he in- terposes the Crown's prerogative to thwart the twice-repeated resolu- tion of the House of Commons....

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THE BALLOT DIVISION. THERE are now data for calculating, with an approach to accuracy, the whole numerical strength for the Ballot which the present Rouse of Commons contains ;...


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HonAcE, in his Art of Poetry, complains of a poet, who having to sing the fortunes of Priam, opens the question with such an imposing rotundity that you think he is going to...

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EXCEPT in times of actual panic, the business of the country has seldom been in a more unsatisfactory state than at present. The pressure on the money-market is severely felt....

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ACT I. F.:IA/Ilia, No. 3. SPOHR. MEEwri, " Se nf ahlmudoui " tNitaeri) MERCAIIANTE. Pianoforte. Mr. MILER. SCI.110, Mad tine Pouts G " En vain j'esr4e " (Rbert mirth!) Ev...


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THE performance of The 11 7 4 to Keep Him, at the Haymarket, afforded us an opportunity of seeing Miss MavwooD, the young Ameri- can actress, in comedy. She played Mrs....


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llama: promised to keep an eye on the progress of the Shannon job, we must now report, that on Monday night—no, about two o'clock on Tuesday morning—after the conclusion of the...

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A rouse: violinist of the name of HAYWARD made his appearance this week at Mr. CARTE'S concert ; and being wholly unknown to the Metro- polis, he excited a great deal of...


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Os Wednesday night, the Exeter Hall Choral Society added to their stock pieces Ilssmn.'s Oratorio of Joshua. We admire the zeal and industry with which this association of...

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ossaftstaw, Buenos Ayres, and the Provinces of the Bit) de In Plata: their Present Slate, Trade, aid Dolt ; with some Account from Original Documents of the Progress of Geo-...

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THESE volumes in some measure illustrate a former observation of ours on the literary manufacturing spirit of the day, which, satis- fled with a name to parade betbre the world,...

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The first thing that arrested them, especially the old gentleman, was the grcat blaze of lig w ht in the !ipartments. The next thing that riveted the attention was t. e finery,...